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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 66) Dannamoth by munky1996 657 Riot Post 185,200
Huge Lag spike when near certain enemies? Fubarjr by Fubarjr 1 291
Can't create an EUW Account? Herty by Herty 2 228
Level 5 bug. BEST TEEN NA by ZacCZ226 1 177
Riot Games would like to give you a “little” something special. Is this for real??? Zataniko by Sumoslammer 5 370
Yi and Banshee veil quitlolnowplz by xXL3PR3CH4UNXx 1 140
thresh bug lantern (morde ult) Cobrakai by Cobrakai 1 166
Kha'Zix Q+Manamune bug DemonDestroyerX3 by ol Sleepy lo 1 137
ARAM Bug***constantly getting LB ol Sleepy lo by ol Sleepy lo 0 80
getting kicked from champ select for not selecting a champ with 15 seconds xbgskox by xbgskox 0 58
Ziggs Satchel Charge Bug Kyu Ryu by Kyu Ryu 1 94
Vayne ult bug is still around... Ka0ssHD by Ka0ssHD 2 186
Report: No Rank Points Received GGTeddyBear by GGTeddyBear 0 64
[IP award] did not add up correctly. Smutkin by xXL3PR3CH4UNXx 1 117
Darius bug. Knegus by xXL3PR3CH4UNXx 1 94
Darius ultimate bug. Stinnkky by xXL3PR3CH4UNXx 1 76
Died during Trynd Ult Weakbean by xXL3PR3CH4UNXx 1 85
Major FPS drop during Karthus ultimate Ailith088 by Ailith088 0 93
Unusual LP loss xWAY95x by xWAY95x 0 55
Nid Heal bug moko0chan by UltimatePhoenix7 1 514
Chat Bug isitalex by panda9111 2 109
Horible Chat bugs Needs to be fixed ASAP (gamebreaking) panda9111 by panda9111 0 72
Anivia bugs SwiftAkali by SwiftAkali 0 79
Black Screen and Missing Champions Da Slain by Da Slain 0 62
Elise Volitile Spiderling Bug darklancer59 by darklancer59 0 81
Maokais Q bug and Legendary Anivia Wall bug RetroNitro by RetroNitro 0 131
Bug report Regarding Ribbons PlayLikeNewbs by RetroNitro 1 125
LP bug Savage Fusionz by Savage Fusionz 0 63
Weird visual bug for howling abyss DangIt by DangIt 0 71
I keep d/cing in game and I cant view forum posts Heromage by Heromage46 1 68
Can someone help me? intenseboss by intenseboss 0 58
in-game screen is insanely zoomed in and controls funny ageofpwnage by ageofpwnage 0 74
Visual Bug During ranked Astral Cardbox by Astral Cardbox 0 81
Viewing ranked team match history causes post-game to display wrong game. RyuuMasken by Weegee7 1 373
Weird error message I am Bobicus by I am Bobicus 1 84
Screen shifted to the left clurt by Coolguypat12 1 218
Client crashing after every game. SuperKingDerp by Cancertology 1 71
MM bug itpainsitroars by itpainsitroars 0 54
IP/RP reverting to 8/05/2013 iiRlegit by iiRlegit 0 124
Champ Selection Bug ChëwBrahcca by ChëwBrahcca 0 59
Cant Reconnect (New update problem) Kumaz0r by Kumaz0r 0 63
Lagging and freazing in Champ Select ll Hysteria ll by ll Hysteria ll 0 58
No Ultimate Bug OtterBoss89 by OtterBoss89 0 61
Honor Badge Issue. Sanckh by SpyRuse 9 165
[CRITICAL] Potential in-game exploits/bugs grelwin by grelwin 0 78
Game crashes at random DevilToribash by DevilToribash 1 58
[MAJOR] Is This Actually Happening Obamney2k16 by Akaabz 5 107
Kicked froma rank Match for a patch? Matrix4Kids by Makaeru 5 75
Maybe it's just me FatedTitan by FatedTitan 0 36
OMG my IP is gone EnclaveSquirrel by Chaoticjames 1 115
[Animation] Karma in Dominion Uracle by Sh00t3rman 4 Riot Post 1,182