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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 58) Dannamoth by monopopo2761 572 Riot Post 164,142
@riot Rengar bug Galdoblame by Galdoblame 2 149
Heimerdinger number of turret is bugged Kelhan by A Huge Feeder 3 172
Thresh's Instant death from Jax glitch Moses by Moses 0 282
Champions tab is broken... soughtarbiter by soughtarbiter 0 83
2 glitches with ranked que Z3R013 by Z3R013 0 119
champions and skins disappear CN Zim by CN Zim 0 239
Old bugs still not fixed. TrinnityButtery by TrinnityButtery 0 101
Teemo Bug? mikeszhang1 by Khalahn 1 179
Lost ip after accepting gift. The Fat Walrus by Chaudes 2 249
Quinn Broken? 3CPO by 3CPO 2 160
Pantheon's Auto attacks stack tear of the Goddess HollowedKnight by HollowedKnight 0 290
Everyone in my team DC in ranked and lost because of that LeoHark by Yeaaah Buddy 7 269
Malphite Ult Bugged MSF72 by MSF72 1 118
wu kong bug superfly373 by superfly373 3 127
Wins award 0 LP. Prongz by Prongz 0 61
Yorik Ghouls harder to target than necessary xCnR3dX by xCnR3dX 0 62
I can't play normal games.. Coldlucidity by Coldlucidity 0 64
Website errors MadSheepDisease by MadSheepDisease 1 92
Ranked 0 lp gain Antioch by Antioch 0 107
Custom sets still active AdderTude by AdderTude 0 50
SoTD active ending sooner than it should GodTierJungler by GodTierJungler 8 297
Character Select Bug The Ender by The Ender 1 151
Mini-Map Issue Guyning9 by Guyning9 6 269
Summoner spell appearing IN GAME Nuclear Dragon by Nuclear Dragon 0 64
Ahri's E resets jungle monsters, doesn't let enemies walk towards you. HooolyCrab by Arcticfury 7 372
Influence Point Counter Bug (shows RP value) Dravendless by Dravendless 0 113
Malphite Bug MSF72 by MSF72 0 74
Riven Bug jeffadkins51 by jeffadkins51 0 112
Attempting to reconnect ol Sleepy lo by kevin88761 2 145
Can't connect to chat Enbolition by Yeaaah Buddy 6 1,025
Logging onto Chat Service blackplaguezps by Yeaaah Buddy 1 172 Patcher Kernel silverwolfe24 by Yeaaah Buddy 1 131
Can't Login Odyszeus by Yeaaah Buddy 1 126
my team d/c the enemies didn't Sumatchi by Yeaaah Buddy 1 103
DC's, DC's everywhere DBZ Raiden by Yeaaah Buddy 1 152
Everyone in our game got kicked out Aphazori by Yeaaah Buddy 2 168
Cannot relog ncrwhale by Yeaaah Buddy 1 78
Won't let me relog! Big Black Cow by Yeaaah Buddy 2 248
Whole team got disconnected, but the opposing team did not LetsThrust by Yeaaah Buddy 1 146
HUGE BUG OF DC, FORCED 1v1 Hagitabi by Yeaaah Buddy 3 180
Unable to Login BubbaFett by Yeaaah Buddy 3 172
unable to reconnect LE3T by Yeaaah Buddy 1 84
Ranked Loss due to my team DC'ing ZeeRanger by Yeaaah Buddy 1 118
So I was on my qualifer match for silver and no one on either team connected but me Jirro by Yeaaah Buddy 1 209
possible server related bugs. Corict Archkaru by Yeaaah Buddy 1 114
loading into game herewithkiki by Yeaaah Buddy 1 89
Because I just love spending my only day off constantly in queue... PathfinderTare by Yeaaah Buddy 1 103
Ok, so can someone please explain this to me? spriggster by Yeaaah Buddy 1 103
omg league shut down again ownagez552 by Yeaaah Buddy 1 143
game constantly crashing and not being able to reconnect.... AuV2 Gozzy by Yeaaah Buddy 2 166