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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Looking for Duo Partner (Skype/Vent Ready) Hypermia Love Poisonous 3 274
Losing in Ranked while 2 or more people afk LeatherBoots LeatherBoots 0 165
@Riot Ranked Solo/Duo Player Selection Que Rockaqt Rockaqt 3 316
Sponsored Team Looking for Mid AfflictiionX PureAlchemy 1 188
Story Time. AlexGypsy AlexGypsy 0 115
I am the greatest league of legends player in the world AMA ihaveaharrybutho ihaveaharrybutho 0 140
Why do people complain? Sðna Sðna 0 141
New ranking system.... Dominus Deus ItzStash 4 225
Mid/Adc player looking for mid/high elo team Btrumps Btrumps 2 161
Tired of losing triple what I gain Clarion123 Clarion123 0 131
Can you drop from one tier to another? Jimbo2663 Talaurn 1 301
Looking for a "Tutor" SneakyAzShiite SneakyAzShiite 8 609
Please create promotion series appeal system Heavytabbs Heavytabbs 5 287
I was in my promotion matches but now wtf?! tR YoursTruly tR YoursTruly 0 169
Server Crash and New Dodge Penalty spyr0 spyr0 0 188
Looking to creative new 5v5 team, 1400+ elo RazorRains RedBird 00 2 237
Can we have some fail-safe from leavers for a promotional series? Wryvern LifelsPain 2 237
Are you kidding me? thechamp2002 thechamp2002 0 143
break our hearts more, riot sepetaiya Selcopa 8 323
Calling Roles in Ranked Queue Smoose Duckarus 5 836
Recruiting For Team Insta-Gibs!!! Chancesux Darksy 2 136
Curious about new ranked system Darksy Darksy 0 132
Anyone stop playing as much post-ranked updates? Jinsuki zorritoloco 2 275
This new system doesn't make any sense Cry0s1n Cry0s1n 0 519
Toggle for showing winners of pro matches? DptBear DptBear 0 145
Site for competitive season of LoL FOE Odin Borson FOE Odin Borson 1 143
LCS Sounds ToozieMoMurderer ToozieMoMurderer 0 139
To Riot ELO HELL Zanyr Kinslayor 9 569
Dealing with trolls in ranked games ahy97 Bobthecruel 2 830
Counter Picking Opponent? Zygrazor Bobthecruel 3 262
Double division promo QuiKi QuiKi 0 271
New League System DeusFalling DeusFalling 0 392
When someone DC's it shouldn't affect anyone's LP CHAOS DUNK YALL t0asty23 4 358
Never Surrender! Uppity007 Pawstruck 3 316
Riot/Twitch Tournament Streams Longyear Vrouge 8 375
Looking for a team 5v5 Synyster Mofo Synyster Mofo 0 134
Why am I punished for playing support? scwhartzcoff Brutem 1 272
New ranked system really harsh pyrochickin eabe 1 439
New ranked system really harsh pyrochickin CHAOS DUNK YALL 1 442
So why do I not get loss prevention for this garbage? perikirest CHAOS DUNK YALL 1 199
Issues with new system. RawrToTheMax RawrToTheMax 0 149
Not able to trade Clarion123 Clarion123 0 157
A Look and Opinion on the New Ranked System Nevesnotrab Nevesnotrab 0 366
ESL South East Asia (SEA) Go4 Cups! Discoooo Discoooo 0 278
GamersCove Inc. Free Rp Card Give-A-Way! Silentsushix3 Silentsushix3 0 300
Serious question about dodging placement matches TheXthDoctor TheXthDoctor 5 799
Go4LoL #100 Refer a team! $10 RP Code ( Giveaway Part 2) Bear On A Tree deejed 7 980
Roaming the new beta? theTURBOjew theTURBOjew 0 178
New system is too harsh, I'm done with this game  ( 1 2 ) Sajitarius theTURBOjew 12 1188
[Australia/NZ] ESL Pro Series Qualifiers (First Live League event for ANZ)  ( 1 2 ) Takiah Aarku 18 1307