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LF duo gatorbeastx by gatorbeastx 0 28
Silv support /w plat 5s experience for duo ADC to climb kushopz by kushopz 3 112
Silver 1 ADC looking for a team Phantom Ken by Phantom Ken 0 14
LF Mid Main Kaptun by Kaptun 0 20
Plat Jung/Support LF Serious Team LRGcobra by LRGcobra 9 200
Looking for a Top Laner! One Trick Pwny by One Trick Pwny 6 95
eHarmony looking to fill roster Grimms by Grimms 3 55
Looking to join a Ranked Team bootlock by bootlock 0 31
Looking to join a team. YeeitsMatchu by GiggleRectum 1 51
✯Legion Gaming✯ - Diamond Community All Welcome Ømniscient by Ømniscient 0 56
Gold 5s Team LF Dedicated Support Statixxxx by Statixxxx 0 32
Manager for New Team (LF support, Jungle) FIRINGMaLazzor by FIRINGMaLazzor 1 55
Looking for seasoned players for 5s ranked EST Phaymiz by Phaymiz 0 33
LF Skilled Main JG, ADC, and a Support. TigerSage by Swordvengence 3 87
silver adc lf silver support duo add me in game Matthew Teague by Stage5Clinger 2 76
Looking for a Reliable Duo to Climb Ladders Chichiboss by Stage5Clinger 1 37
Making ranked team from all skill levels. Learn together and get better together.   ( 1 2 3) elwahahamilton by elwahahamilton 22 267
LF Skilled Support And Alts TigerSage by Fiddlestix 2 64
LF Duo with skype and mic. Currently gold 5 mezmeric by mezmeric 1 33
Team Rebellion is looking for a support! RBLN Tyrant by TheEpicGuy1 2 70
LF Duo partners Zietch by Zietch 1 62
Looking for Silver+ Support for Serious team. RegretCarbon by RegretCarbon 5 166
Looking for Bronze Players to Enter Tournament Kaustarus by Kaustarus 0 28
ADC & Sup LF Team LesbiFriends by LesbiFriends 1 47
S2 / S3 Diamond Support Main looking for a 5s and 3s team. ?? ?? by porkiness 8 199
Fatal 5 | Known Pro Team, Going To Worlds & LCS. #Recruiting F5 Glock by F5 Glock 7 386
Plat 3 jungle LF team/duo DunkieD by iShogi 5 130
ADC LF Supp For Duo TRlCK by TRlCK 1 73
Looking for a duo partner Proxy Type by Proxy Type 1 52
Need 2 More For Ranked 5s SILVER PLUS KING OF PLAN B by Stage5Clinger 2 45
Need Plat-Diamond Top Lane **Read** AF Rutledge by AF Rutledge 3 54
LF Diamond+ Mid/JG For Ranked 5's Vspot by Vspot 0 30
Team LF S3 D2/D1 Jungler and Top iDjinn by iDjinn 0 28
LF ranked 3's team GOLD+   ( 1 2) adam maarij by adam maarij 15 166
Looking for 5's or a duo Maeruthleb by Maeruthleb 0 33
new team turtlethe1 by Pure Mercy 3 113
-QF- Quick Fap New Team Gold+ Karrelan by GoingHAM 3 129
Looking for 5th player for right now GoingHAM by GoingHAM 0 43
looking for a duo partner adc or looking for ranked team Kilzong by Kilzong 0 26
serious new team LF super support Rich Homie Remy by Rich Homie Remy 2 78
Looking for Gold 1-Plat+ Players for a team built upon improving!   ( 1 2) Ephraim by McNastiii 12 177
Support LF duo partner Quiggish by Quiggish 0 28
creating fun 3s ranked team still trying to win doe lineback351 by lineback351 2 33
Gold 4 looking for a duo partner xSwagPatrolx by xSwagPatrolx 0 25
LF Duo To Get Out of Bronze Danimaals by Danimaals 0 35
Plat 2 support looking for a team FreakingThunder by FreakingThunder 0 29
LF Gold+ Support for 5s Alligatør by Grimms 3 60
LF Duo partner LightThyNight by LightThyNight 6 102
Support looking for adc duo partner. Thmetal by Thmetal 1 41
Looking for duo or a Coach MrJeffson by MrJeffson 0 31