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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Invisible bushes in ARAM? BMX BMX 0 132
Aatrox Passive interaction with Spirit Visage Rasmenar Raisu 4 1649
Fizz's Q currently DOES NOT apply sheen or lichbane. Master of Fruit Raisu 2 334
First Win of the Day Bonus Available Saintshing Saintshing 0 132
lock in button greyed out? Myt3m0w53 Myt3m0w53 0 231
2560x1440 Launcher issues imaxyohax imaxyohax 1 596
You Shouldn't take LP points off for this DereKoKo jester82 2 165
Champion Switch Bug LeOKiN VII jester82 1 126
Major Client Bug Verinitas jester82 3 152
Heimer Turret Bug LostSwordsman RixuS 4 183
vision granting abilities bug NavyDragons NavyDragons 0 105
Promotion Bug Uluoth Ardziv 2 165
Game wont load and stuck at cetain percentage Silent Fury 1337Rooster 1 404
Guardian Angel not proccing Xestone Xestone 0 155
Rune Combiner Glitched MasterfulRangroo willuwontu 7 1499
The Game has Crashed FallenbladeX FallenbladeX 0 177
Shrooms coming up invisible to oracles GothicPrinceX GothicPrinceX 2 167
Ranked Status bug on friends list Pugwest Pugwest 0 167
Heimerdinger Q bug RixuS RixuS 0 126
Resistance Caitlyn splash different in game AKS Kyun AKS Kyun 0 169
Sightstone unusable if undo'ed from Ruby Sighstone Bob D Tigr Bob D Tigr 0 214
Not Gaining IP after game. iZeromus iZeromus 0 158
Blue Golem Death Left Untargetable Dummy Clone My Fancy Pants My Fancy Pants 0 190
Won a ranked game but I got a bug splat at end and counts as leave Nanzer NatePie 1 180
Gleavious Wound Bug VanishLizboy VanishLizboy 0 158
Crashing after Champion Select Ganked By Appa Obliterated 1 176
Warring Kingdom Jarvan Knock Up Bugged LostMyWings LostMyWings 0 221
In-Game Stats Gone Sholtzy Sholtzy 0 199
Delay in game Toby n Tyler Toby n Tyler 0 222
Syndra crashes shockingcat shockingcat 1 209
Buggy champion select screen TheXapos TheXapos 0 171
Heimer on ARAM The Öutcast Pebkio 3 352
Client crashing when I try to go in game TheOnlyGBeast TheOnlyGBeast 0 210
Dominion minon graphical bug Gailie Gailie 0 170
Certain champions don't appear in ranked ban list Solomonarius Zim95 2 380
Well 2 things happened in Champion Select UnHappyDED UnHappyDED 0 204
Heimerdinger Inifite CD Wonghis Wonghis 0 235
[Client][Minor]Death Recap doesn't show Teemo's E tooltip IS1330ca164c1e976181edd IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 0 228
[Launcher][Minor]Masteries not saving in CS until you close masteries or click OK IS1330ca164c1e976181edd IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 0 241
Displaying wrong info for ranked team NoizyTribe NoizyTribe 0 208
Heimerdinger turrets stopped shooting Ichiofmany Ichiofmany 0 244
Disconnected But Not Really? Aisabel Aisabel 0 242
Fiora Bug: On Hit & Reposte Empyrius TDD Dissinger 1 269
[Minor] Ranked Draft Pick Grabnardaczar Grabnardaczar 0 262
Pantheon/Frenzy Bug Supalupa Supalupa 0 312
Music and LoL don't mix well Sock Puppet Dinosaur Rock Candy 6 1387
Nocturne ult bug Hematodipsia Hematodipsia 0 265
Rune page accepts runes on locked rune slots StrawberryTings StrawberryTings 0 252
Game disappeared? The Gee The Gee 0 264
Delayed pentakill dinopwn dinopwn 0 360