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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
League of Legends Internet Issues Snoody DamnitPeggy 4 430
After minor D/C minions frozen in lane Hapsion Kentaro Darkdox 2 86
Soraka's colors bug SebiLeFR SebiLeFR 0 91
Black SCREEN and FREZE.. ahp22 ahp22 0 106
Bug - Game stats problem and send log rawrawrawxD rawrawrawxD 0 141
Yorrick ulty bug in dominion Leecher Marzag 1 217
Bugsplat.dll may contain an error(read) DroxXyy DroxXyy 1 774
Master Yi's Alpha strike Deviant023 Nemezote 4 212
Errors since Pulsefire Ez Release RavenzShadow Razgriz4323 1 203
Couldn't trade Adumbro Deus Adumbro Deus 0 71
Music Won't Stay Off BawwPixels Marcellos 1 124
Gragas Bug Splat Vorlem Vorlem 0 88
Ezreal PF Bug Inmorthal5 Bob Chandler 4 201
Malzahar ult fails to lock on champion and subsequently will not activate Olliepop RDuarte 2 210
Text blur Drugnut Drugnut 0 116
Proving Grounds custom game won't start Togwog Togwog 0 177
Problem of reconnecting ATSSSZZZYYY ATSSSZZZYYY 0 75
Spellshield bug OutMagic OutMagic 0 76
Bug with Pulsfire ez Mãestro OpenAether 1 198
Active Game was not found. Karnovian 1ucky 1 184
Bug started attacking then couldnt attack Kamib Kamib 0 156
Zilean Assists Bug Bezcelowy Bezcelowy 0 91
Cannot Purchase Elixers During Teleport (Wastes Gold) Thinkaman XxPsymonxX 2 2846
Minor bug on Proving Grounds Gogh444 Gogh444 0 153
blitz grabbing malz bug tiger00432 win will 1 150
Flip mechanics bugged in multiple ways. HarrisonOwns KillerTortilla 5 224
duplicating runes divinedallas divinedallas 0 79
netural monster bug(blue golem) Resolved1 Resolved1 0 195
Pando Media Booster Blocked dustysombrero syst 1 476
Malphite can get free Sheen procs off his Q A Master Shaco A Master Shaco 2 134
Store not working Void2258 MisterNegativity 1 205
Co-op vs AI item and ultimate bugs WOBWOBaaas WOBWOBaaas 0 81
nasus walking through anivia wall Pain Dominates Pain Dominates 0 127
No login screen after the patcher screen Dizkid Dizkid 0 143
Viktor's Laser is buggy [invisible] Harbinger35 MysteryFacts 3 176
Account rune swapping APXZ APXZ 0 90
Reconnect to Game when the game has ended? Erika Churgan Erika Churgan 4 157
Draven Ult Bug Naruto9thDemon Naruto9thDemon 2 170
wall knock back bug EMBOAR2001 EMBOAR2001 0 88
Malzahar Bot bugged Aianasun Aianasun 0 113
Help, on the top it shows the team kills and they're team kills. Jeereemy apple32 1 103
Sudden 500ms lag spikes Callahan Terrorwulf 4 1078
I Count this as a bug HolyVsDark HolyVsDark 0 100
Enemy with TF's passive Cpt Burrito Cpt Burrito 0 123
Loading error- 96% Ventinari Ventinari 0 129
Lagged out lost everything - OMFG please help Hypeshot Hypeshot 0 95
Unable to reconnect. TeHHOBO TeHHOBO 0 91
Vayne Auto atk bug Arontala Arontala 0 78
Malphite ultimate bug Vidwaduu Lt Jaeger 1 139
Cursor/Camera Glitch (Bug) Plus Fountain Nerf KingMoonfish Flyingdwarves 1 384