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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 66) Dannamoth by golgothanr 653 Riot Post 181,472
Mirror mode random assists (Braum) JoeDriver40 by JoeDriver40 0 125
Couldnt click Varus DutchRuder by DutchRuder 0 124
Quinn's passive mark will still persist after yasuo blocks her auto attack LOLgan by LOLgan 0 135
Ezreal E Not Stacking Tear zenhexzen by zenhexzen 0 144
Can't invite my friends to play - BUG! ChanYiuWai11 by BlazinErrDay 4 513
Random champ spamming Qepu by Qepu 0 154
Store Missing Rune Pages For Purchase? Geldtron by Instaban 1 155
One for all bug MyLolSummonerNam by MyLolSummonerNam 0 152
Friends List In-Game error. Doug Aim by Doug Aim 3 286
Crash: Dragonslayer Pantheon RedSolace by Celles 1 152
Soraka/Taric bug in TT co-op vs AI EspyRex by Reentry 1 211
Friends List Bugs CARPEN0CT3M by CARPEN0CT3M 0 155
Problem with Tmat and many other items. ADCTOPSUPPORT by Penal Injection 2 259
DarkFlame Shyvana First ult causes everybody in-sight to lag. AskCrimsonLord by IcyColdBruh 1 260
Darkflame Shyvana Lag IcyColdBruh by IcyColdBruh 0 159
IDK if this is a bug but take a look RoCkMeLtHQ by RoCkMeLtHQ 0 158
Crash that league doesn't recover from, forces shutdown MoonsBane by meinerhosen 1 300
Vi Q bug is back An English Guy by drummerjmm 2 235
Client stuck at "you left a game in progress.." Combat Janna by Garroh 1 220
Team builder: Players leaving enforces kick punishment I Rock Ths by I Rock Ths 0 198
Jax cannot dodge Nasus' Q Siphoning Strike Raediantz by Doug Aim 1 273
Minion do nothing MrBigBob by MrBigBob 0 138
Ult-less Draven bug Farts Smeller by signpainter110 2 250
Champion Movement Stutter Bug theemperor211 by theemperor211 1 173
Karthus Bug smallwillie by smallwillie 0 157
not really a bug Uncle Crimbo by Uncle Crimbo 0 132
teamwide disconnect cwcriner by cwcriner 0 147
Masteries glitch informer444 by informer444 0 137
Ranked Bug???????????????? Qepu by Qepu 3 255
4.9 Client Freeze in Ranked Queue - Forced to dodge but no ban time. What? drummerjmm by Destiny Ruin 1 238
Possible bug related to Spectating Nate Duh Great by Nate Duh Great 0 114
CS count glitch TimTamHunter by TimTamHunter 0 128
Dual Monitor Intermittent FPS Drops Y0ur0wn5tupidity by Y0ur0wn5tupidity 3 594
I dont know if this is a bug or not.... DQO07 by Phantogram 1 127
game crash Tiny Testicle by Tiny Testicle 1 133
Count down timer in champ select Trann by Trann 0 120
Mordekaiser Ult Bugged Digitial by Digitial 0 131
Relic Shield not working properly on Thresh? AKS Kyun by NinjaMH 1 157
Nassus could not ult smashington9 by smashington9 0 117
A new Singed glitch? FaildotEXE by FaildotEXE 0 139
Ryze Ult Jen0cide by Jen0cide 0 110
4 jump is this possible? qizong123 by qizong123 0 113
Noticed a bug causing lag, but only when the following champs are in game ohboyimmaPOOP by ohboyimmaPOOP 2 259
Vlad at the fountain Roshandala by Whispered Rage 1 198
Sunfire cape DMG while dead Alt95 by Whispered Rage 1 131
Possible bug on sale stuff Glendor the Bear by Instaban 1 96
Teemo Homeguard Bug Whyte Rains by Instaban 1 107
Champ Select Bug MrKill1234 by MrKill1234 0 80
Can't select anything on the LoL window NaamanMezora by NaamanMezora 0 79
Rp Purchases King of Cinder by j j 2 169