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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
I can't chose my last runes page in champion selection ColdFusion92 ColdFusion92 0 146
Honorable Oponent Sirjack148 HyperLust 4 262
New TT bug - Leona Ougtok Ougtok 0 162
(Plz read!)I lost all my friendly,helpful,teamwork,and honorable oppoent at LOL!!!!!! Rocis imMara 4 508
I refunded my Totemic Moakai skin... FireGrass FiddIeStick 1 240
Extremely frustrating bug resulting in RP loss voltsedge Scylente 1 286
Glitched health bars Azaek Azaek 0 173
Shaco Ap I PinBee I ReaverofDoom 2 160
[Bug] Riven not being snared by Elise's E. Lichtblick Lichtblick 0 168
Bug - Kept champs after refund ReaverofDoom ReaverofDoom 0 168
Bug - Alistar loses Champion AA lock Paqi Paqi 1 140
Champion Select Issue scotth266 scotth266 0 145
Bug - Fiora Ult Tuatha182 Tuatha182 0 228
[Bug][Minor] Tristana E Range Indicator Not Working Trueflight Trueflight 0 216
I cant plaaaaaaaaaaay! Sergiithoo Sergiithoo 0 141
If people can't even play THAT NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! MavAngel Mrdemolisher 1 194
[Bug][Major] Darius bugsplat with Cho'Gath Storm Zombie Storm Zombie 8
Riot Post
Cant play! Sergiithoo Sergiithoo 0 131
refund bug Dominion league Dominion league 0 241
Rammus buff? Custom Games Custom Games 0 133
Naut W bug JuanDeages JuanDeages 0 126
I lost all my friendly,helpful,teamwork,and honorable oppoent at LOL!!!!!! Rocis sirbeefcake 2 456
(Plz read!)I lost all my friendly,helpful,teamwork,and honorable oppoent at LOL!!!!!! Rocis Rocis 1 201
Rune page - Errors Youl Be Decaying Alexandra Avdey 4 278
Permananetly stuck on Game Abandoned upon login xSkillzDatKillZx Silver KoKoRo 2 185
This champion has already been taken Knee o Justice Lord Olo 1 190
Kha Zix Bug Splat xThe Hated Onex xThe Hated Onex 0 172
I can't reconnect the noob today the noob today 0 128
Champion Pages do not load. AbyssionKnight AbyssionKnight 0 176
Bug on swapping with teammate thedivine thedivine 0 129
Sound Issue Plus more- no sound to start plus more parklinkindavid Stakki 1 212
Another Reconnect issue.... i 69 your goat i 69 your goat 0 130
Champ select bug Pyrrha Omega Pyrrha Omega 0 131
[Game][Minor] WW ult + Blitz pull Amras0 Amras0 0 217
Game window in corner Admante Admante 0 159
Refund bug kewlkid123 TheDigDugKing 2 171
Refunding - Bad glitch TheDigDugKing TheDigDugKing 0 556
FPS Issue Luckiest Dude VermillionFlare 1 191
Mastro Bblue51 Bblue51 0 158
Lux Ultimate Not affecting Tagakuro Kreyni 1 200
Connection issues with main account that are not present on smurf account Erichilles Erichilles 0 282
Sorakas starcall hits shacos invisible wards No Fat Chicks No Fat Chicks 0 170
[Twisted TreeLine]----[Bug]----[Gameplay Minor] [Alter Cap Notification][Video] XenGaming XenGaming 8
Riot Post
Champion Purchase Bug (Double Charged) PatchyPegleg PatchyPegleg 1 223
Void Ooze covers Draven's Spinning Axe Icon BrownBurr BrownBurr 0 196
TF ult indicator hard to read Corran Corran 7 299
Can't join game because already in one? OMGlocKcomA OMGlocKcomA 0 162
Mouse gets caught at game start disastR Poet Ultima 2 177
Unable to ban unowned champions in ranked ora blu ora blu 0 190
Refund bugged Syzdante Zeks Morshar 2 231