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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 49) Dannamoth by 4nakedbabies 482 Riot Post 139,097
lol_air_client crashes to desktop Sergeant Sushi by Eunson 1 228
Soul Reaver Draven Ult shows another model color AngryWasabi by Masquerade4927 4 Riot Post 824
Zyra seeds stop Elise spider bomb Heleghir by Heleghir 1 138
Possible Thresh glitch? Baburf by Baburf 0 108
Big bug of the new ranking system jasper1hu by The Shiken 2 100
Panda Annie's running animation Postal Doughnut by The Shiken 1 105
Solution to the ring skill shot bug Aantorad by Aantorad 0 100
Teleport Bug pentaRifts by pentaRifts 0 94
Interaction between Fiddle Drain and Vlad Pool RileySupport by DemonMastr66 1 88
Quinn Bug (Hurricane not procing passive) SoFed by SoFed 0 75
Tribunal text displayed as ASCII code. Skywalker993 by Skywalker993 0 148
Purple Jungle Glitching Maedr Csycr by Maedr Csycr 2 118
Varus Q bug Hitmonchuu by Hitmonchuu 0 94
Kha-Zix Audio POKEshaun by POKEshaun 0 63
Problems with Mac Client eMarrosu by Dataslave 3 190
Cooldown Counters LittleShanks by LittleShanks 0 80
Loading Screen = Bug Splat Moustachio97 by Moustachio97 0 140
Blue Elixir Only Gives 39 AP at Level18 Bruze by Bruze 0 77
League of Legends Patcher not opening shellder44 by jughead5187 1 83
mushroom teleport bug SteppingDown by SteppingDown 0 77
Undefined Ryben by Ryben 0 71
Qualification Bug. Qualified while already in series. A Global Threat by A Global Threat 0 72
Teemo 3v3 altar bug Zesty Bunnies by Zesty Bunnies 2 292
Adobe Air Crashes end promotion series Hidden Dragon by Hidden Dragon 0 151
[Bug Splat][Graphical error] Repeated bugsplats, can't play Leftover Name by Leftover Name 2 242
All abilities and icons blacked out MyLeftTestee by MyLeftTestee 0 435
Crash bug QuietHIker by QuietHIker 0 79
Assault And Battery bug Death Zed by Death Zed 0 75
AP Tristana, E bug Splorchess by Vinceicarus 1 165
Tristana E not dealing damage Flutterham by Vinceicarus 1 116
Stat Mix-up TheNewBonjwa by TheNewBonjwa 0 85
Can't Reconnect to Game KumiKaze by Straka 4 329
Crashing during loading screen Narto22 by Narto22 5 192
Quinn/Valor Autoattack Bug SashaT by SashaT 2 164
disconnect vain11 by LtBackx 9 282
Not getting first win of the day bonus sylace by Ashbrringer 6 414
The First win of the day bonus is not working Ashbrringer by Ashbrringer 0 60
Sejuani Q llDeathCowll by llDeathCowll 0 273
Hec Ulti Crashes the game on Mac Client CasualTony by CasualTony 0 117
My friends and my accounts stuck in game. aCiDeLmO by aCiDeLmO 1 103
The store is broke. Humprdink by Humprdink 6 135
Smart ping system glitch. King Triggah by King Triggah 0 130
Xerath's Locus of Power not giving correct Magic Pen value Cutiť Pai by MadFuhrer 1 288
Veigar has over 900 Magic Resist and Armor dDesuKb by MadFuhrer 2 214
Darius pull still slightly bugged. l MinimumWage l by l MinimumWage l 0 125
A faded dominion ray XepixPizza by XepixPizza 0 86
Unresponsive in-game, crashes until restart. Kalasen by Kalasen 0 181
The Recent Lag When You Use An Ability That Requires Aiming (Must Read) Swayzo by Swayzo 0 345
Ranked status went inactive despite playing ranked game 2 days ago Altaira by Altaira 0 134
Vlad's W in Jungle. AudioBoss by INSANITY27 1 92