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LF Bronze1~Silv support NA EliteGoodCoke by EliteGoodCoke 0 34
Lf Jg LMQ Tc Gosu by LMQ Tc Gosu 0 30
Looking for Ranked team Shoulder Shrugz by Shoulder Shrugz 4 64
Ranked 3s and 5s Team urtah by cg418 9 118
Top lane and support looking for team Pierce682 by Pierce682 0 15
Looking for a team- Plat V ADC ThaNakedGamer by ThaNakedGamer 0 15
help out of bronze deltora97 by deltora97 0 37
Gold III Support LF Duo Partner Lawnchair by Lawnchair 0 20
Lf supp duo partner silver3+ plz ProNown by Supportingiscool 1 26
Gold 4 looking for team Meslo by Supportingiscool 6 83
Gold 5 Top Laner LFT! Avvari by Avvari 2 99
Bronze/Silver ranked 5s team looking for a permanent support main! Merzio by Digging Dat Ashe 3 47
LF plat duo Nebron by Nebron 0 36
Serious Team Looking For A Jungle And Mid Mcfly500 by TAS B1g Kahuna 7 158
Recruiting for Ranked 5's team :) Have Some Briggs by LordTushi 9 190
looking for clan with skype piplysweg by piplysweg 6 68
Lf High plat or dia Support Stumbledoor by Stumbledoor 0 28
Plat Looking for a team 5s or 3s Only Win As Fizz by Only Win As Fizz 0 16
Diamond Team looking for Top and Jungle   ( 1 2 3) Kenjiman by HastyApple 26 545
LF scrims (: contact me :D iS2Jello by iS2Jello 0 32
Gold+ Ranked 5's Team, Team UnholyAngels ( TeamUA ) CptKenpachi by Arxidan 7 79
D3 Support streamer SGL insomnia by SGL insomnia 0 23
Sponsored Team LF Diamond+ Jungler   ( 1 2) Sixpkabs by Sixpkabs 14 234
LF Plat+ Duo that can play a lane that can carry Best ADC In KR by Best ADC In KR 0 36
Need a top for our 5s ranked team AdrianPetersnged by AdrianPetersnged 0 33
G2 LF for 5's and 3's TaylorMartinez by TaylorMartinez 4 27
Coaching For Solo Queue Players Magoffice by Magoffice 0 30
High Silver jungler LF 5's team RamboPractice by RamboPractice 0 28
Recruiting for Silver/Gold Ranked team Mapietrzak by Mapietrzak 0 36
Main Support/Shot Caller Looking for Serious Team TediousSky by TediousSky 1 39
Gold 4 ranked team looking for support. Must be at least gold I hate the dyke by I hate the dyke 0 32
Plat+ ranked Team Needs support Schwastedd by Schwastedd 0 28
[Ap Bot] Looking for 3's team the unbrok3n by the unbrok3n 0 280
Dia 3 Jungler LF Diamond + Duo Critsyl by Critsyl 0 47
Adc Looking for High level Elo Team Xtc69 by Xtc69 0 25
Gold Jungle/Mid/Top LF Ranked Team iWesTCoastiN by iWesTCoastiN 3 61
lf sup rank 5s LMQ Tc Gosu by jk2damax 3 76
Gold 3 LF 3s team Trinzik by Trinzik 0 22
Gold 3 LF team Trinzik by Trinzik 0 273
Diamond mid lf team kokoplop by kokoplop 0 26
Gold IV Support/Mid LF Duo Queue/Team ReptarsRoar by ReptarsRoar 0 33
LF diamond players for duo,3v3,5v5 rank BossKim by BossKim 0 29
Plat+ Team LF Top laner D PeeCo by Discket 1 34
LF duo partner/5s team SavageResistance by SavageResistance 0 44
LF Gold+ smurf for games and eventually Duo R1 Irelia by R1 Irelia 4 72
LF Diamond 3+ Players for Amateur eSports Team Slowest iPod NA by Slowest iPod NA 2 61
Plat 2 in both ranked 5s and solo que LF plat + team Kures by Kures 1 49
Creating a ranked team Flying Elephant by Flying Elephant 3 90
Skilled ADC Climbing Rating Need Support. Konflik by Konflik 0 48
Looking for Teamates T1B New team Prodigyhart by iDecisive 9 331