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Looking for dedicated Jungler ShMal VitaminH2O by Ironhide1996 5 104
Descent Gaming Community, open to recruits!! Sypher by Sypher 0 104
Party at Your Nexus (Clean Slate Recruiting) FactorUnknown by FactorUnknown 4 104
Unnamed clan looking for new members Darknightxi by Custom ResultZ 4 104
1400~ Elo player seeking 5's team, Mid role. Sneeble by Sneeble 1 104
LFM Season 2 ranked Domeskie by Domeskie 0 104
3 friends looking for 2 more. Trigonometric by Trigonometric 0 104
LF dou queue partner to get out of elo hell Kerin by Last Destiny 3 104
Looking Team For Ranked mode ONAELAG by Numbersome 1 104
Gold S2&S3 LF duo to plat+ & Ranked 3s/5s SoH Distinction by SoH Distinction 2 104
Looking For A Webmaster To Help Improve Our Clan HRZ Psychotic by HRZ Psychotic 0 104
LF a team to do 5v5 premade ranked to play seriously!! Murkaran by Murkaran 0 104
Need A Hand? Nameless Lover by Nameless Lover 0 104
Season 1 silver player LF 5s Team BigJ987 by DK Magician 1 104
looking for aussie clan project sorrow by project sorrow 0 104
Looking for people to normal with Clintonpwner by Clintonpwner 0 104
Want to get out of ~1000 elo hel?!?! Song Jae Gu by Sammystorm 1 104
Dirtysecre seeking duo/team (1450 elo) Dirtysecret by Dirtysecret 0 104
1500+ Jungle and Top Looking for Team tc Chimera by General DOSE 3 104
Looking to get into a clan/team for ranked DagnusDies by NG Chaka 2 104
Recruiting Mid, Adc and Support+ UnicornStrength by ShàdowStep 3 104
Looking for a Duo Partner for Ranked! IRageALotI by IRageALotI 0 104
Looking for team poo56 by poo56 1 104
Looking to make a 5er for making money on LoL SirDecius by steviecheng 1 104
LF 3v3 Guild YeahBabyGetSome by YeahBabyGetSome 0 104
looking for a good team!! i r gIzMo by i r gIzMo 0 104
Looking for duo partner 1400+ Crynx by Crynx 1 104
Friendly support wants a friendly team or ADC! Teddy Mercury by Xtaasy 2 104
Looking for people for RANKED. CoCoVSGaming by CoCoVSGaming 0 104
Looking for a clan Codysk17 by MasterYiiz 1 104
Jungler / Tank looking for team Hellabadson by angelito16 2 104
LF partner for solo Q 1200 +- Dikkiej by Dikkiej 0 104
Looking for 5v5 team Oathkeeper91 by Helios Zephyr 2 104
2134 S3 top looking for team for top 32 z german by z german 2 104
Looking for a good team ! Labbenoob by Labbenoob 3 104
Heimer main looking for pro guild TemptingPanties by TemptingPanties 3 104
Lf ranked teams to scrim Eolophus by Eolophus 3 104
2.2k S2 AD looking for DuoQ Partner. 1700+ pls Obliterati0n by Obliterati0n 3 104
Premade 5's looking for a solo top Brosephisaurus by Brosephisaurus 3 104
ap mid/jungler lf 5v5 team Diabeties by Diabeties 0 104
1600 Solo looking for NESL MillianV2 by MillianV2 1 104
looking for full team for dominion DemolitionDean by DemolitionDean 0 104
im looking to join a team incurso by incurso 0 104
1300 ELO looking for group UnforeseenSkill by UnforeseenSkill 0 104
Players looking to improve and start doing rateds Ratstud by Ratstud 2 104
LF Ranked 5's team Barthelomel by Barthelomel 0 104
this is a longshot but Nova201 by Tsunamiie 1 104
Looking for a TT team.. chilled and fun while winning Bad2Bone by Bad2Bone 1 104
Looking for players that just wanna have fun =D Lilshwimp by Lilshwimp 0 104
FRENCH team Gâteauzulze Looking for top(1.9k team) Piktok by Piktok 3 104