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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 48) Dannamoth by DYount 474 Riot Post 137,434
Graphical bug with the Skillshot line? Die Nacht by Aprosmeno 8 2,310
Banned for Patch and game error :/ Stork501 by Brikjames 8 2,057
Hotkeys not responding in game Heyokah by iDrum Frequently 8 3,258
Bots in custom 3v3 mechakucha by TheReaperCrius 8 Riot Post 1,874
Master Yi able to kill Teemo shrooms without them going off Metaspy by audacity Luck 8 2,177
You will not be allowed to join the queue because you are currently assigned to an ex EzRun2011 by wibbee 8 2,917
Adobe Air Debug Launcher problems? CKarinja by DrPersh 8 Riot Post 4,868
Rumble(I) died in 2 hits, and it didn't make sense (read if interested) Arkanni by Yaddar 8 1,434
<Masteries screen wont go away> Anamatic by Anamatic 8 2,825
Rumble Ult a game right now Fargocalle by ZeroGeneral 8 1,893
Was it Intentional? Noct and Lee? Tactics Are Key by Tiger Upercut 8 2,007
Nunu's ult bug. Dr Therapist by Xyltin 8 2,032
The problem isn't the queue length...the problem is.... Nardwuar by i3rock 8 1,289
Vladimir's Blood Pool......Targetable? Graize by Pogigod 8 2,460
Possible WW bug? AussieNate by sams0n 8 2,061
I cant get any refer a friends Vycoss by Vycoss 8 1,858
Turrets, no longer reveal invisible enemies BlueBlazeInferno by Xyltin 8 2,210
Gamebreaking Nocturne-Shen Interaction (Bug) r431 by r431 8 3,019
Bug: Teemo using Zhonya's Hourglass Truncare by RiotDaemon 8 Riot Post 3,661
Ok...someone please take a look at Malzahar's ulti and fix it. ServantOfThe99 by Charly Funk 8 1,803
In-game Graphical error Kinjaru by Kinjaru 8 2,087
Assert:Pointer is Null (file.c/439) Xaeius by Neblin007 8 1,931
cant see summoner names in champ select. Lovelymuffins by Ellajid 8 Riot Post 4,079
Jarvan Snare Bug Ozuko by Xnot 8 1,164
Alistar skin glitch? Minak by nested 8 Riot Post 2,657
Masteries Crash? Vaurnbarn by Killamoocow 8 Riot Post 2,385
Teleporting Players Exploit Phonike by Phonike 8 1,674
Major BUG, needs immediate attention. Luderik by Ultramerican 8 3,407
Mistake in Sheriff Caitlyn Skin OblivionGD by OblivionGD 8 1,760
Please stop doing the hidden exploit NERF!!! its been here for over a year! Gobblin by Panzerfaust 8 3,746
Karthus Ult free kills TriforceActivate by warmonkey 8 2,103
Andrew Bug v1.0 dizzybomb by MuggleSlayer 8 1,972
Nocturne's shield doesn't work against Zilean's bomb Mr Aons by Xenophobed 8 1,550
hack or bug? Jagoff by UberGenocide 8 1,867
@ Riot - Severe Vayne Patch issue iEzreal by GTV NRAGE 8 Riot Post 3,209
Poppy vs Galio's ult Craumb by Surreptitious Sloth 8 2,215
Nunu ult in the bushes Moluscoo by Knekt 8 2,383
Launcher Failure PerishedLuck by JASONAHHHHH 8 1,187
Malzahar Ult and Voidling bug Fendral by NeenJya 8 4,115
Amumu ult bug Truhls by Truhls 8 1,228
-_- I can't join a game incinerary by incinerary 8 1,417
Nidalee cougar skills deal 0 damage DarkVenus by ElijahWyatt 8 Riot Post 2,772
Game quit out when we were going to win ACEMenACE by ACEMenACE 8 1,438
refferal-rewards Shelby24 by wolfofdeath16 8 2,106
[Item] Banshees and Nocturne's Ult Fatwa by Azriel 8 1,969
Cell Shading (toon outlines) kills my video card. IcecreamSamurai by IcecreamSamurai 8 2,026
Vlad's pool completely cancels Jarvan's ultimate Dominus by Xyltin 8 2,148
Alistar's Pulverize breaks stealth Serenity Now by Gobblin 8 2,324
Brand's Ulti Deathbugg by Deathbugg 8 1,414
Account misconception (or something) SuperStag by SuperStag 8 3,514