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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 48) Dannamoth by DYount 474 Riot Post 137,371
League promotion issue Arcituno by Arcituno 0 182
Not Sure if bug or Easter Egg milkman2040 by milkman2040 0 177
Jayce Bloodthirster Lifesteal Tooltip Bug PinkPwnageFrenzy by PinkPwnageFrenzy 0 198
Client crash after games Jucking Fayce by Jucking Fayce 0 186
Katarina Ulty Bug B˘˘sch by Ryze to Power 1 101
Why am i suspended PolarWizard by Ryze to Power 2 62
Warwick ulty bug tomomalley97 by Chronic69 3 87
Random closing and cannot Reconnect ViolentStorm98 by Eliasin 2 342
Game crashes when tabbed Kowabunga86 by Kowabunga86 1 146
Katarina is freezing my laptop... Brennivin by Brennivin 3 162
Messed up champion select Warbalin by Warbalin 0 185
Vi and Olaf (not sure if minior or not) Powerofmagnetism by Powerofmagnetism 0 176
shopp halpp?? plz sytheik by sytheik 0 143
reconnect error. Gorgannan by Gorgannan 0 158
Error Selecting Champion Not able to Close BUG Capwncrunch by Navex575 4 390
Doesn't load into game Hughrishato by Hughrishato 0 65
Bug found with Zac while using his Slingshot Ability on TT (3v3)***!!! lolkittinz by lolkittinz 2 80
LULU cannot self self cast ult Siecje by Siecje 0 68
Client Crashed and cant Reconnect LiquideBlade by LiquideBlade 1 47
Lissandra bugs (PBE) Pslcloy by Pslcloy 0 70
Vi's vault breaker (Q) 213yum by Pibbish 2 126
Client Crash Sweetlicious by Sweetlicious 2 52
League of Legends All-Stars Vote is Glitch Lord eXecutor by Lord eXecutor 0 72
Soraka/Jarvan bug on Live Cthulhu Girl by Eunson 4 Riot Post 487
During Champ Select, "Large number of messages, we recommend you restart your client" Dumyr by Dumyr 0 105
Client Bugs (Riot Please Look) KozLegiT by KozLegiT 2 Riot Post 264
pulsefire skin bug Valckyrion by Valckyrion 2 114
Active game not found?!?! xEvolx by xEvolx 0 46
i dc and went back there was never a game dark schala by dark schala 0 42
D/c'ed and it thought i left Alkein by Alkein 0 56
Master yi ultimate bug GreyDalcenti by GreyDalcenti 0 80
Complete and total crash Saboface by Saboface 0 105
Bug - client crashes Adobe Flash Player plug-in in a browser UnveN by Kri 5 1,025
Volibear issues? Strael by Strael 0 56
League crashes at the end of every game Ragnar42 by Ragnar42 0 90
Game loads with top left corner in middle of screen Movian by Movian 0 119
Game Client crashes after Champ Select HepatitisQ by HepatitisQ 0 79
A small list of Sivir bugs Angst by Angst 0 87
Spirit of ancient golem Kladiator by Brahmsk 1 89
Riot does it again !!! Nerfs the champ but doesn't bother to fix the bugs !!!! XAlFias by miyako199 4 250
Champion Trading T ee J ayy by T ee J ayy 0 65
Brand Ultimate Bug Flashh Back by RangerWall 1 151
Jungle creeps attack wards TempestL by TempestL 0 109
Morgana Ult Not finishing with the stun or damage. partyshark by partyshark 0 71
Loading screen crash Ratumaibas by Ratumaibas 1 114
Leage Crashe's after alot of games Rakiavik by Rakiavik 3 101
Non Existant Volatile Spiderling PrimeEvil Cheney by PrimeEvil Cheney 0 60
[Minor] Post game stat screen bug PoorLepRecon by PoorLepRecon 0 81
bug Nidalee XD by Nidalee XD 0 58
Sion? Bug ticklishmusic by ticklishmusic 0 56