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Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Higashi Miyagi by 2lum 2 Riot Post 1,155
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Ranked Game Champion Select Bug   ( 1 2) Darkearth10 by legalcombattant 19 3,852
Not Receiving LP after Winning Ranked Krysark by Krysark 0 50
Spirit of the Ancient Golem Vicktastic by Vicktastic 0 64
Match history beta: Some matches not shown JihadSquad by Dunkin U 1 73
Lux's Ultimate Cooldown extended? Flame Haze Linux by Longbow73 1 643
Trist can jump through Nami bubble Crouching Jadez by Crouching Jadez 0 45
Won't let me open game? IHaveAMissle by IHaveAMissle 0 68
wins and losses wiped out and are wrong in pvp games Holy Mangudai by Holy Mangudai 0 37
Proof Wards have souls. Melkster by Melkster 0 65
Server CRASHED befor i could join and NOW IM BANNED?!?!? Dr J Marijuana by Dr J Marijuana 0 72
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Varus Q Ability JosH NiNjA1 by JosH NiNjA1 0 54
game not found? ButtersDaBeast by ButtersDaBeast 1 50
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Snowstorm Sivir causing crash thantzmon by thantzmon 0 58
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Did all the champions dc from the game I was in? Tavar226 by Ryzone 2 75
Ranked Solo Queue weird bug? RadeonGaming by RadeonGaming 0 53
Twisted Treeline Quill Coat Ward BoutToDie by BoutToDie 0 78
Maokai gaining stack on his passive with pots Rito Digier by Rito Digier 0 56
Wards Placed by Golem and Quill Coat Show as Placed by Wriggle's Lantern tacoguy56 by tacoguy56 0 63
How to break your ARAM game... EZbakeLUVIN by EZbakeLUVIN 0 88
Heimerdinger bug Zorozin by Zorozin 0 80
Ancient Golem can place wards on TT OrphicComa by Vreivai 2 168
Kog'maw E Bug? Pet Rock21 by Pet Rock21 0 76
Karthus hitbox bug Karth Ash Vader by Karth Ash Vader 0 37
Mastery: Bladed Armor not dealing damage Tea4Two by Tea4Two 0 53
J4 banner cs block xXHydraXx ampt by ExaltedVanguard 1 59
Hunter's Machete damage reduction is false/misleading PirSultanAbdal by PirSultanAbdal 2 112
Yasuo ignoring stun? A51an by ExaltedVanguard 1 132
Pantheon can stun before landing his ult. Better than b4 by Better than b4 0 54
Loss Prevented CalmBreeze by CalmBreeze 0 41
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Warding on TT and Abyss. Kadranos by Kadranos 0 44
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End of Match Report Dominion Glitch SKUFFLEZ by SKUFFLEZ 0 35
Riot... Help. Harryowns100 by Harryowns100 1 54
Old Urgot and Cait Splash showing in Match History Beta Actually Dyrus by Actually Dyrus 0 50