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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Lf Plat+ Adc for Ranked 5s ToopHawk ToopHawk 0 38
Plat IV looking for duo to Diamond. Backtrace Backtrace 6 219
Diamond 2 coaching [Non Eloboost] Night x Shadow Night x Shadow 0 54
Gold 1 Support LF Competitive Team  ( 1 2 ) Baelor Baelor 16 264
~gold3 fill lf silver+ 5s team ~ mottled model mottled model 0 34
Plat+ Team Tryouts LF Top/Adc King Of League Souls of Spirits 3 135
Team Galaxy LF Top, Mid, ADC zSneakyyy zSneakyyy 0 61
Supp/Jungler LF Duo Gold+ juss gimme head juss gimme head 1 32
Immortal Syndicate [5's & Serious] Talvish Talvish 1 68
LF1M Ranked 3's EternalFate EternalFate 0 29
Smurfing Coaz princesspeech 2 79
Ranked 3's tonight! Orbit10 Burgundy Badger 5 78
SMURFS 5's?! <333 princesspeech princesspeech 2 78
LF ranked bronze team Hoax32 bewareofspam 1 53
Gold ADC Main looking for a team! Zachillan Zachillan 0 58
Looking for top for team. Ramza22 TnS Floppyrod 2 82
[NA] Diamond 5 Adc looking for a support duo Q Only ADC Skarner Only ADC Skarner 4 127
Silver Top/Jungler LF semi-serious team TnS Floppyrod TnS Floppyrod 0 46
LFT Gold IV Top Shwag Shwag 0 27
S3 Top looking for Team or Duo Fear eVo Fear eVo 2 53
Mid Laner looking for team NateSlays NateSlays 5 95
Duo ADC and SUPPORT LF Serious Team ONLY Nyanders Nyanders 0 40
Silv (former G5) MID/ADC/SUPP LF Serious silv-plat TEAM for tournys/ladder climb  ( 1 2 ) kushopz Piercing Light 10 156
LF D1 or Challenger Top Barbacoa Barbacoa 4 201
need third man for silver ranked 3s add now dora and boots Piercing Light 1 44
Ranked 5s team lf silver 3+ adc must have skype and working mic rambo god Piercing Light 1 58
Looking for Gold-Plat mid laner Challenged I Concentrate 1 33
Volatile Instinct the great zx Piercing Light 1 47
Starting team Diamond+ Mewuvmyself SGL ChubChub 5 111
Mid, Jungler, ADC LF team Burgundy Badger Burgundy Badger 0 33
LF Plat+ Top Laner For Serious Vex Academy! Dumpstered Búster 4 91
Mid main looking for Jungle Duo Zoublicious Zoublicious 2 81
Jungle Main looking for a team C Rich 23 C Rich 23 0 38
ranked 5s team looking for a jungler duece duece C Rich 23 1 66
Diamond I Top LFT Redrush Redrush 1 53
Ranked Team Looking for Support/Adc Bunnythestroker Jimmy12Toes 2 77
Looking for team tjcobra98 tjcobra98 0 38
Team Oldgen Lf plat+ top numbah007 numbah007 0 35
Looking for Team- Can play Any position Ruckes Ruckes 5 88
Gold 1 team need a support isuperiorz isuperiorz 0 42
Ranked 5s team LF silver 3+ mid laner rambo god rambo god 4 96
looking for clan/team LuCky TokKi LeBronze Vayne 1 72
Looking for support for solo Q duo Gold 5+ Delicious Tacos Delicious Tacos 1 56
3v3 Ranked Team Klebow DieseI 3 433
Diamond I/Challenger Coaching (Any Roles)  ( 1 2 ) Rakin Rakin 17 419
Looking for mid laner for ranked 5v5 Im With Swag NateSlays 1 61
Looking for players any role any rank Bjorg10 MogeKo C Roku 2 69
Looking for Duo to plat PercyClearence Pesky1 1 64
Team looking to climb 5's ladder Gould Gould 0 44