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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 58) Dannamoth by monopopo2761 572 Riot Post 164,198
Releases Ultra Rapid Fire Mode for one day MagicPotatos by MagicPotatos 0 112
Vel'koz ult bug Deimose by Drummerskillz 1 145
flash, The not working teleport system tman3000 by tman3000 0 81
[BUG] Swain has infinite mana Rishiel by Atgood1 1 150
Vi Q wasn't working for me in game. rodstk by Neil Anblomi 1 125
Vi Q Ability Bug Neil Anblomi by Neil Anblomi 0 81
[BUG] health-bars shrink when game resolution is increased aCuria by aCuria 0 147
I am really sick of being hit by an invisible 700 damage nuke Best Shyvana AU by theGodODeath 1 133
Love when game lags freezes and says reconecting at end and it wont let u out of game theGodODeath by theGodODeath 0 78
so much lag since new stuff put out !!! theGodODeath by theGodODeath 0 78
Rapid Fire broke my League Mini Van Dan by Mini Van Dan 0 134
Rapidfire Queue: RIOT please fix SMITE. It's not at 80% CDR ForumPostingAcco by Best Shyvana AU 1 148
Ultra Rapid Fire Bug - Ability Goes on Full Cooldown PapaJacky by PapaJacky 0 167
Ranked game blank champ pool gamergirlkitten by Kush 2 286
rapidfire bug...? omgrogue by omgrogue 0 139
Can't vote Crºss by Crºss 0 76
Teemo entering stealth and basic attack cancelling bug PhilosophicalOne by PhilosophicalOne 0 82
Bug on Homeguard? Döctor Whooves by C9 Meaty Os 2 133
Taric Aura Bug with Ally Jinx Lavos by Warkittenz 1 131
"zephyrslamentburn" damage Thedgarhouse by Deity Slayer 1 142
Bug: Can't unlock camera Lenox007 by Lenox007 0 129
Issue with Relic Shield Line Jyoudan Sensei by sadlonewolf 3 182
Weird Bug LumaGoBuma by LumaGoBuma 0 90
Kassadin's Q doesn't interrupt Anivia's ult SaintsIntoTheSea by Redek 5 307
Rengar Flashing while in ult Krylad by Krylad 0 102
Teambuilder Lobby Bug Bloodlord Venge by Bloodlord Venge 0 130
BloodThirster will only charge to +30 ATK DMG and 6% LL TaKeeLa by TaKeeLa 0 96
Pulled into Ranked game after queuing for Aram with a friend Zhaoshike by Zhaoshike 0 108
Essentail Game asset : Orianna Barely Clever by Bam4K 1 219
Went into ranked and screen went black! Help! DNG Noximo by DNG Noximo 0 96
Unexpected platform error/ Team Builder ozzadar by AlcoholicBastard 1 246
When Clicking Abilities it won't hit Ruka Kotani by Ruka Kotani 0 94
I get damage when i refund sometimes DrMVPishere01 by DrMVPishere01 0 95
Master Yi getting feared masterhamza by Yiazmat 3 152
Loading Screen problem XxdeathhelmxX by XxdeathhelmxX 0 100
Team Builder Matchmade Stats Error sqwidee by sqwidee 0 118
[Friends List Bug] Can't see In Game time or Champs Played Cyfr by Cyfr 0 137
Can't use a mystery skin gift Loony Day by Loony Day 0 124
Client can't connect to Maestro? LeDink by LeDink 0 145
Morgana Shield BLOCKING Draven Q damage Lurtuzable by bluegolisano 1 141
Zed ULT Bug against Annie! LeGreatCornholio by LeGreatCornholio 0 181
Champ Select Timing Is Wrong Die Trying by Nightshadow01 2 128
Blitzcrank's Roket Arm can gank within the Spawning Pool bluegolisano by bluegolisano 0 112
Bug with champion pick timer. NigletMyAnis by Nightshadow01 1 245
no appearing bonus exp bug me2893 by me2893 0 88
Firewall Loading Screen Glitch DasBunneh by DasBunneh 0 85
Lagspikes causing entire game to crash since most recent patch ForumPostingAcco by ForumPostingAcco 8 396
Update Error Vishnia by Vishnia 0 106
Non stop lag game after game InfamousZen by InfamousZen 2 161
D/c'd from ranked game, firewall bug Martnset by Martnset 0 90