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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Robick 691 Riot Post 211,772
New champs Rotation 507Zonian by 507Zonian 0 48
Swapping Champions iKenny v1 by Ryuujinmaru 1 44
Poppy ulting shaco clone KSG Goldberg by Ryuujinmaru 5 255
Thresh's Q not throwing eziodestroyer by eziodestroyer 0 40
Magic Penetration not adding up to the expected point. ch00chootrain by ch00chootrain 2 61
Twitch's passive circumvents galio's shield Koechophe by Ryuujinmaru 1 101
Tiny Homeguard Bug Turtlearrow by Izanyx 1 76
The Hunt is On! Bug XLinarishX by XLinarishX 0 43
Alaclarity bonus not stacking with movespeed bonus delivererofdeath by Ryuujinmaru 1 78
Refer a friend bug Aznbubble26 by Aznbubble26 0 43
anivia wall bug with varus ult iangunn by iangunn 0 45
Windows Error Message Locked Me Out Of Game themaddscientist by themaddscientist 0 58
I was just forced to leave during a ranked champion select Quincy Uryuu by Quincy Uryuu 0 56
Ezreal lost his animations :/ tinyxjr by tinyxjr 0 38
Hiemerdinger broken q DeNigNig by Reklaw Vek 2 87
Failing to Select a Champion. ILTxK DON MODE by ILTxK DON MODE 0 39
Rengar's Q Ghoststorm2013 by Sushiguy83 1 57
Vladimir bug Pssword by Pssword 3 109
master yi's new meditate not healing for correct amount VICKLIUS by XxMLG420NoScopeX 1 76
Arcade Sona Spazzing out Jagador by Devindor 4 231
Error when joining Match Making. iBuster by iBuster 0 39
RP Bug Brian Z by Brian Z 0 38
Bug in accepting games. brumdogs by brumdogs 0 48
Profile Ranked Overview Page Doesn't Show Highest Ranking Out Of All Teams II3eas7 by II3eas7 0 98
Flash icon under units with blue buff A Rescue Penguin by A Rescue Penguin 0 55
Hiemrdinger broken q DeNigNig by DeNigNig 0 67
"LolClient.exe has stopped working" Delsan by Delsan 0 69
Twitch cant do damage to inhibs with his R dingbat711 by Dom too OP 3 86
Heimer is broken in ARAM Q CD insane! SirGed by SirGed 0 66
Heimer rocket ingoring Sivir spell shield Dom too OP by Dom too OP 0 71
Master Yi remaining in stealth after Q has ended for a short duration BUG vCloudXI by vCloudXI 0 41
tab crash bug hyprformnce by hyprformnce 0 62
Client alt tab bug StaIks by Ryuujinmaru 1 106
Wukong Ultimate glitch FusionTrickz by Ryuujinmaru 3 77
tryndamere killed at ult activation TDeckaa90FTW by Ryuujinmaru 1 65
Nasus passive lifesteal not showing on after-game stats The Magic Stick by Ryuujinmaru 1 49
GG LoL Client Whats My Ult by Whats My Ult 0 38
Volibear throwing despite inhibitory effects HeavenBot by HeavenBot 0 59
Heimerdinger ARAM bug Hammerfist117 by tN King 2 168
Kayle + Runaan's Hurricane = intended on hit? Praeluceo by RottedApples 3 179
Cannot spectate on Mac client First Eradicator by VelvetDreams 3 395
Champion changed after lock in. StevenpK by StevenpK 0 45
Kog'maw passive BUG TheFanged by TheFanged 0 52
LoLReplay Bug Splat ShadePopping by ShadePopping 1 285
Riot... pulsefire ezreal auto attack bug Xilky by Xilky 0 120
Ranked Bug? FrootBlaster by ShadePopping 8 97
Heimerdinger CD Bugs piepiepiepiepi47 by Nnnjpak6 1 66
Minor Quinn Joke Bug DarkSniper by DarkSniper 0 43
Irelia tooltip Hashtag Golfclap by Hashtag Golfclap 0 31
Lissandra's Bugged E SlapHappySpatula by AirplaneCrash 3 70