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[NA] Ad Carry looking for a team/ duo partner JohnTheRussian by Iceyhackr 2 90
Smart Player, Plays all roles, looking for 5v5 team, NO ******* theonlymoocow by theonlymoocow 1 90
1400 + busco miembros para armar un equipo JeferxitoZ by Yunque 1 90
Looking for low ELO Ranked duo Q partners Admiral Love by Admiral Love 3 90
1900 Jungler/Support LFT Simbuh by Xplřziv 4 90
AP & solo top LF ranked 5s team silverfalcon07 by silverfalcon07 3 90
Now recruiting furries!!! FierceFrankie by FierceFrankie 0 90
LF Duo Top/Mid Laner Crocodile66 by Crocodile66 4 90
Need 2 More for new ranked 5's team CaKonvikt by CaKonvikt 0 90
Does your team need a public voice server? JesterDemi by JesterDemi 1 90
AD carry looking for team. Summitt by Summitt 2 90
Recruiting really good support for our ranked team KiraDragco by KiraDragco 1 90
AD/MID/TOP LF Team Troxic by Zulthak 1 90
1250 Elo, Need Duo Queue!! µzi by Fallen Tyrael 1 90
1800 Well-rounded player LFT hoodlom by hoodlom 0 90
LF duo 1550+ (be a 1800+ player) ShiZZaM35 by Ender A Wiggin 3 90
Looking for People to Play With liamcharger by liamcharger 0 90
Plat support LF duo/team Acolarh by OsamaBeenLaggin 2 90
LF DUO PARTNER. Who wants a trust worthy ADC. preparetoengage by Sydoh 4 90
looking for a community/clan managment postion cilidric by cilidric 0 90
Team GSO LF Jungler Ez0 Jooger by illpray4u 3 90
Looking for a team or a clan 13lackSn0w by 13lackSn0w 2 90
Dont let the elo fool you lf 5v5 Snayruken by OpTic Ragnarock 1 90
serious team looking for skilled players turbanman29 by turbanman29 1 90
lf for duo partner redeagle555 by MrxRogers 1 90
1348 elo trying to join a team! 5v5 v8 Mustang GT by v8 Mustang GT 1 90
1550 Player LF Duo Partner... aSith by Trex341 4 90
Looking for bronze players for a ranked team Traverze by SirSe7en 7 90
Lf for active duo Partner 1400+ Top Lane NA by Top Lane NA 3 90
Experienced AD Carry looking for team Slev by Slev 2 90
Need a Support? WillSmiff6969 by WillSmiff6969 3 90
Support Looking for someone to Duo Queu in ranked DocStunna by DocStunna 0 90
Silver 1 Top Laner Looking For Team Dabberlift by Dabberlift 6 90
Team Noxious Mayhem looking for Jung/Support Razreaper89 by Razreaper89 0 90
lf duo que partner wanting to get out of ello hell toxicmerkz by toxicmerkz 0 90
Devastation still recruiting i pwn u dont by i pwn u dont 1 90
dedicated Top Laner Looking for ACTIVE team LuciferDraco by LuciferDraco 3 90
Lullaby Need You {JUST COME} AppleQueen by xXDramechXx 4 90
E-Sports Gaming League Looking for Ranked teams Fonduby by Fonduby 4 90
Looking for a 1700+ MID lMyGenocide by lMyGenocide 2 90
Need Jungle and Support for Team Catastrophe! Im Prestigious by Im Prestigious 0 90
Need a team sick of badies killerstone5 by Ruewdew 1 90
LF someone to practice Lane with XSpikeX by XSpikeX 3 90
1400~ Solo top LF Team and Duo Queue howmanywishes by howmanywishes 1 90
Silver Team Looking for players aaronsito123 by almost thedoctor 3 90
Ranked 5s team [GOLD] TSM Insec by TheRyanski 5 90
AD LF Competitive Team JBoxx JBoxx by JBoxx 3 90
Looking for Duo Queue around 1000 ELO TheUnburned by TheUnburned 0 90
Supp/Jungler LF Duo/Team Gold+ juss gimme head by juss gimme head 7 90
Clă FaTaLiTy BR's duplox by marcosxpt 1 90