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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 222,271
Riven Broken Wings CD resets Randomly Ryios by AntiDarkness 1 177
BUG/WARNING: Some Code Somewhere is Seriously Bad Causing Mass IP Loss with Referrals Luke by Daedälus 3 Riot Post 955
Crashing On Profile Open Gotlyfe by Gotlyfe 0 79
Bug with dragon Alphamon RK by PoopSlapped 1 154
Howling abyss re-rolling bug xXCrazyBarksXx by ACGIFT 5 328
Connection unstable since Freljord patch Ninjutsu by Ninjutsu 0 159
No se acreditan mis ip luego del freijord patch nicolaslage by nicolaslage 0 79
Couldn't ban Zed DarkerNectron by ACGIFT 2 161
You guys put Freljord Rammus on sale instead of Viridian Kayle The Terminator by IchbinUnreal 7 234
Champions Movement bug Gianbolan by Gianbolan 0 51
Irelia stacks Manamune by auto attacking. JabaRune by JabaRune 0 160
Elise "W" bug chowder27 by chowder27 0 63
Possible Jarvin bug ClatoVerataNicto by ClatoVerataNicto 0 56
Disconnection loses game? Necroeugene by Necroeugene 0 50
[MAJOR] Karthus FPS drop. xItsJacob by Mskofsanity 9 198
Champion Select Bug. McVago by McVago 0 48
The game I was in just vanished? D: GWWWWWWWWWWWWWWG by GWWWWWWWWWWWWWWG 0 52
client closed during champ select ghostbar by ghostbar 0 44
client crashes after game. QuantumDeus by QuantumDeus 0 48
These forums are a joke. Liekstospooge by LordLuckyCharms 5 104
Settings reset NorwaysBest by NorwaysBest 3 301
Major bug : Heimer cant hold more than 1 turret at a time Nehalion by Nehalion 1 117
Final Screen LP bugged? StreicK by StreicK 2 91
Client wont load after "Play" button Liekstospooge by Liekstospooge 2 101
Air Debug crashes after all games Flashing Deuces by Echobase 4 127
Taunt bug still not fixed... i is tank by i is tank 0 95
Karthus Ultimate Framerate Issue aliceandsven by aliceandsven 0 73
Launcher Crashing On Startup, Game Start, And No Champions on Game Entry Incith by Incith 0 342
crash after game end Nohope78 by Nohope78 0 133
crashing non stop 12l0t by 12l0t 0 202
disconnects flameradar by flameradar 0 57
Not Receiving Avarosan Icon PapaShongo53 by DELUX7 1 141
Forums Broken for Me Sir Tiddles by Sir Tiddles 0 73
I have no idea, But its costing me LP.. Skarlak by Skarlak 0 91
No after game lobby YounGR3ap3RXII by YounGR3ap3RXII 0 108
After pressing 'Play' game won't start up CandIeJack by Ajb570 4 462
Sejuani all kind if bugged Raviance by Raviance 0 82
Miss Fortune Ult Bug Foresoothe by Foresoothe 0 90
ip gone Mermaid Pants by Mermaid Pants 0 77
Aram reroll bug Rf71v by Rf71v 0 117
My client sometimes decides to "not respond" AmazingDmgOutput by AmazingDmgOutput 1 104
ARAM, trade champion option avaible bt teammate dont own the champion u have JohnJohnYu by JohnJohnYu 0 140
quinns blind The 1st Infidel by The 1st Infidel 0 80
Rammus sheild is bugged with jannas twisters. Ash Lockheart by Orleos 1 88
Olaf being slowed while ultimate is active LordLuckyCharms by LordLuckyCharms 0 111
Honor Ribbons changing Zephiryth by Zephiryth 0 70
Repeated crashing after game complete Beélzebub by BoboTheBarbarian 5 262
Ranked Game Result Screen Distopic by KHDragonn 1 124
Honor Q&A might need revising O G Sixer by O G Sixer 0 77
Death Blossom Elise Invisible swilksy by swilksy 0 124