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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 222,731
Viktor laser bug Raldek by Raldek 0 69
Ahri's W Nephalos by Nephalos 0 71
Major bug causeing automatic dodge Insane Voice by FrostedKobold 3 257
Rengar's Q unusable tweeboy2 by tweeboy2 0 52
Howling Abyss Graphical Lag Xenîth by Xenîth 0 77
[MAJOR] Rammus Taunt and Lee Sin Eunson by Mailbro 1 109
Game crashing at loading screen when using Kha'Zix nostaljic by nostaljic 3 111
nami E on renekton Bobulon by Rezon 1 160
Blue rune in the Spellbook not working Saphia by Saphia 0 44
0 league points Yúbz by Yúbz 0 64
master yi passive doesnt work as intended Vince131 by John Pida 2 106
Ranked Champ Select Glitch PinoyPony by PinoyPony 0 63
Taric bot uses imbue (heal himself) while near an enemy turret, which is suicide twinparadox9 by twinparadox9 0 173
Volibear's Q Frozted Flakez by Frozted Flakez 0 61
Shift key causes game to crash at the end of the game. Starstorm by Starstorm 0 102
Seeing the Recall animation when people emerge from Fog of War Whispered Rage by RABIDWORM 2 90
Buggy screen is pretty trololol Zilfo by Zilfo 0 107
*Critical* Game crashes at loading screen. Hold Ma Beer by Hold Ma Beer 1 92
Bug - Alistar Heal Values xsandman32 by RottedApples 2 77
4 bans? Testman2012 by RottedApples 1 137
Warwick vs Yi bug Forchark by RottedApples 2 166
Client Crashes when Nautilus uses Dredge Line Acheron Regyri by Acheron Regyri 0 53
Elise repel bug Sokitzu by Sokitzu 0 67
Give me back my ip!!!!! Le Franz by Le Franz 2 162
Yi can still hit while blinded Feleas by XxMLG420NoScopeX 4 108
Hired Gun Graves Oddbrother by Aeson 2 246
Lol client stopped working bladezrr by bladezrr 0 50
Bug on Heimerdinger's Turrets Penguitsu by Mycompanions 1 68
Client delay. MiA Outlaw by MiA Outlaw 2 81
********urgent*******urgent sona bug********** JudasMonk by JudasMonk 0 94
Spectate Crashes client- Repeatable SneakyAzShiite by SneakyAzShiite 4 272
Ramus's Q is still active, when lulu cast polymorph on it N0rF by Cronovey 1 95
Key Bindings menu Bug, possibly only when input.ini is configured for left handed Testman2012 by Testman2012 1 279
Riot Server Choice? Bobb1118 by Eunson 1 87
I encountered a bot TsunBaka by Eunson 2 147
Going to lose a ranked game because client won't connect NoDragon by Cm DestroyerV 1 99
Old Bug Lavacreeper by Lavacreeper 0 55
Riot D/C for loss of lp in ranked... PyroGlacious by PyroGlacious 0 48
Alt+tab in loading screen Murgang by Lavacreeper 4 337
Forum Issue with Functionality: I'm not sure where to post this... Pwnker by Pwnker 1 54
Could Not Pick Champion During Ranked Solo Machete by Machete 0 61
Grammar Error In The Tribunal Carry Us Ezreal by Lavacreeper 2 74
Riven Bug Kobato Hasegawa by Kobato Hasegawa 0 65
Game crashes during loading screen Spell Clasher by nostaljic 1 155
ARAM Massive Lag Cnoized by Lavacreeper 5 6,283
League of Legends crash At end of every game IF: exKonvict by M4tuxnug 1 242
LP covered by bad UI bug after ranked game Darklightning by mau5monkey 1 58
Forums Feedbacks Ragehelm by Ragehelm 1 52
Unable to talk in the champion selection lobby in a timely maner Strykedead by Strykedead 0 57
Unexpected Platform Error bigolfish by bigolfish 0 256