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Sticky Thread New Player's Guide to League of Legends  ( 1 2 3 ... 106 ) Wrenchman Golin KnicNicks 1059
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Sticky Thread A Guide To The Forums  ( 1 2 3 ... 29 ) NiceSPDR TempestPheonix 282
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Sticky Thread Forum Code of Conduct Bazner Bazner 0
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Sticky Thread If you are not new/helping new players, you WILL be banned. Pendragon Pendragon 0
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I have a few questios regarding lanes. Sulpan Sulpan 3 301
Starting Out: Bots or No Bots  ( 1 2 ) Dallas Apuri Riyshn 16 1055
Level 13 : I like the game, What about these Improvements? Espo3 Espo3 3 377
Thinking of buying Shaco Malkshakevanilla ArchDragon97 7 466
A Quick guide to new junglers. meowingbadger meowingbadger 4 487
looking for new streamer thats awesome chek this guy out ! Finalzxz Lumin8 2 187
are the Q's dissabled? Onireaper Riyshn 2 217
How to download the game? LOLerock Basnap 6 438
Which AP Mid? Nintendo Lee Basnap 6 390
New to Nidalee. woah16characters JaggedHa 1 266
Questions of a Noob (At level 24 can I still call myself a noob?) Chopinator Chopinator 5 527
Blade of the ruined king DementedLord DementedLord 2 205
Do non consumable items require pressing number to take effect mohdpbuh Da3daalus 2 284
Baning alternative accounts IS13a2e0732031ca Da3daalus 1 277
whens nami's skin going to be on sale XIXOCEANUSXIX Minstrel13 3 665
Play free and help me if you can .. davil97 davil97 0 235
hi guys ur6XqYCqQPGNA88w Utsuho 1 143
Willing to help new Summoners Utsuho JaggedHa 1 212
Hello guys! :D CLG harlem ur6XqYCqQPGNA88w 5 284
No champ sales? Viktorai FearOfTheFlesh 2 233
Why i can't get more xp per win . NedjoSRB AJStarhiker 1 515
If you were to play with one rioter, which one would you play with? killorslay Sukh01 8 666
Riot Glitch and gift yourself for free. XxPoN3DxX IS13a2e0732031ca 3 346
Cho'Gath score icsul JaggedHa 3 210
New, in a sense. Necronomy JaggedHa 2 170
Runes or Champ? Tuss36 OriginalJack 1 134
Art Spotlights h0EaU63nydA9ondx h0EaU63nydA9ondx 0 96
Riot why don't you review the reports... Doomer312 Sukh01 7 387
Pro as heck guide to Zed NiNja KoLLA NiNja KoLLA 0 311
Question about the gifting center sugarbutt87 flamed by ur mum 1 287
Should I keep playing pvp? Chukwuemeka XxPoN3DxX 7 463
pretty new here, few questions paintolar ryanlam003 2 156
Need friends or a group to play with? need help? XxPoN3DxX XxPoN3DxX 0 171
Farming with TF CounterSnipe CounterSnipe 3 824
Be Positive Players, Get Free Baron Nashor Icon canima10 canima10 0 279
Choosing a Champion MuffinOfFun wHiSkErTeMx73744 7 528
Is LoL ever going to have anymore new maps? Asthma Retui 3 436
How i build Vi and how i think she should be played. xSCRYEDx wHiSkErTeMx73744 3 799
problem lol bastiancitow Scoteecopter 2 408
How to take on Jax using Tryndamere? LordVaktus TehomCD 5 280
Hey im nightwish672 (need helpers for my youtube channel) Zaught Zaught 0 142
Anivia splash art, particle update, and new skin are needed ludimuu ludimuu 0 388
Free Champs Other Then Alistar? GamerMastodon OlBloodNGutz 1 232
Can I buy RP Points using credit card? All Around Gamer GamerMastodon 4 271
new player looking for group imowf4ces imowf4ces 6 246
OP Champions at the moment  ( 1 2 ) SwirlyStars Onireaper 11 762
Bells are ringing, Heimers dinging, Pentakilling! Laude85 Shottymaster 1 201
is irelia still strong SwirlyStars 1543243544234 3 278
Anyone else having issues? New player with run issues Ginsom Ginsom 0 202
New video tutorial that will give u the tips and tricks to succed BigNoob BigNoob 1 246