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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 67) Dannamoth by FlippinninjaX187 665 Riot Post 195,584
Ranked Crash with No Match History PRESS R 2 WIN by PRESS R 2 WIN 0 29
Spellvamp on Gnar Malcha by Malcha 0 40
Vi and her dash. Dragaloth by Dragaloth 0 26
Bug or Not? INF Nightmare by Gorerend 1 28
Visa charged 4 times but no RP! Dominus360 by Dominus360 1 36 patch kernel Terror2011 by Terror2011 0 29
Game Client Fail - Costed Me Game in Series Miss Inaba by Miss Inaba 0 34
Error 500 louis3333 by louis3333 0 33
League of Legends Won't Open After I Click Play   ( 1 2) kastor0077 by Phaaze Two 12 14,541
ip not correct paleye by RingOfFates 1 27
Fix your game you ******* Eshir by Eshir 0 49
The "Undo" Bug and the items it affects Gorerend by Gorerend 5 233
wolf camp un attackble player spot M4steRoflmaO by M4steRoflmaO 0 28
Shaco boxes do not proc Spellthief's Edge passive Biscuit Joe by Biscuit Joe 0 28
When you build madreds razor it automatically starts building the feral flare Opponent14 by Starrow 4 123
A particular game disappears from match history chango357 by ggwp Felix 1 150
Vi's Vault Breaker (bugged) HskOrphen by HskOrphen 0 1,627
Can't move client window when "Join Game" screen up Laurie Forman by Laurie Forman 0 132
"Update Failed- Unspecified Error Occurred, Please Check Logs For More Information" InfestedJesus by InfestedJesus 0 61
Summoner name not centered above health bar Kataphraktos by Kataphraktos 0 70
Can't Pick Champion After Ban Phase Romanticide by Romanticide 0 127
Servers go down - no LP given. ggwp Felix by ggwp Felix 0 92
Champ Select Jinx Neko Kagami by Neko Kagami 0 70
Sightstone unusable if undo feature is used Red Sky WARNING by Red Sky WARNING 0 102
seriously i dint get anything for my rank game K1RBY by K1RBY 0 106
Stuck In last game Played mohsin12c3 by captain hunter25 9 68
Soraka's Skills do not show CD but in fact are on CD RussTyler by RussTyler 0 28
stuck at the logging screen..... LucasOC by LucasOC 0 34
Can't Undo Homeguard Enchantment. VEXARN by Gorerend 1 15
Sightstone Bug (patch 4.12) wolf1122 by War5ama 1 53
undeserved win due to bug The eTrade Baby by The eTrade Baby 0 26
Red Buff Lizard FudgekinBeaver by FudgekinBeaver 0 14
Reconnect AthiestJew by InragedZebra 7 79
Bugsplat Crash - Lee Sin Ward Jump Chewiful by Gombee 8 Riot Post 2,330
Twitch's Ultimate not Damaging Nexus Soren Valsen by FrumpBiscuit 2 140
Holy fk already Gooooober by GuiltyReaper235 2 51
Being blocked from matchmaking q for no reason PlasticTouch by PlasticTouch 0 9
Volibear can still flip Teemo's Shrooms CSPhobos by CSPhobos 0 23
Pressing the "Play Again" button after a ranked game brings me to the custom game pag atsned by atsned 0 7
Cant Select champ in ranked GuiltyReaper235 by GuiltyReaper235 0 15
Disconnection with PVP.NET cilent HolyRider by HolyRider 0 14
Can't Wait Until I Uninstall In 2 Weeks! iTzVengence by iTzVengence 0 25
Sudden Match Rewind? TunikaFilms by TunikaFilms 0 10
stuck in game.. K1RBY by I Dont Care72 1 32
Im getting no lp after winning ranked and the match in my history is gone marmoduke by AnimalExpress 3 34
Snake Hackers ViceN53 by ViceN53 0 32
Anyone seen this Baron Glitch/bug before? Arkon Tri by Arkon Tri 2 48
Active glitch and Janna Ult glitch Resizt by Resizt 0 26
DDOS attackers have a twitter Rikku7 by Telaura 2 121
Lost ip noticed when buying Akira8177 by Akira8177 0 12