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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 62) Dannamoth by changli13 612 Riot Post 171,608
crytaline flask, hp pot/mana pot VICKLIUS by Diethylamide 1 114
Found a bug with jax TheNobleGas by psymuk 5 152
Nautilus Boots of Mobility run AmbushIntheDark by AmbushIntheDark 0 110
cant see ally/enemy tear stacks and other such items Om3gaW3apon by Om3gaW3apon 0 63
Things I bought with RP 4-5 days ago disapeared Fredicash by WutsKraken 1 47
no refund available? kavi by kavi 0 45
Caitlyn traps Improver by Khalahn 4 232
Strange crash Mr Swipe by Mr Swipe 0 34
Spectate mode cannot handle games being over an hour Shattered Hero by Shattered Hero 0 69
BUG-Champ-Wukong ''Crushing Blow'' Bug Terranero by Terranero 0 54
Leona visible in bush when she uses her Q CrushMonkey93 by CrushMonkey93 0 82
Slight gragas "bug" Spy Crabz by Spy Crabz 0 43
Jarvan's passive in 3v3 and 5v5 map difference SoapBark by SoapBark 2 173
Jayce Knockback SwiftSwrd by SwiftSwrd 0 47
Server Status: Undefined (in red letters) Malicious Fury by Malicious Fury 1 123
Leave Buster Bug CrookedElmo by CrookedElmo 1 88
Jayce bug. Armor shred + ranged form W CL5 Nasher by CL5 Nasher 1 164
Error with shen ult + Homeguard on boots sleepbane by EzRippin 1 147
Impossible Amount of Healing Bug natemiddleman2 by natemiddleman2 5 287
No Transfer button Kars174 by Kars174 1 71
Tango Twisted Fate Skin Issues Zanet by Zanet 0 111
Ahri Charm doesn't always work Division Two by Division Two 0 110
Client Crashes When Alt-Tabbing Khaozmayhem by Diethylamide 1 113
Every Thursday Server goes down Seph´roth by Seph´roth 0 178
Problem with Chat Log ingame White Doves by Diethylamide 1 120
Bots Caught A Bad Case Of The Stupids GrimFate56 by GrimFate56 3 200
Champion You've Selected Dimwitt by Dimwitt 0 83
Possible Yorick + Stealth Enemies bug HeartInAtrophy by HeartInAtrophy 0 91
Anivia using Zhonya's in egg form. Dragon4Athene by Diethylamide 2 380
(Tooltip Error?) Zac's W does more damage to minions than the tooltip states. fevi by Diethylamide 1 101
non applied damage over time from same spell VICKLIUS by Diethylamide 1 114
Trundle's Q Still Bugged? MSF72 by MSF72 0 99
[Website] Login unavailable 3mptylord by 3mptylord 0 114
Promotion bug NunitoX by NunitoX 0 109
Defects with Nasus' Q Prosfis by Prosfis 1 122
Teemos shrooms are visible without oracles MandyMemory by So Drill It 1 104
Annie ability "summon tibers" initial burst hitting more than once! General Ryon by General Ryon 0 161
League Of Legends Error Message (Help Needed) RiCkIzFaMoUs by Greggypants 1 285
Bug Client Crash, Only Profiles summoner sometimes WOLKANT by WOLKANT 1 155
Duo Q Fail Yhufir by Yhufir 0 106
MF passive and Randuins. Chickensqt by Chickensqt 0 116
Rengar Q Bug FBGM TM87 by FBGM TM87 0 218
Oktoberfest Gragas Spincow by Nalano23 1 84
summoner name TheMark by TheMark 1 598
Sona's ult not hitting people? Semiwestern by Semiwestern 0 147
Bugsplat when being summoned HowDarienYou by HowDarienYou 0 106
Taric's Shatter passive giving way less armor to teammates than stated Geryth by Geryth 0 137
Jarvan QE combo blue trail K D Bonez by K D Bonez 0 186
No menu button control after changing hotkey bug Cubby1313 by Cubby1313 1 287
The game starts in the bottom right hand corner WTJ Liam by Spartacusx 4 1,779