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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 69) Dannamoth by Thatwhowho 689 Riot Post 211,617
baron effected by armor reduction from renekton dufffman by dufffman 0 99
FORUM related(I think?): Flickering lines flashing onscreen when browsing the forums? Ginga by Ginga 0 142
Garen's passive reset by jungle creeps. JMCizzle by urmamasllama 3 246
TT Wolves Visual Bug Godking Logan by Gizaru 1 85
Couldn't reconnect in a game. Ohforfsake by Ohforfsake 0 122
Attempt to Reconnect is a serious issue Slicktongue by Slicktongue 1 154
[Minor] [Champion] Garen Passive Inconsistency Omnipherious by rastarogue 1 146
Garen Perseverance bug Gotzie by rastarogue 1 184
Cursor bug in Dominion Doublèvision by Doublèvision 0 84
Garen Passive Bug? rastarogue by rastarogue 0 127
Client says i abandoned game daynyer by daynyer 0 104
Amumu Bandage Toss Bug Kech by Dreampod 1 510
got error disconnected and 30min ban RealZerstoren by RealZerstoren 0 104
Shaco jungler Bug Skarpelo by Johnnie5DubV 2 113
I can't put people on ignore. Kedali by Johnnie5DubV 2 552
Nashors Tooth turning into Rod of Ages after reconnect Mailbro by Mailbro 0 106
Rubber banding in "Proving Grounds" ShlickShlack by ShlickShlack 1 151
Error para cambiar el idioma del juego - Failed to change the game language aladar32 by aladar32 0 569
BUG: certain spells disable autoattack Bearsby by Bearsby 0 101
Cleanse not doing it's job Keegzz by Celestya 8 Riot Post 2,439
Rengar leap bug Bejango by Bejango 2 127
****in is not blocked by Mature Language Filter Rico Faraguez by Rico Faraguez 0 464
Cant get cleint to Open help pls Envied Profit by Envied Profit 0 86
Game ends unexpectedly, cannot rejoin. Grabnork by Grabnork 0 103
Alistar's Heal AhLoso by Silentsilver 1 197
Sheen Serious Bug MetalicaPT by MetalicaPT 0 98
area abilities graphics affected by map slopes Reconsul by Reconsul 2 190
@Riot: Dominion in Rift? ChristysMuffin by ChristysMuffin 0 88
Gragas bug - Tooltip on passive is bugged Kemikalz420 by Kemikalz420 0 93
[Feature Request] Let me silence music in Champ Sel without disabling Login Music GuraKKa by GuraKKa 0 92
game launch bug? GM Bushido Brown by RedliwLedah 2 Riot Post 1,068
"Attempting to Reconnect" TempusVen by Hepolite 4 503
zyra ulti plants Navcite by Archparagon 2 Riot Post 1,804
Tooltip text for Janna's abilities MechanicalPirate by MechanicalPirate 0 89
bug in creating account/refering kilerwale by kilerwale 1 131
Recent movement bug im neko by im neko 0 369
Jayce's mercury cannon bug Shwasbee by Shwasbee 0 79
Katarina's shumpo sometimes doesnt grab tower aggro SilentSauce by SilentSauce 0 79
major poppy bug vinpannn by Dannamoth 6 Riot Post 1,615
Bug-Katarina's Bouncing Blades Unknown Power by Al3xn 1 117
Forum bug with Dev Tracker Sir Snicklefritz by Sir Snicklefritz 0 60
Regen not showing(working?) correctly on veigar Etmas by redemption1988 1 139
Garen's health regen bugged Xyenzi by Xyenzi 2 135
Renekton Toungue Erotic Pastries by Erotic Pastries 0 85
Cannot Cleanse Deadly Venom Geet by WereAssassin 2 437
Fiora Bug: Riptose Pioty by ArlanKels 1 171
No IP Gain from Bots? WolfLordBran by WereAssassin 1 118
Unable to fully save video settings SkillsFury by ArlanKels 7 862
Katarina Emote Bug distasio2011 by distasio2011 0 81
Bug-ignite recall gottmilk101 by gottmilk101 0 77