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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 58) Dannamoth by PosterBoy7 574 Riot Post 164,892
Red buff visual bug. KingTutTheTurtle by KingTutTheTurtle 0 66
Recall Bug Peetzaman by Peetzaman 0 96
Lost promos, due to glitch We Are Safe by We Are Safe 0 82
Fear change fail Memoirs by Madolinn 7 291
Cass hack via 3rd party software. Please disallow 3rd party software access Ursa Psi by Madolinn 1 124
None of my team could connect, lost LP. JaimeSwitch by JaimeSwitch 0 69
Client Champ Select Bug Duchess of York by Madolinn 1 77
bug on masterie Pant3ra by Derpus the Fifth 1 83
Trinket Cooldown Bug (4.3) TheBeardedFool by TheBeardedFool 0 75
Tear of Goddess june boy by june boy 0 82
Jungle camps on Minimap not showing up MusicMonkey5555 by MusicMonkey5555 1 206
Refer a Friend Showing me another summoners completed invitations? VeeXIII by VeeXIII 2 216
Lost my ranked series game 2v4. cause of deaths by cause of deaths 0 63
Is Cassiopeia's ult bugged zombiecaffeine by Serpentixsce 1 118
[MAC] My game freezes when Vel'koz ults. Frostnea by Frostnea 0 102
[MAC} My game freezes when Vel'koz ults. Frostnea by Frostnea 0 85
Spawning with 1 hp Nibloc by TheIllaChilla 1 146
Possible Syndra ult bug during ARAM Your Stiffy by TheIllaChilla 1 96
Vel'Koz Void Rift stops skillshots Fallen Strider by Fallen Strider 0 109
Can't add new friends? Dusk Of Oolacile by Dusk Of Oolacile 0 83
Twisted Fate - Graves interaction doesn't happen Minjo Master by Minjo Master 0 83
trinket problems DestinyDragon by DestinyDragon 0 77
Scavenger and Ancient Coin Othadum by iLXeNk 2 131
Mastery glitch... BEWARE Patoman4 by Patoman4 0 110
Help i havnt gotten help been asking for days alrdy DCVajstar by DCVajstar 0 85
First Win of the Day bug WindScorpion by WindScorpion 0 83
Problems with Teemo Shrooms LDEvans by LDEvans 0 95
error summoner92007 by summoner92007 0 82
Black screen in Champion Select Amusing by Amusing 0 91
@riot in regards to pregame chat lordatomsk by lordatomsk 3 120
Zilean respawn at 0 hp in ARAM dogwong by LucifersTear 5 180
Losing LP on a series. xWiCKEDxNiNjA by Latexfrog 1 121
Yorick E Ratio Sci1enced by Sci1enced 0 103
Lux not alternating taunts RavenHusky by RavenHusky 0 92
On Live-Server: VelīKozīs Special Taunts do not work! Power Of Syndra by Power Of Syndra 0 108
Zac W issues kai dono by kai dono 0 99
Ashe arrow went straight through Talon (similar ability collision issues?) YokoZar by YokoZar 0 96
RP problem MissSadPanda by Datalex5 1 219
Respawn w/partial HP (summoner's rift) HindranceMercer by TrillToBad 1 102
Ranked Match Making Broken sk333t sk333t by sk333t sk333t 0 103
Summoner spells & Activated items Shemsu Hor by Shemsu Hor 0 88
Vi Glitch : Q drummerjmm by drummerjmm 0 111
Classic Wins Total is Different in Custom Lobby from My Profile Page Malicious Fury by Malicious Fury 4 327
Undo Ruby Sightstone AvisArgentum by AvisArgentum 0 122
Nautilus ARAM spawns with 30 hp advoield by advoield 0 166
Lag after new patch ploxswag by ploxswag 0 114
Haven't been friends long enough to gift? SimpleLane by Howdoyoupurr 1 226
Shaco box fear stun bug Howdoyoupurr by Howdoyoupurr 0 113
[Minor] Spoils of War Stacks Description AmazinSushi by AmazinSushi 0 106
tryn's W sometimes doesnt work. OKOKIWILL by AmazinSushi 1 118