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Gold V looking for rank team 5s or 3s Comatose by Comatose 0 15
Plat IV Player Looking For Team. PhonyBologne by PhonyBologne 0 19
Gold V looking for ranked 3s team Comatose by Comatose 5 86
Making ranked 5s team Synnic by Synnic 0 47
Looking for a rank 5s Alyuin by Alyuin 0 26
Support looking for Ranked 5s Innue by Innue 1 41
New Ranked Team gogt00 by gogt00 0 32
Gold Adc Main looking for Gold+ 5v5s team..... HeavensAce by DeadxxMex 1 23
Plat R5s Team LF < TOP LANER. Kakarot Goku by Kakarot Goku 0 20
silver looking for rank 5's Alyuin by Alyuin 0 19
LF mid or top laner for 5s team (silver looking to hit gold) Plinkoh by Plinkoh 0 16
LF Jungler for Ranked 5s BR3ND3N by Skoundrel 1 18
The Brotherhood 5s team looking for members! abledcrackhead by TheNewb87 3 54
LF high plat/diamond top laner Old Moe Lester by Old Moe Lester 0 12
LF for Jungler on a new silver/gold team nyvrvyn by nyvrvyn 0 23
LF 3 Spots to fill GOLD+ L3onidas by L3onidas 0 15
LF Diamond Support Main for Ranked 5s! Idenn by thomasb1215 3 53
gold adc looking for support duo Warrioroftheage by Warrioroftheage 0 14
Silver Support LF 5s Team pNort by pNort 0 15
Plat 3 ADC LF ranked 5s team Hashin by Krewella EDM 1 26
LF Top and Jungle Plat+ Sloucher by Jeezum 8 89
Silver ADC looking for 5s Team abledcrackhead by abledcrackhead 0 14
LF duo partner auzy911 by auzy911 0 13
Looking for Gold+ Jungler for dedicated ranked 5s startup BR3ND3N by BR3ND3N 2 30
Gold 1 Top/Jungle Looking for Team Eppz by Eppz 0 8
Diamond 1 Jungler LFT Wichelhaus by TSG Aionc 1 64
Versatile Jungler LF a 5's Team LeThaL Pro by LeThaL Pro 0 10
Supa cyborg ninja Teemos high bronze low silver semi competitive ranked 3s/5s team Lulzor5 by Lulzor5 1 29
Plat V Support looking for a team. Wika by Wika 0 18
Looking for Top/Jungle Subs for rankd 5s team Akuma Akira by Akuma Akira 0 30
Serious Ranked 5s Team LF MID ( SILVER TO GOLD ) Pittsburpenguin by Smekzy 1 12
LF Gold DUO, have skype Crimson Grizzly by Crimson Grizzly 1 20
Gold 5 mid/top main LF ranked 5s Gorelock by Gorelock 1 17
Lf silver and up players to join!!!!! clipreload by clipreload 0 38
silver1 jungler looking for ranked 5v5 team joshuame123 by joshuame123 0 12
silver lookin for duo or team Soricinae35 by Soricinae35 1 21
Death Before Dishonor is looking for members for our 5's team Frozone by MvPxThUndeR 2 57
Looking for amazing support silver or higher add Smekzy and have curse no negativity Smekzy by Smekzy 0 16
silver1 jungler looking for ranked 5v5 team joshuame123 by joshuame123 0 13
S4 looking for duo Inverted Panda by Inverted Panda 0 9
Plat Jungler LF Team   ( 1 2) v Syn by v Syn 19 214
Gold/Silver Team! LF Top and ADC Bauski by ManBearMilk 5 53
Im making a 5 man team for ranked silver to gold   ( 1 2) Anarchyslayer by Inverted Panda 15 346
Plat 5 top laner looking for team MiG Speed by MiG Speed 0 10
LF DUO Gold +   ( 1 2) Tortue by Tortue 10 109
Dedicated Mid / Top LF a 5's lord ariakas by lord ariakas 0 11
Death before dishonor is in search of an adc XxSourdoughxX by XxSourdoughxX 0 20
lf duo in silverish gamerguy13 by gamerguy13 0 14
5-0 Plat+ team lf plat+ jungle main iTzFlux by iTzFlux 2 45