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We created a new daily fantasy game. Help beta test the site and win prizes! ProtPlays by ProtPlays 0 1,328
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NA LCS Bracket Increase. thisisntasmurf42 by thisisntasmurf42 2 1,577
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I want to gift River Spirit Nami to Superrrman Arvana69 by Slapow 5 3,969
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We need announcements about events before they're sold out! (Pax Prime) Screamheart by Screamheart 0 1,289
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Summoning Insight Discussion TheOGKiggles by TheOGKiggles 0 1,341
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80 minute game PonderousSeaLion by hypermonkieboi 2 1,718
Changes @Riot has made to the game that allow for games like this to happen The Sgt Pepper by hypermonkieboi 2 1,664
LMQ needs to clean up for week 8 bluebaron201 by bluebaron201 9 2,079
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EDG dominates OMG to qualify for the Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen Kappakuma by Kappakuma 0 1,517
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Korean players in Chinese League of Legends teams: management says yes, fans say no Kappakuma by Kappakuma 0 1,481
Season 4 Division/Tier Jobs and Coaching (Done by 2300+ Player's) Aravelwin by Aravelwin 0 1,444
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