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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 215,564
My ranked pentakill isn't showing up in my stats. Skyfire Elementz by Skyfire Elementz 0 92
Minor Champion Select Bug Diablo48 by KissingTheShadow 1 73
Morganna's ult doesn't stun JiYung by JiYung 2 88
Rod of Age gone? LEAT625 by ChampEvolution 1 216
honor ribbon not showing. El Compadre by Jue Begal 3 259
TF"s Stacked Deck is bugged TheIzzMan by TheIzzMan 0 54
Rumble's ultimate does not have smartcast OMGWTFROTFLBBQ by OMGWTFROTFLBBQ 0 75
Not sure if a bug, but Fiora's ult PoppaMan by PoppaMan 0 94
Vayne Condemn does not work when used on an enemy on top of her.   ( 1 2) A Master Shaco by Oimetra 12 889
General Sound FX Bug Shadow Eklipps by Ebon Wing 3 202
3 v 3 error Chimeraex01 by Chimeraex01 0 77
Bug- Wins Counter Reset to 0 xChallengerx by xChallengerx 3 294
Ask me to reconnect to the game but already lost it Funkybaby by oxalic 3 107
Fix this!! CakeRunner by oxalic 2 107
[Bug][Major] Vladamir Sanguine Pool Lambant by Lambant 0 81
Intentar reconectar Apocalipsi97 by Apocalipsi97 0 108
kicked from champ select jdunthis by jdunthis 0 68
When will I be able to use the store?? Toruma by Toruma 0 57
smart casts bug Beoridas by Beoridas 2 121
how to fix this? lolminiman by lolminiman 0 69
surrender BlizardSpree by BlizardSpree 0 89
Failure to logout after PVP disconnect J4G by J4G 0 526
Co-Op Vs AI Bug hotlikecajun by hotlikecajun 0 88
Internet drops between Anti-AFK and Lobby Numb Addiction by Numb Addiction 5 354
Bug - Pax Twisted fate q animation FailFlood by HeatSweeper 1 360
Game no load Jorten by AnthroxX 1 108
Disconnect While on Character Select Screen FLG GuySullavin by FLG GuySullavin 0 130
Karthus seems to be causing fps drops when he ults Tengu Drum by haugdaug 1 168
Bug - Soulsight Lamp Recipe Isdelth by Isdelth 9 251
Malzahar lowering my FPS? Jack of All AIDS by haugdaug 2 206
I don't even think I'm in a game, but there's the reconnect option Schismogenesis by Baxe 4 329
Nid TasogareReiken by Gailie 3 106
@Riot TF Stacked Deck not working like it use to TheIzzMan by TheIzzMan 0 117
Custom Game Bots hanging on walls more often Strossus Gran by Strossus Gran 0 108
Every coupld of seconds I start lagging with perfect ping Carnavre by B0red0mFTW 1 167
Random Game Abandoned Window OokamiNoSora by OokamiNoSora 0 345
Karthus ult not working zeirios by j j 2 165
game abandoned kirarising by kirarising 0 92
Bug - Collision is inconsistent vs minions with Body Slam [Gragas] Tol Eressea by Tol Eressea 3 349
Rengar Triple Q mvp1292 by mvp1292 0 542
Got forced to duo with someone i dont know by match making Sudetenland by Sudetenland 0 318
Unable to log-in to game ddawg4169 by ddawg4169 0 89
Minor fix in the new TT? Feedback please. Burden636 by Burden636 0 83
I'd like to report a bug Best in GR by Best in GR 0 88
Certain skills causing massive FPS drops JesusPwns0926 by JesusPwns0926 1 264
Bug- Blitz (Passive Shield) not activating Terista by Terista 2 233
Urgot acid hunter bug Aurasph by Aurasph 0 104
Wins/loss Frandaman by Frandaman 0 218
Energy Runes - Listed as +20 but only Give +19 Magelabalot by Magelabalot 0 156
Game bugged. Master of Games by Master of Games 0 88