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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
game crash after champ select + bugsplatt deirin FallenAbaddon 2 1650
Battlecast Cho'Gath Particle Bug DrLunaSocks DrLunaSocks 0 241
Annoying shaco bug every game Tekhaze Tekhaze 1 200
Malphite Tool tips wrong? CanadianGuyEh CanadianGuyEh 0 178
@Riot, check this out [Regarding the skillshot-over-terrain bug] Borand Borand 1 514
The Client thinks that I am still in game, I was not even in a queue. Stealth DragonX Stealth DragonX 0 177
{Minion killing bug with PFE} Pulsefire Ezreal last hits like a noob. CaptenAmazing CaptenAmazing 3 548
Fizz trickster bugg. gödrick Jetscream 2 338
Plese fix the fizz cybermutt Jetscream 1 330
Huge bug with Muay Tai Lee Sin Okohana Okohana 0 619
Strangest Client Bugs I Have Ever Had Ryuu Wuffbutt Ryuu Wuffbutt 0 193
Rengar Permanent stuck until Dead Flames of Rage Flames of Rage 0 208
Blitz-crank Ultimate passive Saggysag Saggysag 0 263
A lot of BugSplat! Naguichan Naguichan 0 195
Bug- Total game crash, ARAM superguh superguh 0 460
digital collector's pack XFatalCureX XFatalCureX 0 221
Won't let me log in Pizza Soldier Pizza Soldier 0 323
Viktor Syplistic Kassim 1 189
Is crashing at loading screen even with a fresh reinstallation of Windows 7 MrSTrokesChub MrSTrokesChub 0 310
Malzahar Attack Speed. LittleDi LittleDi 0 186
Malphite and the Fog of War TeknoWizard Saggysag 1 253
Poppy getting stuck at Blue wraiths Pushover242 Pushover242 0 177
A compilation of Rengar bugs  ( 1 2 ) TimODeath TimODeath 11 701
hmm...something is wrong with the client.... Meagaraptor dracovang 2 239
Rumble's Flamespitter and basic attacks Khane Exel Khane Exel 0 254
Malz Ult Glitch  ( 1 2 3 ) hawkwing99 Laniker 24
Riot Post
My LOL won't start McNuggetLove McNuggetLove 0 318
Never ending game that I can't reconnent to 1ST BLO0D 1ST BLO0D 0 196
BUG - game loading, but not loading tappyapples zeus77455 3 220
[UI] Champions Portraits missing on Profile Page. Valcio 1ST BLO0D 5 526
Self Cast Skills Bug Gespent Henry Plainview 3 335
Disconnected From Maestro RelictoDeo RelictoDeo 0 267
Bug - First Win of the Day Timer Seraph Nephriel Seraph Nephriel 1 420
Varus arrow glitch Clamon Clamon 0 160
Rammus Health and Mana Visual CrazyChuck11 superban65 1 246
Games not starting Prof Zuhayr Prof Zuhayr 1 227
Anivia can stack Glacial Storm debuff Kajitii JamesGatsby 3
Riot Post
In Game bug OG Valiant The Brö Cöde 3 462
Clicking out of LoL Chihuahua Chihuahua 0 176
Button Lag when fighting 200+ ping players TheRiverRat TheRiverRat 0 543
[Spectator] Pulsefire Computer Voice global Vertany Vertany 5 719
Bug - Loading Spectator Mode with Borderless Window and Two Monitors Kasei Eluzian 5 940
No loading screen for me Phairisti zeus77455 1 305
black screen after champion select zeus77455 zeus77455 0 455
Friend add bug 0akheart 0akheart 0 350
Rengar's E seems bugged. Tazareth NotHomo 3 355
Amumu/ Tower Bug TheDarckness TheDarckness 0 177
launching issues need help Remus Romulous Remus Romulous 0 217
Patcher doesn't open Octavium Octavium 2 12203
Has anyone else had Kayle attempt to attack the nearest enemy champion after using W? Henry Plainview Henry Plainview 0 170