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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 229,287
HUGE BUG OF DC, FORCED 1v1 Hagitabi by Yeaaah Buddy 3 198
Unable to Login BubbaFett by Yeaaah Buddy 3 190
unable to reconnect LE3T by Yeaaah Buddy 1 92
Ranked Loss due to my team DC'ing ZeeRanger by Yeaaah Buddy 1 128
So I was on my qualifer match for silver and no one on either team connected but me Jirro by Yeaaah Buddy 1 254
possible server related bugs. Corict Archkaru by Yeaaah Buddy 1 124
loading into game herewithkiki by Yeaaah Buddy 1 98
Because I just love spending my only day off constantly in queue... PathfinderTare by Yeaaah Buddy 1 120
Ok, so can someone please explain this to me? spriggster by Yeaaah Buddy 1 117
omg league shut down again ownagez552 by Yeaaah Buddy 1 157
game constantly crashing and not being able to reconnect.... AuV2 Gozzy by Yeaaah Buddy 2 178
Server Instability Rpground by Yeaaah Buddy 1 165
Could a gm pls give me back my promo series i got dcd from server from the issues. fmz by Yeaaah Buddy 1 117
Oh Golly darman1101 by Yeaaah Buddy 1 96
everyone kicked   ( 1 2) HeartlessKiller by Yeaaah Buddy 19 475
Lobby-Room Error Bug XTwistedTheoryX by Yeaaah Buddy 1 419
@RIOT Server crashed? Skymira by Yeaaah Buddy 7 229 Champion Select Bug Amcleaster by Yeaaah Buddy 1 95
Game crashes when loading stats screen Sozja by Yeaaah Buddy 1 74
starting a game SilentVocals by Yeaaah Buddy 1 61
There is a backdoor that makes the other team surrender!! CLF23 by AntiDarkness 1 128
Just got banned for less than 1 day but no email? Zilj by AntiDarkness 3 146
Yorrick Speed Ghoul invulnerable K˛sM˛s by K˛sM˛s 0 45
Shop Glitch omgrichboy1 by omgrichboy1 0 78
Shen q bug Evilmonkey820 by Evilmonkey820 0 79
Have Championship Riven but not the icon IsoHappy by IsoHappy 2 185
No IP gain? TeachezofPeachez by TeachezofPeachez 0 38
Vayne FPS lag bug and random phantom game bug Sveid by XNoodleMuncher 4 549
Mastery page overlay blocks client Biosh÷ck by Biosh÷ck 0 125
Shaco blitzcrank on howling abyss GlacierFOX by ol Sleepy lo 2 248
Fxxk you mac client caoQNMLGB by caoQNMLGB 0 68
abcdefq qBANEp by xCreepeRx 1 101
Bug Double kill on Tryn FearDeathReaper by xCreepeRx 3 197
Fizz Ult model bug? Enferlune by Enferlune 0 110
Sejuani's W not calculating damage with % Health Runes. Ulevo by Galdoblame 1 110
Champion disappeared... Anjolina Joeli by Anjolina Joeli 0 98
Spectating Issue VolkenHammer by VolkenHammer 0 115
ARAM amethyst ashe bug Altima408 by Altima408 0 126
ARAM bug reguarding annie deathlogger by King Camb0 3 200
Screen lock Wetshirt by Wetshirt 1 73
Orianna terrain bug AlphaGaming by AlphaGaming 0 73
Forced Dodge in rank while typing MechaChao by MechaChao 0 87
Champion swap bug Aiden22 by Aiden22 0 92
Seriously fix your trade system Gromph by Gromph 0 63
bug splat city RomanThePaladin by thechiggler 4 81
Borderless Loading Off-Center Rucked by AntiDarkness 2 97
bug splat issue, any resolution? thechiggler by thechiggler 0 118
ahri jungle bug demonfood by demonfood 0 87
Gift notification SFX looped in an endless replay. unkull by unkull 2 141
Yorick Bug Knerp by AntiDarkness 3 80