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Silver 1 looking for duo to gold ChineseCommunist by nerdkilla 1 65
LF plat+ jungler G5 GT by G5 GT 0 23
Diamond II and Gold I Players looking for High Gold- Plat Team Fehtality by DGraves92 2 51
LF Silver Dou Support pref x7hepwn by x7hepwn 0 23
Gold 5 Jungle needs serious team aSkitzo by aSkitzo 1 21
Calling all Marquette University Summoners! imfeelnlucky by Shippo MD 1 103
Looking for a dunk master top lane. Luscious Lenny by Luscious Lenny 0 28
Silver looking for Duo Chippyyy by nerdkilla 2 57
Some one please carry me out of bronze. dylabere6996 by Banana King IV 1 42
LF gold duo to try to get Plat numbah007 by numbah007 0 24
Looking for a Dou , 3s or 5s team Curently in elo hell sick of trying to carry trolls Sun Reborn by Banana King IV 1 30
LF Temp duo Q partner Penumbraa by Majesticles 1 33
Diamond 5 LF long term 3's Team,5's Team,or duo. Bored1238 by Bored1238 0 39
Looking for Plat Level Players for serious 5's team! KillSecurity by KillSecurity 9 173
Silver 3 looking for duo partner nerdkilla by nerdkilla 0 40
ADC LF Serious team! CoBThingone by CoBThingone 2 34
Dedicated Jungler/Mid Looking for team HonorJew by HonorJew 2 49
Gold V teams please? PewPewLazer47 by PewPewLazer47 3 50
Doublelift Pimpin DarkSickle01 by DarkSickle01 0 26
LF Silver Partner Duo -Gold? Sheeef by Sheeef 3 83
Looking for Gold team / higher silver BluePenguin24 by BluePenguin24 0 16
Lf support for my team A White Samoan by RobiNHooD454 1 52
Sick of carrying weight goin arnold every game need duo Myron D Gheinz by Myron D Gheinz 2 45
Jungle Lf dedicated 5's team dylabere6996 by dylabere6996 0 15
[ADC] Silver IV - Looking for Support DUO (Gold/Plat Potential)   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Deithor by Deithor 34 989
someone carry me please god SILVER I T R I B U S H by T R I B U S H 1 53
New League clan recruiting all! Chaque by Chaque 0 23
LFG 3's or 5's ranked I been gold past 2 seasons firexemblem by firexemblem 0 24
doublelift's song MVP Secrets by MVP Secrets 0 39
Looking for Duo Qers and/or Team PRESTODYNAMO by PRESTODYNAMO 3 106
Ex Diamond 1 ADC (still diamond ) Looking for a 5v5 ranked team. Exorquist by Sw1tchTV 6 146
top lf serious team SHIP3Y by SHIP3Y 0 25
D5 top/mid/adc LF SERIOUS TEAM Chesticls by Sw1tchTV 1 34
LFM plat+ for diamond 3s Ozbirta by PassDaBlunt 4 113
d3+ smurf LFduo Domitori by PassDaBlunt 3 133
Plat player LF 3's team to get Diamond zarsie by zarsie 0 27
Exotic - LF Jungle + Support - Tournaments, ESL, etc.   ( 1 2) Ex Jaggeh by XEN IV 13 446
From Bad Experiences to New n Good Décéptìøn by Décéptìøn 0 44
Looking for casual teammates to have fun with. (idealy in the BC area) 4ntediluvian by 4ntediluvian 2 120
Plat player lf 3s team Keblo by Mâgik 2 82
Duo to Gold Lenadha by cho lord 6 131
[TeamGM] LF adc and Mid, possibly jungler Xányr by LG Sam 2 56
I am looking for a team. gamergirlkitten by gamergirlkitten 5 209
Silver Looking for Team, any role FigNewtons23 by FigNewtons23 0 32
Adc/jungler lf duo/5's - silver 1 Take iit Ez by Majesticles 3 74
Silver 2 Adc Looking for Silver Gold or Plat Adc OR Support duo. add Killvious Killvious by Killvious 0 27
Need 1 more for 3v3 going for gold! aaronwright by Majesticles 1 49
Mid LF Sponsored Team Tryouts Bakabear by Bakabear 0 49
5s team lf silver support nirvanaem by nirvanaem 0 31
Anyone wanna play? Sixpkabs by Sixpkabs 3 107