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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 48) Dannamoth by Frost9364 476 Riot Post 137,637
The Login Screen Does Not Open BARROVIAN by BARROVIAN 0 77
Cleanse isn't working Funkyldj by hawtbabewithboob 1 59
Zac visual bug Iccirrus by Iccirrus 0 64
Waste of a Long Sword... Supanukkah30 by Supanukkah30 0 79
I Was In A Lobby Then It Said No Active Game Found As I Was The Lobby Ghostwice by Ghostwice 0 47
Lux's ULT going through enemies...... FeatherWolf by ben58766 5 207
Alt tabbing when clients goes full screen makes it crash matmat07 by matmat07 0 49
Pantheon Ultimate bug ben58766 by ben58766 0 94
Extreme Ping? Dragon Striker9 by Dragon Striker9 0 52
Lost LP because it told me game was not active Aldoria by AWPLol 7 201
Missing rating points? AWPLol by AWPLol 0 41
Damage on Nautilus' W (Titan's Wrath) not applying properly FrozenIndustry by FrozenIndustry 1 182
Trundle Bug BleuHighwind by BleuHighwind 0 42
bug splat sn9p by sn9p 2 114
Bugsplat SavageSwing by sn9p 1 77
Ahri charm and Lux snare bug OtterBoss89 by AerithRayne 6 740
[Game] [Minor] Karma Tooltip Spelling Error AerithRayne by AerithRayne 0 56
Booted from champion select Ayhseee by Ayhseee 0 61
Masteries Bug MrViskid by Thripid 1 56
[Store Bug] I have IP but it won't let me buy. hexclient by hexclient 0 45
Shyviana taking turret- Double gold reward Lunfardo by Lunfardo 0 63
Yorick E targeting after minion kill bug abchiptop by abchiptop 0 75
Bug with Zac and Blitzcrank (potentially). Backpaq by Backpaq 0 60
Demoted after winning a ranked game... llemes by llemes 0 80
Bug with Vi's "Q" ES Ryuichi by ES Ryuichi 0 68
Shyvana's Ult not doing what it says Thripid by Thripid 5 308
small zac passive bug. SUNFIRE kaos x Tempest by kaos x Tempest 0 102
After Game Troll? Corps1e by Corps1e 0 89
Alistar + flash bug JabbaTheHott by JabbaTheHott 0 58
Cannot get the 2nd Free Rune Page after brought the Rune page onm 29 Mar, 2013 xRockRockx by Y U Fail 3 186
Poppy ult DeizRouge by Frocket 1 66
Morg's Ultimate Fizzing Glenna Ainsworth by FitzChivalry 1 103
Assists not being granted on shielded targets DoctorAlanGrant by Jeremy66 1 101
@Riot summoner's profile problem Jeremy66 by Jeremy66 1 80
Promotion series glitch Timdoozy by Timdoozy 0 75
Elise Volatile Spiderling bug Cire Angel by Cire Angel 0 83
Every time the game ends Aria Sachou by Aria Sachou 0 65
[MInor] Thresh's E Rex Nemo by Rex Nemo 0 86
Cursor missing, unable to move map Brunwald by passives 2 112
[Critical] Zac's Elastic Slingshot Aiming to the opposite way of the cursor MaitreJoris by Auichinous 1 179
Unacceptable wait times due to your client kicking me from champ select. TheTrojan12 by TheTrojan12 0 85
promotion fail...?? VT Kitty by VT Kitty 0 65
unable to connect to the server. Slyphen by Slyphen 0 112
Cooldown Timer Glitch + Draven Axes guntrX by guntrX 0 75
Disappointing Winning streak extraginger by extraginger 2 81
Ranked Game - Series lost after losing and playing one game + lost 42 LP Tabee by Tabee 0 70
Team selection chat misses messages from before joining. Xpiffbane by Xpiffbane 0 92
Inside a wall LTnoodleburger by LTnoodleburger 0 62
AOE spells carashing game thebugsarebad by thebugsarebad 0 62
Firewall issues since last patch. Iridithe by Iridithe 0 103