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Sticky Thread Prized Event FAQ RiotTiza by RiotTiza 0 Riot Post 64,162
Sticky Thread Welcome to the Competitive Events Forum RiotTiza by RiotTiza 0 Riot Post 37,210
Recruiting Top Laner BeeTran by MeeshFever 8 2,724
Diamond 4 Support Looking for Team Frownland by llAdamll 8 337
3v3 LAN Tournament Northern Virginia They Call Me Lee by AkashiyaYugo 8 2,557
Autumn Annihilation Sponsored By Local Battles Frost Hawk by SB Axis 8 4,593
New team looking for scrim PR WhiteWolf by Hotdude4u 8 454
ARAM Tourney On Stream With Prizes! Playboybunnie by Playboybunnie 8 628
[Gold] Creating a ranked team LinZoMa by BulldogKiller 8 765
LF Plat+ teams to scrim BeautifulVictory by Lenka 8 2,898
Recruiting untouchedmortal by Libyano 8 391
CREATING A TEAM. Looking for Unique Players! All Roles except ADC. Rustie by Rustie 8 650
Shadow Isles 3v3 Tournament! Azaghan by mitchellmccarthy 8 1,462
Looking for Ranked 5 Team to Scrim Against TheGreatHaboob by Warshadow1 8 2,359
ADAM & EVE Tournament - VORT3X gaming zBuBu by zBuBu 8 4,359
WhiteBelle's RP Tournament<3 Whte by Valkrenis 8 1,026
Feb 16th Denver League of Legends 5v5 (LAN) Tournament hosted by Clutch Gaming Arena RG MultiScuf by RG MultiScuf 8 1,919
Wouldnt it be fun if there was a Low Elo Competitive tournament Chinese Paradise by Chinese Paradise 8 405
Curse 1v1 Showdown 2013! Gungho Gun Lion by nIXne 8 1,362
Serious Competitive team LF Bot Lane CausaMortem by BigiSmalls 8 3,246
LF Gold + teams to scrim Kyle pls by Razured 8 3,458
Team UnGodly RiehlDealDash by Alobo 8 551
Diamond 5 Support Looking for Team Frownland by Frownland 8 264
LF Jungler for 5s team Excessdeathday by Winston Wol 8 896
$1000 Challenger League redrumsox by redrumsox 8 2,731
Looking for players to create a 5v5 ranked team skyprine999 by GG Junkie 8 559
Looking for a top, support , ADC, Jungle Ninopower by Sublimest 8 1,000
LinkedUpGaming's Valentine Rumble LUG SlainFox by LUG SlainFox 8 1,455
Protect The Nexus's 5v5 Tourney Xoaz by Xoaz 8 668
Few Open Roles for New Team Allmyt by rzrblade1 8 757
LF Teams to scrim Stable Abel by Stable Abel 8 413
New Idea For Riot Games L33t ArchangelZ by sidearm17 8 724
In-Sight Gaming 5v5 Gold and Below Tournament - Sept 14th & 15th Larry Chupacabra by Larry Chupacabra 8 2,071
Avarosian League! New Gold & Under League! I am Turtwig by Milano 8 3,053
Starting a ranked team 5v5 need jungler and adc Masterofthewoods by yousuckbutt 8 386
Looking for 5's team iskylinee by SKITTELX 8 406
Recruiting ADC, Support, and/or Jungle for serious 5s team DareGooch by thetank101 8 552
LF members for s3 team Daix by Ereal 8 1,549
VAL online tournament $100 rp YaoMingnion by YaoMingnion 8 1,605
Looking for a Botlane for Mobafire Community Cup cheezysauce by cheezysauce 8 478
Ranked 5s looking for TOP + SUPPORT WeasuhL by Watshealing 8 412
Competitive Ranked 5's Team LF a Solo Laner and a Jungler. RFLY Fearflamesz by iMinion 8 1,657
L>Team around Miami for Tournament OutIavvs by Mr Pig 8 439
Silver 5 looking for Team or Duo Partner Phatix by firefox4383 8 4,140
The Front S't League is here MrUnstable by Issues13 8 2,426
Looking for Adc FOR A SERIOUS TEAM(practice every night) Horror Mezzi by Hagrid 24 8 1,075
DOOMSDAYGAMING Jan 12th & 13th tournaments Dryzzen by Dryzzen 8 1,091
Looking for a silver duo partner snukillerpro by FalloutShelter 8 1,555
Tower Dive Weekly Tournament #5 Announcement! TheHiddenGFX by TheHiddenGFX 8 1,864
Apollo 5 looking for a dedicated bot lane Havoc Struggle by AsDaylightRises 8 2,473
RP CARD PRIZES!!! Serendipity Gaming 1v1 Tourney! -War at the Ice Palace- The Ice Empress by The Ice Empress 8 664
LF players in utah for salt fest tournament XIIRequiem by Dilagence 8 2,533