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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 61) Dannamoth by Jokerecho 609 Riot Post 171,321
LAUNCHER NEWS is BUGGED Lovableslaya by Lovableslaya 0 98
Volibear flip bug? OssemPossim by hoarski 1 194
Patcher Issue Stevewonder9 by Stevewonder9 0 89
will not let me download xbluntxrollerx by xbluntxrollerx 0 79
Spelling Bug with Scrying Orb Mallux by Mallux 0 82
Riot ...players ...anyone help i cant play LoL right now HuNtErX KO by THUNDAS BACK 3 441
Maokai Banshee's veil bug Kingslook by Kingslook 0 85
Summoner's Rift Audio bug SHghostELL by SHghostELL 2 129
Unable to download League JazzyDoes by LOL star champ 1 101
Varus Chain of Corruption description typo Lordnewb by DuskSC2 2 111
Auto Delete Friends HuGeDoubleBuFF by HuGeDoubleBuFF 0 83
Attempting to reconnect Yaderas2010 by Yaderas2010 0 90
Undefined server Water Cyclone by Nellic 4 277
F.u.c.k.i.n.g. Riot f.u.c.k.e.d. Up SynestreWidow by xXLoves2SpoogeXx 1 578
Nasus Bug go525 by go525 0 59 patcher kernel has stopped working. CrabbierComic40 by CrabbierComic40 0 73
Nocture Umbra Blades Tooltip Bug Pharmacology by Pharmacology 3 104
Queue Dodge bug Techtronik by Techtronik 0 129
I resign from league Nostatìc by Sangiovese 1 140
Attempting To Reconnect... EvilHakikk by Go Hawks 1 69
Vel'Koz Ult cast issue Narrow Mullen by Narrow Mullen 0 52
(CUSTOM GAMES) Erroneous "game is full" message to invitees CupcakeTrap by CupcakeTrap 6 Riot Post 585
Varus Chain of Corruption description typo Lordnewb by Lordnewb 0 45
About to get banned because of NA servers BECAUSE OF RIOT SERVERS! S0FaKiNgHiGh by S0FaKiNgHiGh 0 92
@riot Plz help PutridFire by PutridFire 1 56
What happened to Vi's Q? Hero of skyloft by Hero of skyloft 0 60
Voli bears Q doesnt throw other champion back Proclus by LegoCS 2 215
Torch in Crystal Scar has incorrect particle effect Turret49 by Turret49 0 75
Trinket cooldown bug (when playing Teemo) Cami5x5 by Faze DankinBank 3 97
Players falsely "failing" to select champions Siyanor by Drago512 5 283
Minimap Movement Bug Hank33 by Angrypoonani 1 148
Volibear's Flip Not Flipping At Times hoarski by hoarski 1 121
Roit, fix your servers now Futurama by hoarski 7 251
Red Minion Mech file mia KyeXvii by Decian420 1 155
Fiora can still ult when nami lands her q. Funpliy by Funpliy 0 62
Possible Vi Vaultbreaker Bug ObeyKingSpace by ObeyKingSpace 0 46
Flash Not Working FalkorsRaiders by 1BushMaster1 5 547
Wards not going where I click Migoto by Migoto 0 53
Yasuo's Wind Wall not blocking Akali's Mark of the Assassin Animebaka by Animebaka 0 92
Enter button spams when I start game. Samurai ChampIoo by Samurai ChampIoo 0 58
Huntress Sivir Modeling bug Disquiet by Disquiet 0 82
Spellthief's Edge tribute passive broken on inhibitors TehomCD by TehomCD 0 63
Viktor Laser BEAM blocked by yasuos wind wall Zuko Prince by Zuko Prince 0 154
AD fiora just destroyed my tank shen when she shouldnt pf been doing anything to me.. theGodODeath by theGodODeath 2 203
Vi q skill Sid8 by Sid8 0 60
fiora's ult disables flash bug One Night Stand by TheToxicKiller 4 382
Fiora Ult Flash Bug   ( 1 2) Gonchon by Ran Master 17 1,894
Aram, enemy team rushs our tower and tower doesnt atk and we get destroyed theGodODeath by theGodODeath 0 71
minions throwing summoner spells EthePony by Starrow 1 109
i love in aram where enemy hass less life steal but gains more hp back..... theGodODeath by theGodODeath 0 83