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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 58) Dannamoth by monopopo2761 572 Riot Post 164,188
Brand Ult bug ballcancer by ballcancer 0 1,058
Can't seem to move while shopping through the queue Black Sheep by Black Sheep 0 1,050 website missing top bar Majirayan by Majirayan 0 1,065
Garen's Ult Hyudoga by Hyudoga 0 1,142
spell vamp item bug revoler and the spell book and the gun Czechmate23 by Czechmate23 0 1,083
banned lv number 1 why i been good FrydayThe13 by FrydayThe13 0 1,067
Kog still broken. lolTimmy by Elkatwa 1 1,079
Will Of The Ancients Bugged ThetaSigma by ThetaSigma 0 1,069
Login problems with ranked match equation by equation 0 1,087
Spellvamp wasn't changed with patch Dark Uzumaki by theDanny 1 1,069
Lee Sins Q and W nathanielx by nathanielx 0 1,038
Mordekaiser hp bug. Cyrath by Cyrath 0 1,101
With recent patch, mana pots are targetable..? Teldin by Teldin 0 1,080
Bots in custom 3v3 mechakucha by TheReaperCrius 8 Riot Post 1,876
Slide Show Typo Grizzlybeararmy by Grizzlybeararmy 1 1,102
Nunu's Bloodboil Can Be Heard Over Fog of War SoBeNirvana by Sk8ers 1 1,125
Missing money from bank, No RP Adempt by Adempt 0 1,090
Nocturne Ult getting Free Kills LordBane999 by LordBane999 4 1,735
shaco clone bug still broken! HyperShatter by HyperShatter 0 1,057
Brand's passive and Rylai's SRuff by AntiTcb 4 1,619
Time MAchine Zilean [sic] Prophet of Regrets by Prophet of Regrets 0 1,531
None of the spellvamps were updated. ZephyrusAurai by ZephyrusAurai 0 1,057
Hate lol.air..... yimmy2 by yimmy2 3 1,215
EXP +IP Bug Halizza by Halizza 7 Riot Post 1,646
Possible Mejai Bug Ronthedondon by Netbook 2 1,189
Cannot see heroes after reconnect Meso by Netbook 2 1,311
Guy Left, but Didn't Get a Leave On His Record Magisbladius by windrixx 2 1,166
teemo bug with tear of goddess/AA staff ChocoboLee by ChocoboLee 2 1,449
Typo in Brand's information Aesynil by Aesynil 1 1,069
Another Brand Typo (Pillar of Flame) Nuuum by Nuuum 0 1,122
INVISIBLE Nocturne Bug Maricarmen by Maricarmen 0 1,137
Found hextech bug in new patch Sheakiru by Sheakiru 0 1,114
Gangplank Raise Morale Glitch Meend Swahari by Meend Swahari 0 1,124
ATTENTION: Insane Bug after reconnecting to the game! h0uSemeister by h0uSemeister 0 1,104
Amumu ult bug Truhls by Truhls 8 1,229
Unable to reconnect issue zephyrdelta by zephyrdelta 0 1,039
Unable to reconnect to the game in progress WintrBorn by WintrBorn 0 1,025
hextech stuff still gives old spell leach values despite tooltip Feel a Fear by Feel a Fear 0 1,029
Tear of the Goddess Bug Second to None by Second to None 0 1,073
Malphite Ult Bug XxWD40xX by XxWD40xX 0 1,016
Something is bugged Anclro by Anclro 0 1,042
Server and Client version error? Althalin by Althalin 7 1,561
Prepaid card (please reply Riot) DarthWalter by DarthWalter 1 1,063
WotA bugged!!! Ark Angel HFB by Ark Angel HFB 9 1,445
I'm having trouble downloading the patches... Alpha Q23 by Alpha Q23 3 1,319
Sona's Son of Celrety CheeseBurguer by CheeseBurguer 0 1,047
Amumu Ult not stunning Brand Coran by Coran 2 1,260
Lee Sin bugg zeus9304 by zeus9304 0 1,028
Status on TF bug? Karathrow by Karathrow 0 1,061
Mouse Problems MundoCorp by MundoCorp 4 1,228