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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 59) Dannamoth by Mariasenpie 589 Riot Post 168,669
Game crashing due to "firewall" 4wrd by 4wrd 0 62
Syndra Q and E combo not working right Dark Sovereign by Dark Sovereign 3 255
Orianna and her ball Gazrat by Gazrat 0 72
Minimap bug now shows champion on screen Okra Calamity by Okra Calamity 0 68
This is getting rediculous Jbels by Jbels 0 68
Rads error specified Zhentetsu by Zhentetsu 1 89
Multiple bugs found sharkyscape4 by sharkyscape4 1 219
Jarvan IV Flag-Drag combo ignoring nami bubble? Fendral by Fendral 0 74
Twisted Fate Pick A Card WillHamm by WillHamm 0 85
Shadow Dance cast range bug DoomWeaverX by DoomWeaverX 0 76
End Game Statistic on Crowd Control Garfm by Garfm 0 72
Login music won't load if changed Nato Boram by Porkpie21 2 233
Dominion: Turret Capture Assists Keizgon by Keizgon 0 91
[Bug Report] [Major] Sir Slots by Sir Slots 1 195
Pantheon can flash while using his ultimate Mokse by Mokse 3 344
Mac Users Disconnecting GypsyDanger by GypsyDanger 0 71
Alistar not knocking back Wukong Ult? Aschenn by drummerjmm 1 163
Lost my friend list Plow by Plow 1 155
You have left a game in progress, please reconnect bug! Str8w1nz by Str8w1nz 2 324
Tristana's Explosive Shot Passive Daddy Pegasus by Daddy Pegasus 2 300
Can't purchase RP OMG its BEASTY by OMG its BEASTY 1 126
PvP champion selection bug My Mercy by My Mercy 1 125
drop hacks still out there Hayden Winters by NeonBornSpartan5 4 360
Woah, woah, woah. IP Boost wasting my money? Leash Me Blue by Leash Me Blue 0 153
Game ended? Chaoutzu by Leash Me Blue 1 124
Master Yi AI Glitch RTO Brian by tzlop 1 247
Season 4 Ranking bug   ( 1 2) PRoXHeiMO by Milf2TheMax 10 8,184
Kha'Zix Ancient Golem Camp (Blue Buff) Bug Masonyte by 16 TheTower 1 246
Riot needs to clarify karthus Q intended cooldown. 1.2 second Q? Aiwendil by Aiwendil 0 145
Karthus "Death Defied" Bug Santasaurus by Aiwendil 1 136
Nidalee not able to be popped up by Yasuo Samoonia by Samoonia 4 Riot Post 1,117
[Twitch] Can't attack nexus when ulted JRog13 by JRog13 0 131
Reconnecting Error HeartofGod by spartankill 1 171
Bug in champ select superpokey by superpokey 0 119
Skin bought but not working FadeintoDust by FadeintoDust 1 122
Champion Select Bug (Grey Screen) Makaveli714 by Makaveli714 0 130
Lost A Ranked in Series Because Of Lag 4ervenaTemenujka by 4ervenaTemenujka 0 129
unspecified error has occured. Can't connect? Enbo by Enbo 0 121
End Game Lobby Glitch Czar991 by Czar991 1 131
account banned for three days due to servers crashing and lost in promos to gold. Pinnky by Pinnky 0 131
Those servers... j33p33 by InfamousZen 1 204
Channeled ultimates canceling themselves j j by j j 7 436
Vel'Koz's R does not break Banshee's Veil Cotton by Cotton 0 122
Vi Q ability NOT WORKING (ranked) King iCrit by drummerjmm 5 247
Minor rengar bug in dominion The1guardian by The1guardian 0 119
feedback loop StrawberryTings by StrawberryTings 0 106
Not being able to manage team? zoruru1 by zoruru1 0 118
Brand OFA HeofShadow by DJ9811 1 239
My Machete's Maim passive disappeared last game Legendariez by Legendariez 1 124
Website, what are you doing Klipik12 by shadowcrusnik 1 129