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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 48) Dannamoth by RAMPAG3a 473 Riot Post 137,280
Spectate Live Mode (mac) not working RatCity3 by Dataslave 2 1,142
Client not working properly PsychoticDreams by PsychoticDreams 0 79
Frenzy [Offensive Mastery] Ablogqwer by Dannamoth 1 Riot Post 708
Trade Bug Hipstir by Hipstir 0 65
Riot gangplank cannon barrage ult bug joker023mg by joker023mg 7 Riot Post 714
Bug on Karthus Wall Mokkun by Mokkun 0 59
Akali's Buff Icons not showing KiStorm by KiStorm 0 79
LP Not Adding Up? Phonike the 2nd by Phonike the 2nd 2 241
Locking in IsBroken by IsBroken 0 52
Morgana... you're in the way! Nihilo0 by Nihilo0 2 228
2 bots went mid while one person was dc'd Astanine by Astanine 0 87
Post game part of window is missing Gavenoth by Gavenoth 0 69
Viktor typo on spell description Eluveitie92 by Eluveitie92 0 56
Some sort of intentional DC? Brown Thunder by Brown Thunder 0 54
The games will load, and everything will be going fine until the minions spawn. It's PB4Life by PB4Life 1 64
Sound randomly cuts out on my entire PC audio when my client is open APOLARCAT by APOLARCAT 0 51
Client Crashing During Promotion TheQuadLaser by TheQuadLaser 0 65
Spectating on the Mac Client SquireMuffins by Dataslave 2 401
Disconnect during game leads to game disappearing completely. Not even in MH. Craglore by Craglore 0 100
Syndra's W Glitch. plz fix. a?e by I2edRuM 2 656
Vi's Ult followthrough HeftyUpTop by HeftyUpTop 0 54
LoLLauncher.exe fails to load after every game ends FalleNTideS by CloudS 1 258
Bugs Bugs & Bugs kingnedved by covael 5 183
Ace in the Hole passed through Valor Anrita by Anrita 0 76
Heimerdinger turret glitch in 3v3 Keltzon by Keltzon 0 103
Can't Enter Games Since 3.04 Patch (Windows client) FictitiousSpoon by FictitiousSpoon 0 172
Splatting as soon as load begins Vencarlo Barsavi by Vencarlo Barsavi 0 68
Syndra's W Glitch. plz fix. a?e by a?e 0 106
Left Click is not usable after quick retreat ping key binding change Heisotsu by Heisotsu 0 448
Game Crashes After EVERY Game is Complete   ( 1 2 3) Malicious Fury by Lekii 25 5,815
[TT] [Minor] Health point giving golds Restiur1 by Restiur1 0 60
Demacian Standard Tooltip still says it grants armor. Ixioran by Ixioran 0 91
BugSplat Screen again. MDCN by Wax Off 1 127
3.04 patch error (Windows Client) luke5515 by Wax Off 2 242
Game crashed: Game never existed? TestyCarrot by TestyCarrot 0 56
Bug- Jungling blue buff! ddster by ddster 2 499
Already assigned to a game that doesnt exist... H3llBag by H3llBag 0 102
Launcher doesnt load after game? FalleNTideS by FalleNTideS 0 510
Kayle not blocking Cait's ult. Yezarul by Yezarul 1 83
[Minor] Friends list champions bug Flammabubble by Flammabubble 0 112
Amumu's ult makes you unable to cast teufelswerk by knivesoutt 4 173
Spectator bug, sent a message to both entire teams Brandi by Suzy Turquoise 1 85
Can't reconnect Crimson Nodachi by Crimson Nodachi 0 53
Panths passive vs Fiora's ult Ark Aurelius by Ark Aurelius 0 59
Fiora unable to buy Bork ALLIIAN by ALLIIAN 0 62
Create Account Validation Regex Incorrect Pnaxighn by Pnaxighn 0 87
Runic Bulwark Stats show incorrect squidwurrd by Dannamoth 1 Riot Post 348
Champion Swap Not Working [can reproduce!] vakabiel by Eliyahu haNavi 1 165
Wildfire Zyra bugged ALLIIAN by Lord Malice 1 105
Runes not working ingame. Fear The F0x by Fear The F0x 1 438