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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Broken Turret OrangeNation OrangeNation 0 120
Kayle still ulting through Warwick ult Polio Swag Polio Swag 0 157
Rune Page Will Not Appear When Editing Runes Beedle the Bard Beedle the Bard 0 127
Akali's shroud and Graves smoke Bondye Bondye 0 142
Unable to Unlock Screen While Clicking on Minimap TheFlyingOrc TheFlyingOrc 0 139
Programming Error in Names TheSupernovaes TheSupernovaes 0 105
Yasuo cannot execute with Relic Shield on Twisted Treeline Lordnewb Lordnewb 0 125
Lulu Warwick Baron Bug Fundip Fundip 0 123
Oktoberfest Gragas Recall Animation very bugged... PoDragonSlayer RiotNurseFlan 3
Riot Post
Reworked Rengar, Savagery (Q) not applying. Panda4Heart Panda4Heart 0 91
Game crashed at loading but then I queue for another game right after. vincenz0 vincenz0 0 70
Team Builder allowing more than 5 people in chat simultaneously Quagsires Quagsires 0 96
Tryndamere Ultimate Bug CatastrophicRose StealWolverine 1 128
Janna ult stopped working after ulting Galio thelonius munk thelonius munk 0 98
Crash on loading screen unexplained kenki13 kenki13 0 98
Game lost ?!? BigColonel Beedz BigColonel Beedz 0 81
High Noon Yasuo Animation Bug odellus Riot Galetta 1
Riot Post
Win Counted As A Loss? JoeyAye JoeyAye 1 139
No Client Sound Effects Deity Slayer Deity Slayer 2 268
feral flare bug with stacks MarkedPariah RyotToasterfree 1 206
Combining runes can break game client Xer0 0ne Xer0 0ne 0 95
Spellthiefs edge & shacos boxes Xuanxue NA Xuanxue NA 2 179
Unable to use Syndra's skin BeatByte BeatByte 0 97
Irelia Bug Newmannium Newmannium 0 77
Client crashes on Mac Beta Aydon519 Aydon519 0 84
Vi Q stops working Xaches AsdfBrandon123 2 285
Team Builder Ignite Bug Nekosaur Nekosaur 0 62
Maim on Mandred's and Wriggle's Lantern Kei143 Kei143 0 117
Getting kicked for "not selecting champion" before banning phase is over hakluzak IamSelendis 1 157
Ryze Pirate skin unusable Outrageous Annie Outrageous Annie 1 195
Kassadin in URF? TeachezofPeachez PlushBores 1 149
Rank server dcs Racecrown Jester of Quebec 4 197
Everyone Disconnecting Ruble46 Best Robby NA 4 189
NA Server went down mid game Best Robby NA Doki Maikaru 1 161
Everyone DC in ranked, we were winning, counts as loss and I am demoted Wolfsong Troll HD 1 171
Everyone Disconnected in Ranked game- Enemy reconnected and single handedly won game Shakazalabas Wolfsong 1 163
Disabled Chamions in URF Eruden Azuera 2 267
I cant leave the lobby Sent By Death MyAccountYouGuys 2 149
U.R.F bug lilwalt1990 lilwalt1990 0 134
Unseen ping spikes? Trey Faux Trey Faux 1 255
Flash Killed Me Mazgruka BlazingDAwn 1 413
RANKED BUG:Invisible players, no gold upon entering game--leads to 4 level difference Zeoderos Zeoderos 1 133
No 80% Cooldown on Yasuo Q in URF SpritzT Dolphinattack 2 418
League chatrooms aren't working? Gumiho Gumiho 0 154
Key Bindings unresponsive Nikfighter Nikfighter 0 121
@Riot the Q bug NEEDS to be fixed, stop ignore it. Zombongo JaydeWynn 1 161
URF Ban Selection Bugged Chaoswizkid bsf 8 1817
Incorrect Names / Text DarkTakua DarkTakua 0 117
Zhonya's w/ Heimerdinger unknownTM unknownTM 0 148
Garen e and recall bug j12lin j12lin 1 111