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adc/mid silver 5 LF 5v5 team Electric I by ImKittyCow 2 45
Weekend Team CP3 by CP3 0 40
ADC looking for team or duo partner :-) GodsDestruction by GodsDestruction 3 64
Looking for Silver Top and ADCs !! kT Price by ImKittyCow 2 61
Looking for Plat+ ADC as well as a Coach for serious ranked 5s team! Promeathean83 by SantaSnarf 2 61
Duo Bot Looking for team. Darkhearth by Darkhearth 0 39
LFM ranked 5's Plat + Yasup by Yasup 0 42
looking for a mid main in diamond Zulu Kezu by Zulu Kezu 0 26
Finally in Silver V Darkhearth by Gentle Spirit 4 86
S1 Support/Jungle Looking for Ranked Team Typhus Fever by Typhus Fever 0 28
D5 Mid LF Chill Team Oh Snap by Oh Snap 1 29
S3 ADC Looking for a team. Runway by Runway 0 26
Looking for a ranked team Wolfys Love by Wolfys Love 0 35
Dedicated Committed Team LF Support Adc. high Gold Elo TD Star Lord by ScrappyDoo Inc 2 53
looking for gold duo partner ac3db by ac3db 0 33
~~~~hi-elite gaming community (gold+ only)~~~~   ( 1 2 3 ... 140) Gh0st by Qwertiful 1,397 33,824
Looking for a Silver 2+ Duo The Contender by The Contender 0 29
Trueshot Sponsered Team looking for High Gold-Plat Mid+Jungle! Info in URL. SNSDRain by SNSDRain 0 42
Looking to play duoQ or Ranked 5s with people Lurkinq Is Noob by Lurkinq Is Noob 0 34
Need a Top lane Quick! Woobdoobington by The Contender 6 73
Come join our team MrDyllpickles by MrDyllpickles 0 50
Looking for People for Ward Team! Rysu by Rysu 1 41
LF Top laner or jungler for 5v5 silver team Zerru the Gerru by RawBeTea 5 71
G5 LF 5v5 Ranked Team LaserViking by LaserViking 1 38
Silver 1 Support Looking for ADC Duo TheLastCookie by TheLastCookie 0 29
Anyone looking for a jg? KryptTrex by j0rt3g4 1 34
Silver ADC LF Support for Grind to Gold Bodas by Bodas 0 36
looking to make a diamond+ team Zulu Kezu by Zulu Kezu 9 104
Bronze 2 Support Looking for team! WillBlowForBlow by j0rt3g4 1 39
Silver Team Looking to Spam ranked 5s all weekend: Need ADC, jungle, Mid Wrath of Kon by SocratesMethod92 8 104
Plat 2 Mid SocratesMethod92 by SocratesMethod92 0 31
d3 support main, Smurfing Gold, Add Steve Stifler in Game Steve Stifler by Steve Stifler 0 31
New Team Looking for Members of Any Rank masochisticdemon by Tarheel528 4 67
LF Plat+ ADC main for Indianapolis LAN Tournament Oct 4 Dasvot by Dasvot 0 36
LF support for ranked 5s tukerr by x├čeast 9 167
Gold II adc/jungle/mid LFT ScrappyDoo Inc by ScrappyDoo Inc 0 25
Gold 1 Top LF serious team Ploot by Ploot 2 39
Ranked 5s Team looking for support sadly4343 by sadly4343 0 39
Starting Team l Chronos l by l Chronos l 2 55
Starting 3man rank team Must Be gold 3 Higher Reunite by ExplicitProd187 6 50
Looking for a people bronze 1 to silver 1 MrDyllpickles by MrDyllpickles 0 44
VGN Looking for Digital Artist vG ConfettiQueef by vG ConfettiQueef 0 28
3v3 team need help gold+ ExplicitProd187 by ExplicitProd187 0 30
G4 jungle main looking for mid duo Fate Senpai by Fate Senpai 0 32
Diamond Mid lf weekend Team for fun Yasup by Yasup 1 34
Easy RP - Looking for D1 players for tournament Dan Marino by Dan Marino 1 73
Lf Plat+ Duo to climb to DIAMOND GanjasaurusXI by GanjasaurusXI 0 33
Gold 4 looking for duo! BTG TriangleZ by BTG TriangleZ 0 36
Gold 3 ADC/JG LFT/Duo Dozers by Dozers 0 40
Ranked team starting. Tournaments every night. XYZ Clysdale by XYZ Clysdale 3 75