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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 60) Dannamoth by Manthatlikeslego 596 Riot Post 169,534
This is so annoying... LadyJoker SxAxW by LyonV 5 106
Heimerdinger bug Solid Reptile by Clompers 1 75
Volibear's Rolling Thunder doesn't work when Ahri charms Ershie by Ershie 0 85
Jayce shock blast guesswhonotme by guesswhonotme 0 54
Runtime Error Crashing SCBX by Kapzilla 1 329
Jayce lagg Punjabiknight by lordlucifer3 1 165
Conflicting data barf values, atrociously positioned hitboxes, packets,and messy code Surrender at 2Ø by Surrender at 2Ø 0 57
After champ select Valrico by Valrico 1 68
Game Still In Progress, Reconnect (match had already ended) Dessim8 by Dessim8 0 70
Siphon Strike Bug windwaker1067 by windwaker1067 0 56
Trade button in champ select Final Hours by Final Hours 0 53
Leaverbuster system glitch XxXyolomasterXxX by XxXyolomasterXxX 1 70
Rune combiner gave me a 4th GP10 quint Basnap by Alex Rotondo 2 261
Losing MMR like no other.. GJansen by GJansen 0 65
Trundles Pillar Of Ice   ( 1 2) PloTheGreat by GreenWhale 10 280
LoLclient.exe has stopped working TheOnlyGBeast by TheOnlyGBeast 0 88
Rengar is unable to win the hunt Xyulf by xtm the boss 1 120
LolClient.exe has stopped working during load screen NotDellinger by CobraKaun 2 551
Poppy charge bug Pöppy by Pöppy 0 74
Heimerdinger's "Q" Aelghar by Aelghar 0 126
Looking at other players profiles shows my stats instead of theirs.   ( 1 2) Dysekeru by GaMeRs09 10 Riot Post 667
[3.9] Possible Disconnect/Client Crash Fix (Cox Internet) Screaming Deer by Screaming Deer 0 378
What fixed my connection problems. Nitori Kawashiro by Nitori Kawashiro 0 70
Mac Client Crash 7/13 PusherBot by PusherBot 1 101
Akali bug since the start of S3 Gennousuke by Gennousuke 0 50
Trundle's Pillar Of Ice PloTheGreat by Snapsauce 1 205
[Patch 3.9] Wards disappearing Febronium by Febronium 0 104
Fizz E Bug stuns him and does not damage. TSM RainbowDash by TSM RainbowDash 0 82
Didnt get a win Suiwinz by Suiwinz 2 63
Sejuani ulted by Yorick. W still active. MetalMichael by MetalMichael 0 62
removed for not picking champ after I picked one. steve bad by steve bad 0 56
In my series, but not in my series maaier by xXPwnageXx12 1 56
Ranked Treeline Bug PocketSpice by xXPwnageXx12 1 71
FPS lag on abilities ONLY ironshell1 by ironshell1 0 91
Lack of map info on ZyniX69 by ZyniX69 0 58
Deceptive Ping, Lag and FPS drops c0rnwallace by c0rnwallace 0 127
Client crashing, Disconnects, and not allowing me to pick. Cerdor by Reverend Zeratul 1 114
[Minor] Tear of the Goddess no longer showing cd Arc Kalocal by Arc Kalocal 0 53
Fix: Bug Splat Going Into Loading Screen Catastrofy by Khalahn 1 426
Bug splat every time I try to start a match 2nddimension by Zarthar 2 137
Viktor With Siphoning Strike kim jong veigar by kim jong veigar 0 97
Bug - Teemo and Vilemaw on Twisted Treeline Learn to Feed ME by Learn to Feed ME 2 162
cannection erro GrayDeath242 by GrayDeath242 0 49
Udyr acquiring Soul Siphon stacks? McGravy by Photeus 4 160
Teemo bug. Needs a fix ASAP! Ashes Boobs by Ashes Boobs 0 71
Graphical Glitches EnkerZan by EnkerZan 0 58
Patch ruined my League Fieldo by 2nddimension 1 133
Poppy Dash Bug EnkerZan by EnkerZan 0 90
welp here I sit with a dodge penalty Bhauk by ibuPR0fen 2 77
Series game 1 loss because of game crash Wax Off by Wax Off 0 73