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Looking For a Top Lane For all Silver Ranked Team Slevin Kelevera by Slevin Kelevera 2 28
Silver 4 looking for a team! IVIarvelous by IVIarvelous 0 16
Plat 5 adc playing 5s with anyone Ali G by Ali G 0 19
Genocide Gaming LF TOP LANE lolHitsuyaga by Hardwired Havok 3 63
Bronze/Silver/Gold Team Kalaaver by zcelloman 1 39
Gold Team LF Top and Jung and a Mid sub MoreBetterThanU by Shadowmere24 7 66
diamond smurf (currently gold 2) lf smurf to duo PureFox35 by Ali G 3 82
Smoke and Mirrors - A Competitive Strategy Primer Bertissim0 by Bertissim0 4 157
making gold + team need adc supp top and jung Cory Iz Clutchn by Sinari 2 61
jungle looking for duo Ahitzman by Miley Cyrus x3 2 46
Serious team looking for top laner. NameisZaix by NameisZaix 1 64
Looking for diamond or higher top and adc for ranked team xxsnipinatorxx by xxsnipinatorxx 0 26
D2 70LP Support/Top looking for team SGL insomnia by SGL insomnia 3 58
LF Jungler Plat+ Troglodyte by Troglodyte 0 31
Making Gold+ Ranked 5's ScrubOG by Lambo Mercy 4 60
Supp LF Permanent ADC Duo Partner (Bronze/Silver) Darkrod123 by HunterTheReaper 1 133
Plat 2 support LF 5's rank Lillythrop by Lillythrop 0 35
LF Gold+ (preferably higher gold) Duo partner, with consistently higher KDA ratios! Altectech by Altectech 4 61
LF TOP laner (gold/plat/diamond) Ranked 5s add steve stifler Steve Stifler by Steve Stifler 0 23
Gold Mid Laner Looking for Casual Ranked 5s Team Dr Swagjuice by Dr Swagjuice 0 29
Hand of Judgment is Recruiting an AD Carry HofJ Justice by HofJ Justice 0 52
[LFT] Diamond support commisar44 by commisar44 0 54
looking for gold+ players for my serious ranked 5s team curseddemonx by Pixie Poro 2 56
LF Gold+ ADC DUO xDenials by xDenials 0 34
Plat looking for duo FallenPro by FallenPro 0 34
Plat ADC/Mid Main LF Team solo Mechanics by solo Mechanics 0 32
plat 5 ADC main LFT Bob The Jarmelo by Bob The Jarmelo 3 63
LF TOP laner (Plat/diamond) Ranked 5s add steve stifler Steve Stifler by Steve Stifler 0 25
Plat 2 mid looking for serious jungle duo. Bronze Harris by Bronze Harris 0 24
LF ADC duo bot lane plat+ bloodAKAsaggy by bloodAKAsaggy 0 28
Very Experienced [Gold 2 Support] Looking For A Serious Team! A Flying Bunny by A Flying Bunny 1 69
Gold+ Team looking for JUNGLER Donger Knows All by Donger Knows All 0 28
Gold Team LF ADC! sgteatlead241 by sgteatlead241 0 40
Recruiting all positions highly competitive 5’s team   ( 1 2) Hdgie2 by REDREX7 11 255
Hello :D. Bronze support playa looking for a team pudding freak by pudding freak 0 27
New Team Recruting. GOLD + Donger Knows All by PrinceFluffyMits 3 84
looking for serious team manager xOverkill by xOverkill 7 167
Lf decent team chrisblistadatas by sgteatlead241 1 46
Serious Ranked team looking for Support and Jungle.   ( 1 2) Jimmy12Toes by Platypus King 12 181
LF TOP laner (gold/plat) Ranked 5s add steve stifler Steve Stifler by Steve Stifler 0 31
Looking for silver 1 and above adc for ranked 5s team Crs D0ge by Crs D0ge 0 46
Team MadCap en recrutement ! (QC) Zertyx by NPFlipFlap 1 86
silver adc looking for team i8mudd4u by i8mudd4u 2 38
Gold 2 Jungler looking for duo and team. Jeezum by Itz JClark 1 33
LF someone to learn the game with SOMEBODY TO LOVE by Anzlan 2 57
b3 looking for duo xAFx Zombie by Bajerker 4 57
Silver 2 ADC Main LF Team Huhdle by Huhdle 5 88
Gold jungler Looking for a Serious 5s team AshEffinKetchum by AshEffinKetchum 0 27
looking for Ranked team for Placement Anzlan by Anzlan 0 27
Jungle/Mid Lft (Silver) DPS Konnex by DPS Konnex 0 25