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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
can't see chat Smelly Sock Ulfang69 5 583
Won't let me log in. Ronderus Ronderus 0 320
Swain Art Glitch(minor) Godking Logan Albatraum 1 173
Caitlyn traps and rengar Odin Of Valhalla Odin Of Valhalla 0 287
@Riot, Can't get in a game.. Blood Nation Blood Nation 0 158
Can't play LOL :( RavageRose RavageRose 1 314
My champion Moves while im typing J0llybally J0llybally 4 571
Nidalee category Mrb726 Mrb726 0 149
Black Screen error Aysamo Aysamo 0 169
alistar free skin babunoob MrGutWrench 2 299
Lag during fights Ordinary Bird Ordinary Bird 1 294
Several Account Glitches Woluous Steinx 1 208
Unchained Alistar FDS Slim Steinx 1 247
Bug-"Unstoppable Force" Won't Cast KevinDelMarr KevinDelMarr 0 149
poppy passive with new champs ironwok Khalahn 1 216
[Store] "Top Sellers" is "recently added" naotasan naotasan 0 167
[In-Game] Client Locks Up NuclearNooblet Jabe 2 321
Riot! =s Free Rune Page Dav0slayer Jabe 1 211
Ashe's Ultimate not hitting Downbergers Vlejundo 1 197
Rengar LEAP CanadasAMyth CanadasAMyth 0 188
Unchained Alistar & Riot Girl Tristana: Showing as Unavailable? TheInvidious Steinx 1 444
I can't run lol.launcher.exe but PBE works fine Scre4ming Tower Scre4ming Tower 1 732
Several skill icons in Champ Select are wrong Drakylon Drakylon 1 288
disconnecting from chat post-game and friends list issues Mezandria Mezandria 0 198
Pre-Game and Post-Game chat not working thequackme Osaka Sun 4 215
Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs. Salvationier Knockes 1 302
Refer a Friend Pacof007 Pacof007 0 143
Friend list Hydrix Zezenna Grim Doomhammer 3 193
Can't see myself or team Real Awesome Real Awesome 0 280
No post-game chat GON the Mage Guy GON the Mage Guy 0 161
Champion select chat broken Yungel Auswahlaxiom 5 194
Bug-Arcade Sona Kamai Kamai 0 198
Friends list... 1 person online? Drizzs Drizzs 0 165
Nautilus possible bug MishyInWhite fûmbles 4 182
Le Blanc Bug Sir Blitzkraft Sir Blitzkraft 0 139
[Bug: Major] Karma's spirit bond Thryale MrGutWrench 8 482
Failed to download (Error: 0xc1e90006) TheQuester TheQuester 0 366
Malzahar Ultimate Bug? SubliminalZombie MrGutWrench 8 575
LeBlanc: Double Distortion/Mimic bug Kluirl Kluirl 7 904
Malzahar's ult will randomly stop working Letkhar Pacyf 9 707
Omg lag spike ever since mid august patch iiEatNoodle GraveGuardian 1 425
Never really though of this but...Yorick DarkSharkx FunkyAcid 1 207
Kog Maw's E's Range is 50% Longer TheChineseOne HighFiveAtomBomb 1 309
BlitzCrank passive does not trigger. SelfAdhesive Raging Inferno 1 189
BUG: Retry/Cancel Reconnect Error Message. xFKx Taken Lord Superbia 7 2904
Volibear players beware, A rare Volibear bug Paul Levesque Paul Levesque 0 180
Just Black screen after selection that's it ProfessionalTWAU Lord Superbia 1 360
Rengar Leap attacks while cc'ed by lux Seyven So Goooooooooood 1 265
Borderless windows DaMeCabeza DaMeCabeza 0 158
[PVPNet] Music/SFX turns on by itself RalphWaldo RalphWaldo 0 199