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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Shaco Q issues First Time Shaco First Time Shaco 0 124
NA Server lag. killyouallguys killyouallguys 0 147
Vayne's Silver Bolts (W) disappears in parts of Summoner's Rift wontontan wontontan 0 127
Fix the league button Kanamiz Kanamiz 0 104
Karthus passive not working!! readan readan 0 123
Trinkets still showing 120 secs before use into game in after game screen. TSM DOLPHO TSM DOLPHO 1 125
Levels, names, and gold missing in game.. ScrewedAway ScrewedAway 0 116
Morganas Q is bugged Windego Aiyerr 2 160
Braum's Shield Feleas Feleas 0 128
how badly bugged is the AI? Aiyerr Aiyerr 0 100
Rengar and Syndra bugs LeCanardBleu Trapper 1 159
(Cosmetic bug?) Champion display in profile Ashiko Ashiko 0 94
Rengar Bonetooth Necklace/ Head of Khazix DeDawgTubby DeDawgTubby 0 115
Have had two disconnects for some reason, out of nowhere. Girugamesh93 SteelclawGryphon 1 116
DCed in middle of game, says issue with PVP.Net Unpoetic PoisonousKisss 7 118
Disconnected Qwyatt PoisonousKisss 1 115
Yasuo Wind Wall Wrong Direction vexeddrew vexeddrew 0 128
rune combiner Darth Neos Darth Neos 1 105
Kassadin Riftwalk with golem bug Pyandonea Pyandonea 0 116
Options keep Reseting? Beastmania Beastmania 0 80
Malzahar's ult Bug Fix Calintz6565 Calintz6565 0 100
turret targeting issues in bot games and perhaps elsewhere CerealBoxOfDoom CerealBoxOfDoom 0 90
Client Lag Galaxas Galaxas 1 225
Braum and Randuin's bug. True Axis Hero True Axis Hero 0 119
Vel'Koz late game R glitch Bubbleberry VII Long Schlong PhD 2 402
Warding Brush is filled with a multitude of bugs. S4 Brush rework = fail. falkenjeff falkenjeff 1 237
Spray and pray bug Shemsu Hor Nªtion 1 93
Team Builder: Incorrectly Filling Marksman role Nªtion Nªtion 0 92
Diana Lunar Rush Cancel FateTruoc FateTruoc 0 114
Singed Flip bug maybe EvilScotsman1974 EvilScotsman1974 0 155
Yasuo Dashing While Dead Bug Omeneon Omeneon 0 123
Varus Q bug Slightlyoff SSrikeShadow 1 292
Jax's Counter Strike Zetsumei117 Zetsumei117 0 139
Tristana E Bug ZMBIE4LIFE ZMBIE4LIFE 0 127
xerath vi etc Q bug Grace Bakke Grace Bakke 0 120
Yasuo able to Ult after knockups end Unvi Unvi 0 148
Drop hacks Herrosix Herrosix 0 137
A BUG on Gragas' E xiAoPiXie xiAoPiXie 0 145
(Priority 1 Bug) Loading Screen BugSplat  ( 1 2 3 ... 14 ) ArlanKels Malchias 138
Riot Post
Twin Shadows tooltip bug Santasaurus Santasaurus 0 146
Blade Queen Lissandra discount not active? Creeper in a Van Ryou Takeshi 2 238
Lol Client has stopped working SupGotADigBick SupGotADigBick 0 157
Poppy's "Devastating Blow" Increasing Damage to Turrets Kefell Kefell 0 156
Tristana's E Passive TheIvyX Kefell 3 421
Quinn Delayed "Harrier" After Using "Vault" Kefell Kefell 0 154
Blind does not affect Kayle. JingledBells Kefell 1 233
Zyra Bot passive bug Pharaoh Amumu Pharaoh Amumu 0 192
Game "Crashed" for first time in my first game ever with rioters PraytoBasedGod PraytoBasedGod 0 187
cassiopeia has subname Brace !? Rutilant Batnnad Rutilant Batnnad 0 213
why my game always crashed? Big brotherPeter Big brotherPeter 1 179