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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 62) Dannamoth by SpiritofDemacia 616 Riot Post 172,210
lagged out then game broke randompanda1248 by randompanda1248 0 42
No Loss Prevented, Client Crashing APD for Life by APD for Life 0 47
sudden lag just ruined the game Ranged Shott by Ranged Shott 0 38
Crashed going into game, forced to repatch EtNocturn by VHS Malted Milk 8 392
Lost Prevented Please Aethielle by Aethielle 0 30
Ranked queue? Mezan by Jarakade 5 73
Riven Passive Not Stacking Higher Than 3 N Best Riven A by N Best Riven A 0 53
Loss forgiven request. Vi0ar by Fiery Grave 2 64
@RIOT I found a bug NoDoubleRainbowS by Chief Willis 3 88
Zac e not always launching him Fiery Grave by Fiery Grave 0 34
Garen Passive disabled by frozen heart aura stokastic by DrakeDeath0 1 220
Guardian angel bug lukemyfather by Istaynoob 1 47
No Loss Prevented for my last game. RagingAsthma by RagingAsthma 0 79
Ping + Tracert Rxpk by Istaynoob 1 73
ARAM Awkward Load Jaghatai by Jaghatai 0 25
account suspended because of lag 0Barack Obama0 by anothercloudysky 1 66
League of legends gone rainbow blues87 by blues87 0 40
Huge FPS drop since 4.2 anothercloudysky by anothercloudysky 0 167
Xerath Q no AA UltraXD by TheBeardedFool 1 129
Xerath bug? See through FOG lukemyfather by lukemyfather 0 56
New renekton skin sound bug ALLHAILMEGATRON by ALLHAILMEGATRON 0 36
No Champions Show To Select During Pre-Game kmcg3413 by kmcg3413 0 35
Yasou wind wall blocks Hecarim's ultimate Ryzol Ryzo Ryz R by Ryzol Ryzo Ryz R 0 83
Promo twice in a row? Skit Saviour by Skit Saviour 0 50
Improper ARAM lobby cancellation message Nine Ravens by Nine Ravens 0 61
Riot fix fizz i swear i'm so mad right now!!! Frudu Teebaggins by adam maarij 3 115
Summoner Spells Not Working After DC AngelFox37 by Son3of3Poseidon 1 52
Wards not granting vision xHellbound by Sharodan 1 74
Homeguard and Loading Bug Son3of3Poseidon by Son3of3Poseidon 0 66
Free Champions not changing Garinil by The Frog Specter 4 1,273
Can't Log In/Can't Connect to Game? Celebrian by Celebrian 0 75
Relic shield does not execute at non-Rift maps Rewenger by fatherdarius 1 238
Friends List: In Queue? Orleos by Orleos 0 54
Yasuo windwall bug. Theib by Theib 0 108
Client Crashes - If you own a logitech product, here's your fix. Zagdul by ideal lemon 7 8,246
Nocturne Passive Icon Bug Yazkin by Yazkin 0 74
Duo Q still not randomizing ftwr by Lightwhistle 3 136
No Chance to Report After Net DC CalmBreeze by CalmBreeze 0 65
Riot Girl Tristana code not working AceOfSpades0514 by AceOfSpades0514 0 320
Xerath new rework ult Lord of the nyte by Lord of the nyte 0 89
Xerath spells going through Yasuo's Windwall Racyn by Racyn 0 104
xerath ult visual bug Beastmodeterror by Beastmodeterror 0 81
Wow , unreal. King Sony by King Sony 3 220
Fizz E not dodging Anivia E Shuttr by Shuttr 0 84
Varus Guardian Angel Glitch Best Riven NJ NA by Best Riven NJ NA 0 135
[FIX] Update Failed: Unspecified Error Occured p90spanker by Remmahknik 3 2,867
Invisible Lobby Member ? MadaBucka1 by MadaBucka1 0 94
Xerath Green Dot Ult Bug TheBeardedFool by Nostalgia Nuts 1 189
Newish WOTA not giving full cool down reduction 459827 by StRyKeR17 1 142
A Possible Bug On Vlad. DarkAtone by StRyKeR17 1 191