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Gold 5 looking for ranked team Killersmod by Muxxik 2 57
The Legend Of Teemo. (Ranked 5's Team) enigmo by faintingoats1 1 26
making a team for ranked must be silver 5 + lolobau1 by lolobau1 0 34
LF Serious Manager and Coach For Diaomond 1 Team Blud Munni by Blud Munni 0 25
Making 3's team for online tournaments IIBarcodeII by Drathel 7 154
Looking for Silver/Gold Jungle Wammy741 by Papo 2 47
Gold 4, Decayed to Silver 1 LF Team Drnugget206 by Drnugget206 0 9
team lf S5+ jungler suna no tate by suna no tate 0 20
lf silver3+ duo partner Cyraken by Cyraken 0 19
TCK Ranked 5's Gold+ TCK Blank by WoG Ace 9 111
Support Main Silver + Looking for team Fonduby by Fonduby 0 19
♛ Imperial Plays [IPlay]♛ New Ranked 5's Team is Recruiting! LeagueofChosen by BIGGAR 3 80
Need ppl to play with in Toronto biggoof by biggoof 0 22
Plat III (D5 last season) LF Team Monte by Monte 5 76
Creating New RANKED TEAM liftsprodigy by liftsprodigy 0 31
D2 Support looking for serious Diamond+ team Nikrado by Nikrado 5 70
LF Plat/Diamond mid ranked 5's ShimmerKnight by ShimmerKnight 0 19
Diamond duo bot lf serious team mister shinybeby by mister shinybeby 1 15
Talented PLATINUM+ Top Laner looking for ranked team! Ephraim by Ephraim 1 35
need silv+ adc and support for ranked 5s team Select MAXED by Select MAXED 0 30
Looking for high Silver/low Gold Players for a Ranked 5s team! A Son of Liberty by A Son of Liberty 0 28
looking for late night 5s team. Hittokori by Medicpro 4 34
d4 adc lf serious team mister shinybeby by mister shinybeby 1 21
D4 ADC looking for serious 5s team. BirdsKill by BirdsKill 0 18
New ranked 5's team, Looking for high end performers for serious 5's play. Eendur by Ahhh Lex 8 163
Gold IV looking for ranked team Addmits by Zappadappa 1 33
Gold 5 mid Lf serious team / gold+team Wicus by Wicus 0 15
Diamond LF team for ward skin zarsie by zarsie 0 26
Serious team looking for a jungler. CatSith by CatSith 0 34
In need of Dimond/Plat support CFLegend by CFLegend 0 20
Am Tournament team LF All Roles   ( 1 2) Zappadappa by Wicus 11 154
mississippi players plsss Toxican by Toxican 0 20
D4/P3 duo needs team xxBliss by xxBliss 0 15
HellsGamers Multi-Gaming Community Looking for New Members! Kalron by Kalron 0 30
Low Dimond/Plat looking for Jungle/Mid CFLegend by CFLegend 0 24
LF Gold Tier Support Ahxakri by Ahxakri 7 121
Lf Silver/Gold Top + Jungle Main for 5v5 Ranked team Gmba Wes by Krakurz 1 47
24 hour stream ! 6 steam game giveaway and 3 10$ rp card to viewers! SKT Piglet by SKT Piglet 0 38
Need 2 more for r5s, TOP / JG, starting immidiatly. Arc Gate by Arc Gate 0 28
Plat LF Ranked 5s team. main mid and jungle. Caelestior by Caelestior 0 30
Gold Team Looking for Support.   ( 1 2) Sushiman777 by The Curious Cat 18 235
Casual Ranked Team (Need Members- All Skill Levels Welcomed) Ehjookayted by Ehjookayted 0 28
Error message in lobby DZlitt by DZlitt 0 23
Silver ADC/Top LFT HRG Twist by HRG Twist 2 32
Gold I Team looking for sub for jungle/general Dack329 by AfroPoker 5 88
LF Player to join a Gold + team Zalami by deathwing14 2 65
G2 Adc looking for serious team Whiteshadow1 by Whiteshadow1 1 30
Silver 3 Main ADC looking for team! DatBoiYacob by DatBoiYacob 2 52
Plat V Mid LF team for rewards! Vave by Vave 1 48