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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Experienced Jungler LF long term team iPerspective Senvyle 1 49
Plat+ team looking for ADC and fills Whey Priest Whey Priest 7 113
Diamond 3 Jungle LF 5s Team EI President EI President 0 40
Looking for high gold/plat players for 3s i would do me i would do me 0 41
Looking for Competitive Skilled Midlaner HalfGuard tenlikegod 5 124
Looking for plat or better jungler for a serious team 5plit Champ 5plit Champ 0 38
[SCRIM] Looking for Diamond team to scrim Babak Shah Babak Shah 0 40
Plat support LF duo Starsgamecorner Uriel1311 1 44
Need A diamond top laner! l R E 4 P E R l BeIieve 2 69
LF A Fun time? 5's normals and possibly ranked right now! TheDrinkMonster TheDrinkMonster 0 59
United Archangels looking for memebers Uriel1311 Uriel1311 2 62
Recruiting ANY players for ranked 5v5 CarbonWyre iPerspective 2 51
LF Mid laner for ranked 5s (Fun but competitive) Dizzy Craig Castor21 1 49
Looking for Duo KL117 KL117 0 40
Diamond III Player Looking For a Team Alerestus Alerestus 2 49
Making new team if someone wants to join DinoSlugMonster DinoSlugMonster 0 28
Looking for people to play casually with Will Landing PhD Will Landing PhD 0 33
Looking for a Laid-back Team PecanPie102 PecanPie102 2 85
Jungler & Mid Mains LF Team The Jaded Star The Jaded Star 4 59
Looking for a diamond top main for sponsored 5's team BeIieve BeIieve 4 58
LF Gold/Plat duo partner Skilz2Kill Skilz2Kill 0 44
plat adc lf team lDamion lDamion 0 231
►Come Join Sunfire Gamers!◄  ( 1 2 3 ... 23 ) xiashea1 BabyFace Prime 228 3280
Gold 4 lf GOOD duo Gumball Gumball 0 38
NA Looking for Gold/Platinum Duo partner! Skilz2Kill Skilz2Kill 0 47
Bronze II Looking For Begining Team DisturbedJoshua DisturbedJoshua 0 30
LF female duo que partner I Tru Phenom I I Tru Phenom I 0 44
Looking for a Silver duo partner Cammypoo Cammypoo 0 33
LF Mumble based community SummiXx SummiXx 1 39
Mid laner LF Rank 5s and a duo partner Coooper05 Coooper05 1 44
Mid Silver ADC main LF Support duo Huhdle TNR64 3 74
G1 Jungler LFT awtoBOT awtoBOT 0 24
LF Team, Plat or Higher zVyper zVyper 0 26
Apocalyptic Gaming Recruiting: Competitive Players [Top] JestaBoss JestaBoss 7 113
Creating Competitive 5's TEAM Silver 3+  ( 1 2 ) Relapse Ix Mainly 14 222
Plat support main looking for Plat 3+ ADC DUO Basketdrive Basketdrive 0 21
B3 Experienced Jungler Looking for 5's team Killer Super420 Killer Super420 0 30
LF Duo partner gold IV hell yeah 21 hell yeah 21 0 31
G2 jungler looking for team. Jeezum Jeezum 0 24
LF Bronze/Silver Jungler! SkyVort Best Volibear BH 3 76
Gthink LF Serious Member! CTM brooTool POWELLz 1 38
LF TOP for ranked 5's Allanon Allanon 0 28
Looking for a duo Plat + Kadavul Kadavul 0 31
LF Top Laner SILVER 2 or higher vtrainyu vtrainyu 4 94
Looking to start a Ranked 5's team Delta Crunch Produn 6 106
Lf Bronze Duo partner Cool bare SsZeo 1 55
G3 Mid LF Team Must be ready to play SelenaGisonmyD SelenaGisonmyD 1 41
Bot duo LF plat+ team nergin777 nergin777 0 24
LF> top or adc plat + Knivez II Knivez II 0 36
Listen to calls One Lee Army One Lee Army 0 48