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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 212,329
Error in champ select Contageous by Contageous 0 29
J4's EQ combo does no damage. Felizio by Felizio 2 62
Azir soldier bug Murloc Regalia by Murloc Regalia 0 30
I know you don't care Rito but holy lag Dewschi by Dewschi 0 30
J4 wall Cryptol by Cryptol 0 37
Tristana ultimate knocks targets across the map Hokage Yondaime by Hokage Yondaime 0 44
Champ select freeze Toysoldier49 by Toysoldier49 0 31
Bug - Twitch and inhibitors? RgKTiamat by RgKTiamat 1 33
Warwick Abilities do not Work N D F by Dadius Maximus 3 146
Azirs E doesnt work sometimes deathrreaperr by djcghost 1 61
True sight is broken! Open The Gapes by Open The Gapes 0 33
Keybinds intermittently disable at startup Tiemyshoe by Tiemyshoe 0 29
Azir - Ultimate Tower Bug Khyato by GeneralRoadkill 1 91
Champ select bug austinpowers25 by austinpowers25 0 20
Azir: Problem with Emperor's Divine dsp108 by dsp108 0 17
Bots in Twisted Tree and Dominion JChaosMaster by JChaosMaster 0 14
Azir ult bugged by walls kaveman89 by Felsadow 2 45
Champion select NOT appearing Balrog Monkey by KstL 2 47
Game crashed The Öutcast by The Öutcast 4 38
Possible Visual Bug On Client For Ranked Solo/Duo Queue Draft Pick Penn Penn by TheAngryDrood 5 139
Wont let me log in... HVB by HVB 0 20
wont let me log in XxXFrostQueenXxX by HVB 2 144
SGU skin not working....(I need help) Gilgimash by Gilgimash 0 17
akali's ult fyrunn by fyrunn 0 14
Patch 4.12 crashes Brosiph Maximus by Cornflakez 6 833
I want to see khaz's head KstL by KstL 0 27
spectating game timers incorrect. komarud by komarud 0 12
Xerath didn't respawn in ascension. Blue Chaos 17 by komarud 1 33
typing launcher is laggy Alaterial by Alaterial 0 11
Lighting of map and mini-map imply vision when there is none. BoyTito by BoyTito 0 10
Won't connect in champ select. Cruxiable by Cruxiable 0 19
Azir unusual Soldier spawn locations. TheComedian80 by TheComedian80 0 19
Yasuo wind wall only blocking one projectile Kingbreed by Kingbreed 0 10
Undo Button Bug in SR Jermafenser by Starrow 1 25
Perfect Ascension Bug - I did not receive the perfect ascension icon. Riot plz fix! Tabakim by The Lord Drack 5 1,481
My q button- KessaDawg by KessaDawg 0 11
Azir "Q" Cool down Chef Twinz by Chef Twinz 0 14
Won't let me pick champ in ranked superslurpie by superslurpie 0 11
Skins not loading Bluecheeseur by Bluecheeseur 0 13
It is time to do something about Ranked Matches GaruYenZ by GaruYenZ 3 63
Azir and Attack Move Gramamanamanees by Gramamanamanees 1 98
Random lag spikes with good comp and internet Enjeyel by Enjeyel 1 70
i cant speak during champion select RisksShweky by RisksShweky 0 10
azir's q doesnt show it is on cooldown RisksShweky by RisksShweky 0 12
Banner of Command. Healyourownbum by Healyourownbum 0 17
Azir places turret on live nexus turret? SokoTheDeviluke by SokoTheDeviluke 0 31
Azir ult bugs out Malphite ult Jöe by Jöe 0 45
Azir ult bugs out Malphite ult Jöe by Jöe 0 51
Intermediate bots forgot how to use summoner spells. Rhyseon by Rhyseon 7 156