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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 67) Dannamoth by FlippinninjaX187 665 Riot Post 195,640
[Dominion] [Minor] Minions get stuck in the jungle AileTheAlien by AileTheAlien 0 66
Found bug with Cait Yordle Trap Sarlim by Sarlim 0 84
request the ranked queue to be brought offline JAMEZ BL0NDE by JAMEZ BL0NDE 0 75
Common League Problems people have been Facing LeSexyBibleOwner by LeSexyBibleOwner 0 183
Riot Please. Fix these bugs asap B2STT by B2STT 0 54
I think the client isn't working... Karilis by Formatz 1 95
Ezreal Essence Flux Bug MEGAturtlechaser by RaptorRoy 1 88
Lissandra Passive + Run Animation Bugged CheapySheepy by Venus Aversa 2 152
Since New patch Thatsecret by Thatsecret 0 94
Zac Passive Teleport OP Nova Inferno by Nova Inferno 0 73
Keep getting dc'd from JAMEZ BL0NDE by Cm DestroyerV 1 236
When a team queues together Brian Z by Brian Z 0 58
[BUG] Pantheon's E can now crit CynicalGiant by MEOW FEAR ME 3 345
Common League Problems people have been Facing LeSexyBibleOwner by LeSexyBibleOwner 0 90
My client froze in champ select after disconnecting me from chat Dr Toenail by VagasaurusSex 2 223
In game crash Shavo667 by Shavo667 0 48
I keep getting a double window when i try to play league now   ( 1 2) drackonis731 by ilovetswift13 13 617
Shivana's Q Bug Jakedasnakeman by Vinta Calvert 2 75
demoted for inactivity in solo que?? StrmCkr by Heavic 1 100
Game Crash Lachd by Lachd 0 65
Lux binding stopped Vi ultimate SnowBlood by SnowBlood 0 98
1.9 PVP.Net issues and encounters Cciamlazy by Heimdalr 1 88
Since last patch, possibly one before mouse loses usb power inside game Gazow by OldBoyAory 1 119
sticky tiles NHK DrinkEasy by NHK DrinkEasy 0 86
Losing customers Reveri3 by Reveri3 0 55
Shaco q to e bug? Woahdudelol by Woahdudelol 0 83
Summoner ICON replaces Ahri ball (PIC) Kshatriya by P┼rabola 2 143
[BUG] Karthus;Defile; Aura's Visual displaced ShroomAnator by ShroomAnator 1 98
The Hunt is On Failing Huterwolf by Gnomeasauros 4 128
lee sin kill me in my trynd ult nuthusk by StrmCkr 3 242
Game client crashes before loading screen, and when pressing Reconnect Punjabi by Punjabi 0 110
bugsplat right about champion select into loading screen. Myst?c by Myst?c 1 69
Crashing fix after champion select Possible fix working for some. SyndacateSaint by Myst?c 1 125
3.9 Kayle E Bug Pyowin by Acorn Thief 2 95
Heimerdinger has bug :o Aminimal by Aminimal 0 80
Bug in ARAM? Morello Nerf Bat by Morello Nerf Bat 0 32
Lower FPS with patch? Dragon Striker9 by Dragon Striker9 0 64
Bug -Tiamat Hack Aubrey321 by Lord Gildarts 3 502
game is shut down right after one game KingJader by KingJader 0 61
Bloodthirster aFutureSelf by aFutureSelf 0 48
Getting jewed on ranked Lethargic Troll by Lethargic Troll 0 59
"League of Draven" passive not functioning correctly for Gladiator skin Zarbon by Zarbon 0 130
Nasus Bug Hephsatas by Hephsatas 0 55
Nidalee + Tear of the Goddess bug xLIPx BarretelBG by Pinker 10 2 139
Nasus bug Withdrew123 by Withdrew123 0 43
Lags and Crashes RawRimaMuFFin by RawRimaMuFFin 0 40
3.9 Bugs are really bad Riot :( Summoner Fang by Summoner Fang 0 90
Dual Monitor Problem Legendcc by llygoden 1 86
Client crashes and exits whenever I am about to enter champion select ╦V Umbreon by ╦V Umbreon 0 103
[Minor] Shyvana Dragonborn tooltip error. SoresuMakashi by SoresuMakashi 0 46