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LF Top Adc and Mid iWeaR DiaperZ NA by Gorsz 5 90
1900s LF Team to win Tournament By Friday for Diana Skin Darksoft by Darksoft 0 90
Building a team! Heartattakmac88 by Heartattakmac88 0 90
Competitive team Electro Buzz L/F Ad Carry TrailerVG by Deathtothem 1 90
Ranked 5's Team Pref Plat Hercludes by Hercludes 2 90
Celestial Gaming - Tournament Today - Join The community Always Gucci by GeekSmackThat 8 90
Looking for a silver or gold duoq partner idgafniqqa by idgafniqqa 5 90
LF3M Organized 5's Team IntimateDream by IntimateDream 3 90
Plat 4 Top Laner LF Competitive Team Heinze Ketchup by Heinze Ketchup 6 90
3v3 Recruiting! xiiCaster by xiiCaster 0 90
Looking for Team/Clan/guild Exec07 by sephiroth70001 2 90
LF Silver/Gold Ranked 5's members Need Jungle/Support most theduckonquack5 by Obviously Blind 1 90
Lf mid gold+ wst plz Tierless by xDenials 3 90
Truly Dedicated Bronze 3 ADC/MID Looking For Team Drew Pozze by Uiri 4 90
Looking for a group of players to play with. Hypeninja by Zr0chance 1 90
Looking for players to join my team! FEE ( Free Elo Expresss) Johnn Stamos by Johnn Stamos 3 90
Killuminati Gaming looking for players! Nathandarr by Nathandarr 3 90
last day to get on my s3 team Read* zackp17 by Jager23 4 90
Anguish Gaming look for a Top and Mid MAIN inspireemlg by screamingturtle 4 90
Ex-Platinum Top/Support looking for team Not Grammardor by Own Leucha 4 90
Looking for relaxed players to start clan Vengeful Twinky by Gosu Korea 3 90
Scouting for an ADC (1600+ Elo) Zaystor by Zaystor 6 90
4.0+ KDA ADC is looking for a solid duo (support preferred, but any is fine!) Altectech by Altectech 2 90
LF 1300 duo Light Years Away by VIBES1967 3 90
duo para 1350 solo queue lexskate LEX SKATE by LEX SKATE 0 90
1600~ AP Mid LFT tHNDRRR by tHNDRRR 5 90
Looking for a 1200-1300 ELO Duo Partner Slow Cheetah by Slow Cheetah 2 90
Silver 5 Looking For Duo UnrealSkilllz by Sophia Hyakato 2 90
New Team LF Top, Support, ADC Gold IV+ Im A Bathtub by ZPromikeZ 4 90
Making new ranked 5s team Prodoman by Prodoman 2 90
Looking for a ranked team namora by alaskaneagle 4 90
Players KingofTheLlamas by Nipzilla 7 90
Gold V LF Duo. lmakehersquirtle by lmakehersquirtle 5 90
Low elo... Feeders... Need help! MasterSnook99 by MasterSnook99 0 90
Support LF ranked 5's team or STRONG duo partner Mintoralb by Mintoralb 3 90
ADC LF Support Duo Partner, 1300+ Im Prestigious by Clayton 2 90
1050 ELO LF duo partner to grind elo with Wheelburn by Wheelburn 0 90
Diamond 5 Support Looking for intense coaching Shave My Kiwis by WudiTao 7 90
Top/ADC player LF team iBangNoobs by XxLegitRoom127xX 2 90 Revolution Join today and rid yourself of looking for teams De crescendo by EpicBkillnr 1 90
Plat mid / support[tourney exp] LF duo/team makin u sad by makin u sad 3 90
Diamond 1 90 LP + LFT Taranka by Taranka 1 90
LF MID, Jungle or ADC Gomezism by Gomezism 4 90
Gold IV Top Laner Looking for Training Buddy calebheads by Pyrofiend4 3 90
HIghly Skilled Adc, Looking for Serious Ranked team Sercesz by Sercesz 2 90
Looking for a team- not a community. Darknotical by Darknotical 3 90
1900+ S2 AND S3 ADC LF team zapitor by zapitor 0 90
Need top and jung for team Gombee by Grosse Branche 1 90
Bored looking for Ranked Duo TheMagePower by LulluLea 1 90
ADC looking for team to play during daytime ladyslayer21 by ladyslayer21 5 90