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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Tryndamere using ult while CCed almostlover000 Bandityea 7 380
Rengar body glitch in Dominion Nameless254 Nameless254 0 125
Twitch Bug xXMystHawkXx Cask iron Pan 3 204
Match history beta JWill6 Cask iron Pan 1 229
champion select disconnect issue HyperbolicJ HyperbolicJ 0 154
In match history beta, one of my game times is wrong Inipro Montoya Inipro Montoya 0 137
Amumu Bug relating to Golems Jewbagler Jewbagler 1 170
Match History Beta Bug ElJanitorFrank ElJanitorFrank 0 130
Amumu Bug relating to Golems Jewbagler Jewbagler 0 121
Random Ping spikes and ghost lag tyler numbers tyler numbers 0 188
Lost LP after being kicked out of ranked que Okry Okry 0 130
Imenent server crash??? Phiisch Phiisch 0 134
Bug splats... Shenb Bignbadnuts 3 436
LoL client bug Casino Penguin Casino Penguin 2 380
Cannot drag and drop to make new custom item sets. Satanscrotch weezo1 3 609
Wukong Q freeze Necart Necart 0 174
Match History Beta: Cannot Filter by Custom + Map Type Extra Pistol Extra Pistol 0 225
Lobby screen masteries bug soopergohan soopergohan 0 161
Youtube + LoL => crash Enaero MacPuppy 7 9564
Bots stop attacking wukong clone. Cruzito6900 Cruzito6900 0 184
Connection and Loading issues Kstaraga Kstaraga 0 184
Ability Range bug Lithorendale Arino Fatimo 2 309
Shaco unaffected by warwick's ult stun Arino Fatimo Arino Fatimo 0 162
SKARNER: Cant AA During ult. Works 100% of time xX Khorne Xx Felfire 7
Riot Post
Use Item in slot 3 cross/double keybind bug ShiroDust ShiroDust 0 168
Gragas W not coming off cooldown & E interaction issues CannibalMoose CannibalMoose 0 139
IP/XP Reward minutes being lost in invalid customs BlanketThief BlanketThief 0 104
Server for just 1 game crashed Bretay Martö 2 122
Aram Invisible Team!? Yung Hulu Yung Hulu 0 142
Champ rotation not working? Lavacreeper abelnaruto 1 272
Patheon bug in store Tranoze Tranoze 0 104
Red Buff not applying slow Goth Skunk Goth Skunk 0 130
Any Volibear in-game freezes my LoL client Andrew Heat Andrew Heat 0 125
League crashes when I pick fizz johan5906 johan5906 0 123
Dominion Post-Game Stats DopeyMcFresh DopeyMcFresh 0 129
Rammus Taunt Bug Czark Ager Agemo 2 342
high noon yasuo bug cheif1337 cheif1337 0 151
20 seconds left to pick a champion and it kicked m 0_o CantPoopWithSwag CantPoopWithSwag 0 148
being hack right now Xeref StickyStallion 2 246
Hacked for sure brontees Oh Hi Im Xero 1 268
Blade Weaving Fails on Swain astralwit ofart 4 556
bug-in-game for mini-map move HazeDemon HazeDemon 0 154
Trynd jungle bug ZombiKitty faopaw 1 285
Nami bubble can cancel knockbacks IISkitzo AZ Frost 1 242
"Lost" Series From One Loss AnthonyOGC AnthonyOGC 1 184
Lee Sin Skin Controversy MaDDaWg836 MaDDaWg836 0 162
HOTKEYS don't work Really Pig Ben Tsinzin 1 188
Solo Que Broken Grumppybear Grumppybear 0 171
Champ - Twitch E castable "out of range BeastEye StickyStallion 5 388
Tryndamere's ult RedFireBall17 almostlover000 1 178