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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
windows 8 hot corners alt tab out of game Reveri3 JancroBatty 1 492
Charged abilities GUI errors/inconsistencies Levym Levym 0 89
Lux Passive DaRandomMan DaRandomMan 0 78
Zed Deathamark Bug Aangs Cousin Aangs Cousin 0 94
Can't switch in char select Nomnomking Nomnomking 2 140
Ranked Solo Queue Disconnected my whole team Gosu JJ Gosu JJ 0 128
Disconnect during champ select didn't dodge queue ClatoVerataNicto ClatoVerataNicto 2 152
Jax Bot Killergore EmoScreamoKid 1 118
Booted from Ranked promo game? Wulfdan Wulfdan 0 92
Steel Legion Garen dmlewis88 dmlewis88 0 106
Riven Stuck with Grievous Wounds xvampireprince xvampireprince 0 100
Modifier keys issue and lag issue with mac heug ipsul heug ipsul 2 192
Nutcracko minor graphics bug Typhnox Typhnox 0 113
Zac and spirit visage Idunn0why Idunn0why 0 112
Urgot and Spirit of the elder lizard SyanStormtamer Komol 1 141
Demoted for being inactive BakingMuffins Zack Brownicus 4 129
Spike lag KingVegeta27 Zack Brownicus 1 84
Skins listed as unavailable in champion select IS1d6d3ffc5d25bf1bdf6f0 IS1d6d3ffc5d25bf1bdf6f0 0 132
Cannot reconnect to pvp.net chat during Draft Pick MicManGuy MicManGuy 0 178
RP card problem Melkor113 Yoshiiiiiiiiiiii 2 128
Lee Sin can Safeguard (W) out of Rammus' Taunt BoreeasNA TaoistMaster 1 123
My league is all messed up jackup101 jackup101 0 92
New bug found in ARAM HellFire114N SyntaxBananaZ 1 110
Kog'Maw's Void Ooze covers Draven's axe marks. Doctor Mint Doctor Mint 0 74
Windows 8.1 BugSplat on game client entry Mkaa00x Mkaa00x 1 404
Promotion Match Loss From Duo Partner Dodge PrimeEvil Cheney PrimeEvil Cheney 0 129
League points calculated wrong Yursar Yursar 0 106
Yorick dies twice with ult DefinitelyReshie DefinitelyReshie 3 282
Fizz E still bugged PatrickWSwayze PatrickWSwayze 0 101
The Summoner's Code typo IS15a38e0b5d1fa0ec52942 IS15a38e0b5d1fa0ec52942 0 107
CD's longer on Bar then Tooltip FarosX FarosX 0 67
PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working That One Durp That One Durp 1 295
Helps pls CallmeKobe CallmeKobe 0 79
Client closes/disappears immediately after logging in. Hello Darkness Shadyjane 2 558
Map bug yety175 yety175 0 73
Level 30's shelookdlevel18 Sexual231 1 84
Draven 1k armor and mr F the Gov Super939348 1 167
Possible Gameplay Hack Deepspace Deepspace 2 180
Ezreal assisting himself LePeuMeow LePeuMeow 0 87
Queen Ashe taunt has no audio. Trueflight Exacerberus 1 129
Bug Splat Crash on 3v3 but not on 5v5 Volkspirit Volkspirit 0 323
Cannot start a new game markyeung123 markyeung123 0 112
friend removed from friend list while ignoring other players in game Jace77 Jace77 0 112
Movement speed numbers wrong? fallyandor fallyandor 0 114
Dominion Cursor Glitch Now on Summoners Rift! Psytoxic Psytoxic 0 155
Cannot Purchase Skins in Champ select Beware Chair Beware Chair 0 112
Jax bug Turtleguy8 Turtleguy8 0 118
Window Not Autoresizing for 1360 x 768 Resolutions? SyntaxBananaZ SyntaxBananaZ 1 135
Blank Champion Select Screen DarthPrimeVader DarthPrimeVader 0 233
Error reconnecting to a game TheDarkSilencer TheDarkSilencer 0 107