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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 62) Dannamoth by SpiritofDemacia 616 Riot Post 172,165
Not showing my gold ranking Serioushead by Serioushead 2 159
Crescendo hitbox borked?. EFG by EFG 0 92
Lux snare not working on stunned champion? Jsnhlbr5 by Jsnhlbr5 0 79
Cho'Gath's ult goes on cooldown when losing vision of target sincitatus by sincitatus 0 88
Item sets do not carry over from PC to PC stryker123abc by xRedChaos 1 148
Blitzcrank's Ulti Isn't working Žaradųx by Žaradųx 2 169
No champion icons in game client Happy Killmor by Happy Killmor 0 112
Spectator Champ Info Bug xRedChaos by xRedChaos 0 69
Custom Item Set Drop Down Menu AdvancedNewb by Nate23k 9 1,252
LolClient.exe - Application Eror pop-up BlackFlame321 by BlackFlame321 0 97
Lingering Artifacts Chief of Sinners by Chief of Sinners 0 104
Howling Abyss: Champion trade not resetting after randomizing. stochastic42 by stochastic42 0 76
Surrendering after destroying opposing nexus results in loss. PimpMayor by Red Hypernova 3 227
Item sets Ashidesu by Ashidesu 4 88
Mordekaiser can't Q when he is silenced? Lifehunt by Lifehunt 1 153
Prepaid card bug!! Muskee by Electrodezx 3 108
Madreds gloves maim not working on minions Nyanphy by Silatuyok 1 168
banned for alt f4ing 2 seconds before a match is about to end ZERGSKIN by ZERGSKIN 0 82
Can we fix the trade button not working glitch? SoullessInferno by Silatuyok 5 289
Starting gold is more than intended. Best Varus China by AntiDarkness 4 384
Udyr's 'Bear Stance' Auto-attack Bug Udyr2367 by Udyr2367 3 154
Thresh's E LionheartQ by LionheartQ 0 52
Unable to see some spell effects. Jinsoren by Jinsoren 0 66
Launcher not working for me SnakeDoctor47 by SnakeDoctor47 0 44
BUG or not Arkantak by Arkantak 0 46
First Blood bonus reward bug with shen(possibly other champions as well) Shalashaska420 by Shalashaska420 0 94
Character display issue pureMJ by pureMJ 0 46
Log submit button missing pureMJ by pureMJ 0 138
PD not ignoring unit collision Faptain Teemo by Faptain Teemo 0 46
Aatrox passive did not activate Love Insanity by Taste My Spear 1 170
Fiddles Drain/Vlad Sanguine Pool Araneam by Pinker 10 2 84
After buying Rp it dosent show up till relog. StompingOrphans by StompingOrphans 0 48
Purchasing RP then buying champion bug. Caliburn by Caliburn 0 98
Maestro Failed during Series iScet by VenxWolf 1 90
Syndra W bug Threpe by Sonnington 1 60
Spellshield Bug Lucky Curse by Lucky Curse 0 39 kernal bug Razer shock by YuNgBuCkZ 2 112
Crash to Desktop After Clicking Continue anothercloudysky by JimDaAsian 7 629
Is this my Game(client?) Lotherain by Lotherain 0 95
give me back points! ~ FK YOU ~ some ome afk make me lose WTF? VanhellsingGabri by VanhellsingGabri 0 118
Repairing installation deleted all my saved item sets Jabbernaut by Khalahn 3 315
Has anyone been having their ultimate as Shen being canceled for no reason? FA Aokiji by FA Aokiji 0 73
LoL Client Crash TheAugmentRevolt by TheAugmentRevolt 0 71
Vi Bug; couldnt ult Binxy Prime by Binxy Prime 0 64
Problems Dragging My Items Around XxbnmbmnbgxX by XxbnmbmnbgxX 0 70
Karma's Q: Actual projectile width much smaller than shown by the indicator NAForumSmurf by NAForumSmurf 6 184
there's a glitch with garen's q and zonyas ryhorn12321 by ryhorn12321 0 93
Missing Champion Epotech by Epotech 0 51
Alistar bug UnorthodoxTact1x by Paqi 2 147
6/21/13 Massive in game lag   ( 1 2) SpetznazNinja by aBadCerberus 10 364