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LF D1 Jungler   ( 1 2) I Vi Bot I by l Elise Bot l 11 160
lf team, top main Slamtheirheadsin by Bloodbow 1 57
Diamond 5 adc main LF ranked 5s team LMR by LMR 0 43
Looking for a Jungler for Plat+ 5v5 team!   ( 1 2 3) Night x Shadow by Night x Shadow 20 331
Deaf - Gold 3 ADC LFT or DUO Deaf by Deaf 5 140
LF> Chill players to duo with Plz no Windwall by Galactic Zero 1 69
Need another Duo Silver 3+ plz XinXangXin by XinXangXin 0 48
LF Gold+ Jungler (duo) Beasie by Beasie 0 49
LF 5v5 TEAM TO PLAY WITH ( Lower ELOs) AvengedGaming by Amissus Demon 2 64
Looking For semi Serouis Team Diamond 3 season 3. ADC or SUPP Siren by Siren 0 47
LF (Dedicated) Ranked Team/Members for S4 Rewards (75 Points) zitelkita by PbShield 2 127
Gold Bot Lane Player LF Serious team - LIVESTREAM Gone Insane by Amissus Demon 1 52
Gold Support LF team Mickdog by Gone Insane 1 48
b2 main jungle looking for a team Cold Devil Dog by Cold Devil Dog 0 44
Silver 2 LF a duo to play with allday Gamerfreak245 by Amissus Demon 1 49
Looking for Duo Partner (B2-S1) Holy God Dammit by Amissus Demon 2 56
Supp/Jung lf rank 5s team Alexomega60 by Alexomega60 1 46
Gold One Jungler Looking for Serious Commited Team TD Star Lord by Amissus Demon 1 51
3v3? Caddo by Caddo 2 60
LF Low Elo Duo Theman1518 by st33l22 4 72
Challenger/Masters LF Support Or Jungle Sicra by DrKowala 8 142
LF Duo Gold/Plat Fu11M3ta1 31ric by deathofall84 3 63
Need a S4+ support for ranked team UltraXionPro by UltraXionPro 0 29
9PM to 1AM Est Genocide Gaming Prime Looking For Mid and Top!!!!!!!!!!!! lolHitsuyaga by lolHitsuyaga 6 57
D1/Master ADC LFT D1+ Geryon by Geryon 4 72
Recruiting for Ranked 3s Writeous by clantosa 2 41
looking form a duoqueue partner! Jonny Potsmoker by Lady Moon 2 45
Plat V looking for a team. BigDaddyXV by BigDaddyXV 0 16
*~GrandMaster Gaming Community, Join Today!~* Just Reach by C9 Savage 8 148
Logikal Gaming currently LF Substitute Laners!! Zesty Leumariya by STTUPID 3 117
hi guy. Mr DoubleUOhEnJi by Mr DoubleUOhEnJi 0 27
P5 ADC LF 5s Team WarriarAthae by WarriarAthae 0 16
Bronze 1 Supp LF ADC for Duo Queue i 73V3N by i 73V3N 0 30
Plat LF 3s 5s Duo Deepest Blue by Deepest Blue 1 32
Looking for 3 for ranked 5's. Need bot lane and mid. Charlitron1 by ChoctawShamman 3 56
Looking For Support (Gold +) LoveCream by LoveCream 0 23
Diamond Mid/adc LF Dedicated team. Kowan by Kowan 3 60
Diamond player LF Team st33l22 by st33l22 2 31
Looking for support main Silver or gold Not Katarina by DuctTapeShinobi 7 107
Starting a Team for Riot Prize Tournament S1+ Upgraded Azn by Demonfear4565 6 84
Support LF Rank 5s Team Boost by Boost 0 20
LF Support Duo DarkSickle01 by Plz no Windwall 1 36
Vivid Gaming Recruiting Bronze and Silver Players! OffTheNetwork by vG ConfettiQueef 5 99
Looking for 5v5 team Albeens by ShroomQAuto 3 51
looking for a team silver1 Sky Fortress by Sky Fortress 0 22
Masters mid LF-All masters/Challenger team Spectrum by JayZuo V2 3 71
New 5v5's Team killer2oo by Jehan 4 66
Diamond in the rough... AKA B2 Jehan by Jehan 0 28
free coach/analyst for low tier teams kira magebane by kira magebane 3 66