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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 215,894
Tribunal Roll-Back Subes by Subes 0 54
Forum Bug needs immediate attention Arcticfury by Arcticfury 4 183
Unable to Log In forumside Brycerras by Brycerras 0 57
Game never finishes loading CryfaceTT by CryfaceTT 0 106
skin Ryuka KC by Ryuka KC 0 86
Warwick's blood scent does not detect akali in twilight shroud   ( 1 2 3) Yarashi by WereAssassin 25 Riot Post 4,903
I never receive my rewards Masi De La Gente by Masi De La Gente 0 101
Frame Rate Drops When holding Space Bar XPsychoticShotX by XPsychoticShotX 0 148
Random DC Random Freeze in Loading Screen Random crash Barso55 by Barso55 0 162
adobe air debug/diconnect thatonedude84 by Hammerklau 1 129
So laggggggggg in game Mr Candyfloss by Mr Candyfloss 0 81
Wards not making enemies visible MrsShadowKat by MrsShadowKat 4 246
@Riot Please, no more Soon. KRN Joon by Dannamoth 1 Riot Post 863
Ahri bugg?? ku3014 by ku3014 0 93
Insanely high ping when I join games from a queue Original Duck by Original Duck 0 136
onhit 1 hit renekton Echo 419 by Echo 419 1 149
Frequent glitch when starting games Brett98 by Brett98 0 119
quinn and zed zig zags by zig zags 0 152
Client Crash Honor Award Suggestion Tactrix by Mort187 1 100
Fresh install, all models are invisible SporkV by LordOfTheRandom 3 235
Weird IP Glitch LightningScars by LightningScars 0 109
Ban cosmetically assigned under other team JaySten by JaySten 0 89
Mac client: Frame drops when map scroll down ProjectFreak by ProjectFreak 1 208
Constant Disconnects in Home Screen Kachine by Kachine 0 137
A bug in ranked game. Entranze by Entranze 0 84
Hotkeys cannot be used and can't type in a sudden KillerPaulXD by KillerPaulXD 0 134
"Leave" match bug? ButterflyNet by ButterflyNet 0 87
Is it just me? Iceborn Gauntlet Whte Boy by Khalahn 2 129
the game is frozing when i'm on champion select Sorintos by Sorintos 5 200
Hiccup in Miss Fortune's Ult. EndlessSinz by Monkpunk 1 182
Quinn's Harrier and Vault bug. Kinetic404 by Kinetic404 0 127
Client stuck during champ select iiRlegit by Scareflare 1 194
Blank launcher during champ select RensyArc by RensyArc 0 162
Bought champions with RP, but they "disappeared" after one day BetterthanCalvin by BetterthanCalvin 0 165
When unbinding or rebinding "Player Attack Move Click" AntiARAM by AntiARAM 0 287
Harrier shots do no damage if Quinn dies while the shot is in flight Shapechanger by Shapechanger 0 143
Champ skills description can get stuck up in lobby Lord Olo by Lord Olo 2 311
BUG - Heartseekervayne i-net lag Don Danzone by Don Danzone 0 144
@Riot, Please respond account bugged. Matt604 by Matt604 0 95
Can't buy my son a skin. Store says he doesn't own a champ that he does own. Zorlac by Zorlac 2 170
Not working :( facerippa123 by facerippa123 0 68
Reconnect button broke. moop62391 by moop62391 0 127
Possible cause? LegendaryLink7 by LegendaryLink7 0 59
Multiple bugs: Janna, Gragas, Katarina and shop Rafulefou by Rafulefou 0 127
i got suspended for afk when i played the hole game shishkaboble by AntiDarkness 1 131
garen ult bug? Shren by Shren 0 86
Possible Fizz bug. Xenoex by Xenoex 0 84
Twisted Fate bug hossaim by hossaim 0 70
Lol.Launcher is not working. Xenythfire by Xenythfire 0 139
Blackfire doesn't proc on Gangplank   ( 1 2) Triskael by Triskael 12 377