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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 59) Dannamoth by Mariasenpie 589 Riot Post 168,731
Ping much higher than usual xIceSlasher by xIceSlasher 1 66
Loss IP for winning Hazai4548 by Hazai4548 0 56
points rank Nornuil by Nornuil 0 69
People unable to trade Adradian by TheIdget 1 100
I lost points even though i won??? Alyameldir by lolenforcer 1 72
Caitlyns Ult Bugged XxSyMpToMxX by SkittleBug 3 Riot Post 519
Malzahar's e went on cd when fail to cast TachikoMan by SkittleBug 1 60
Thresh Dying Animation Organ Seller by Organ Seller 0 93
Skarner's Ult Goes on Cooldown without Working GhostwheelX by SkittleBug 2 132
Pls riot Metalko by General Mustache 1 95
Suspended until today? Tigerfang315 by General Mustache 2 63
skins disappear Demon of wings by SkittleBug 1 118
Dragon Icon on Mimi-map Didn't Reset Eckzial by Eckzial 0 117
Possible Malzahar Bug Kamalesh by Kamalesh 0 210
Vi Q and Ult bugged Anymeese by Anymeese 0 217
Client crashes razormadness by razormadness 2 127
Lost my tag? Booler by DawnStrider371 3 Riot Post 501
Vi Vault breaker bug w/ shard of true ice UpgradeSolution by UpgradeSolution 0 88
(minor) display bug when getting promoted DaBolink by DaBolink 0 68
Matchmaking   ( 1 2) Straynar by supister 14 313
fix the jayce completely riot plz do something tonorian by tonorian 0 97
Job application bug (only 3 prefixes...? Sux) Fistful of Force by Fistful of Force 3 Riot Post 504
Could Not Ban/Choose Champ Raliegh Fhang by Raliegh Fhang 1 99
Renekton and Vilemaw Maletta by Maletta 0 252
Vi's Q not Responding Properly Boosserbud by Boosserbud 2 102
I need help xlvMists by xlvMists 0 73
High FPS, SLOW MOTION throatslasher by Valykdor 1 640
Time penalty for leaving exiting the client while not in a game Calarrow by Calarrow 0 139
Fountain Glitch Aznwaffer by Aznwaffer 0 68
Ahri's Orb + Zhonya's Hourglass Vysis by Vysis 0 125
I lost LP from dodging a normal game Jorten by Jorten 0 97
[Minor Bug] Can't buy Scorched Earth Xerath in champ select MasterMirage by MasterMirage 0 102
Pressing tab at the end of the game a bunch of times crashes GeneralHummel by Gooooober 1 128
Bugsplat Spectating Error R2BeepBooop by R2BeepBooop 0 177
Champion Trade on Normal Draft wont work Ankokukai by IKilledURFather 1 188
league fails to help players and there problems in the game tonorian by tonorian 0 53
Resourceless champions MP/5 stat shows as 'flash_character_stats_stat13_2' Scampie by Snailygoat 1 115
Valor's ult not working as intended. Xsile2000 by Icypolefreak 1 62
Shop Window+Surrender Yes/No Bug ConnorArbiter by ConnorArbiter 0 122
a few bugs in game that i've seen/experienced muntazer by muntazer 0 54
Attempting to reconnect Soraism by Soraism 0 59
Sion stun not working. Howardstern409 by Howardstern409 0 55
My LoL won't let me play. Says (Undefined) Pwnågraphy by Pwnågraphy 0 104
Ranked Series Bug Ahskance by Ahskance 0 82
Jarvan being able to cast his ultimate sooner than his intended CD Mystic Blue Fox by Mystic Blue Fox 0 66
[Aggravating]Crash on victory Cyraknoss by Cyraknoss 2 142
Sometimes cannot used Zed's "Q" DarkZerosabre by colditachi78 4 Riot Post 771
Spears from the aether Hedonic Psionic by Hedonic Psionic 0 69
Jayce Particle Bug: W in Cannon mode and Passive Fawezome by Fawezome 1 124
@RIOT WTF, why won't you respond to "crashes" bug reports? GeneralHummel by FatMansRevenge 3 Riot Post 435