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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Patch 3.10 Lag and high ping Iceyknlght Iceyknlght 0 84
Heimerdinger Cooldown Bug KarmicKitten KarmicKitten 0 42
Game Breaking Visual Glitches/Flickering Black Screen Aubrea Aubrea 1 231
Can't Log Into The Client The Darkest Evil The Darkest Evil 0 37
Lissandra mystery death gnfnrf Xyltin 3 146
Runic Shield Stacking AlexXeno Yuish 2 549
Can't Log In/ Unknown Error/ Slow Loadings Asul KansasCity Brett 1 146
Riot points... Brian Z Brian Z 0 33
Ranked games dropped? SuicideHero SuicideHero 0 42
Cannot Connect to a ranked Game Client crashes Carry Us Nami Carry Us Nami 0 52
Heimerdinger Turret CD bug PerpetualHero FrankyDee 1 71
Missing Ribbons Lazypeon100 Lazypeon100 0 56
Not able to purchase any skins? gnarlybeard gnarlybeard 0 50
Screen blocked when someone leaves during select Smokapotumus Smokapotumus 0 47
@Dannamoth: Strange Login Stipulation kT Rayne kT Rayne 4
Riot Post
Kats E supa03 supa03 0 54
Rammus animations not working Bugshu Despiration 4 92
Friends list disappearing EraserxRain EraserxRain 0 56
Morde Ghost Item effect rastarogue rastarogue 0 67
judgment kayle skin not working CPDoctrine CPDoctrine 0 53
Incorrect icon/very high ram usage loverturtle loverturtle 0 132
ghost game A2hri3l A2hri3l 0 58
Homegaurd HALT! ChristopherLaCau RottedApples 2 65
Black screen of nothing? Rwethereyet Rwethereyet 0 87
Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Jayce GamingZealot GamingZealot 0 179
Please help, account's are frozen or glitched Play Today Play Today 0 74
Quinn bug Ascena Ascena 4 156
Fiora bug; hit/killed out of ult (not ignite or drain) Multi Ryuujinmaru 2 141
Trades not working KablamoBoom Ryuujinmaru 3
Riot Post
Rune Combiner Sarmondia Sarmondia 0 91
Client Crash everytime I reconnect. SkyReap Cm DestroyerV 3 102
Stay Tuned for Forecast Janna AgressiveMofo CSDragon 1 109
client crashing mid game joshpride36 joshpride36 4
Riot Post
Zac ult not granting tenacity w/ Lux snare greenblobsofgoo greenblobsofgoo 0 100
Queue Gong Missing Every Other Queue PoP Orbital Nuke Orbital Nuke 0 60
League points bug Bluedozer Bluedozer 0 58
Leblanc bug with the dmg at turrets PoXX2 XxMLG420NoScopeX 6 114
[Live] Blue buff ring not showing up Anymeese Anymeese 0 64
Caitlyn Trap debuff give vision of wards Glithen Glithen 6 197
Loading Screen Disconnect, then Reconnect, and Invisible Enemy Champions Only Twitch Only Twitch 0 179
Some bugs that have been around for over a year Anymeese Anymeese 0 80
New champs Rotation 507Zonian 507Zonian 0 62
Swapping Champions iKenny v1 Ryuujinmaru 1 60
Poppy ulting shaco clone KSG Goldberg Ryuujinmaru 5 323
Thresh's Q not throwing eziodestroyer eziodestroyer 0 55
Magic Penetration not adding up to the expected point. ch00chootrain ch00chootrain 2 82
Twitch's passive circumvents galio's shield Koechophe Ryuujinmaru 1 127
Tiny Homeguard Bug Turtlearrow Izanyx 1 95
The Hunt is On! Bug XLinarishX XLinarishX 0 55
Alaclarity bonus not stacking with movespeed bonus delivererofdeath Ryuujinmaru 1 103