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Recruiting-Premade-5's xferierx by mindgraphics 1 113
need members for ranked team subfrost22 by DevilHorns 7 165
Gold 3 Mid/support Lf ranked 5s team Snotcha by Snotcha 0 20
Gold Adc looking for Gold+ duo ATTL Alpha by ATTL Alpha 5 40
LF toplane for 5s Legit Rift by mindgraphics 2 115
Plat 4 any role lf team Gavin Bot by Gavin Bot 4 93
Any Role: Bronze 3 (silver 3 mmr) Looking for a team ThreeBaguette by ThreeBaguette 0 18
Silver Support LF Team TheTuckingFypo by TheTuckingFypo 0 16
Silver 2 Mid/JG/Top LF Duo TigerSage by TigerSage 0 19
Diamond 3 Support - LF Ranked 5s GG Support Only by Borgieee 1 24
Coach LF Platinum/Diamond Team WhyYouTrySoHard by Cheese Vault 1 48
Tryout For Instinct Gaming! 30Sec TheBigT by I Play Fizz 4 71
Mid/top/bot looking for team pihranaBabY by pihranaBabY 0 36
Silver team LF Jungle and Support Sendrakk by LethalSpots 5 149
Silver 2 Support Looking for 5s team Tridann by Tridann 0 21
Looking for two pals to play ranked 3's with. Soviet Spy by Radgee 1 26
Local Chicago High Gold Team! Vyk by Vyk 1 69
Bronze II Smurf (Gold Main) LF Duo Q Partner for easy wins! ZxSlippy by ZxSlippy 0 21
Starting Silver Team Hiker by Hiker 0 30
D2 jungle/support LF competitive team Monkillo by Borgieee 3 124
looking for 1 more person to have fun and mess around in rank 5s Phantom Ken by Phantom Ken 1 33
Hi, I'd like to find some like minded innovative players. VoodooSaviorNBK by Elemaster 2 115
Looking for 3 more people to just mess around in rank 5s! Phantom Ken by Phantom Ken 2 39
Top lane main LF serious team Hard to touch me by Hard to touch me 0 24
Silver LF Duo ALtheeGreat by ALtheeGreat 0 23
Celestial Gaming - TeamSpeak Looking for active members Alwayz Gucci by Alwayz Gucci 8 137
Looking for Serious 5v5 Team NuhKar by Meheecan 3 120
Plat mid/jung/supp main Lf Team! Junglez by Junglez 0 31
Looking for 4 people to just chill and have fun and do whatever in rank 5s. Phantom Ken by Phantom Ken 3 63
Low elo LF DUO Poohdhini by Poohdhini 0 33
Please delete. Arkanis Gathh by Arkanis Gathh 0 48
Gold mid/adc LFT Omega Advocate by Meheecan 5 88
Searching for a team! Splinterbone by Splinterbone 7 111
Gold Jungle LFT ZER0ix by ZER0ix 2 52
Just Looking for a Good Group of Silver-ish Players Chizzlin by Chizzlin 2 84
Plat Support Main LF Duo Spelling by Pulp Fiction 3 111
Support Main LF ADC Forbitten Rose by Pulp Fiction 2 109
Silver adc/mid looking for team.. LethalSpots by LethalSpots 6 81
Silver EUW team just created LF all except jungle clarkie467 by clarkie467 0 31
Diamond 1 Team Looking for a Diamond 1+ Top Laner h0tsawce by h0tsawce 9 159
Gold 3 Looking for a duo that's gold 5+ Laserpaint by Laserpaint 0 41
Looking for a Top laner for ranked 5v5's team. Escus by kidmat99 1 122
Plat 4 Jungler looking for players/team w/ skype TopS Feared by TopS Feared 0 31
Bronze Co-Op Artificial by Artificial 2 77
Looking fir a active clan,have ever champ an am very active Ghunand by Ghunand 0 36
ranked duo bronze/silver SLAUGHTERHOUSEqq by Mums Naked Again 1 81
Phasma eSports - Competitive Team Recruiting Creuz by OsgoodSlaugter 7 221
Plat+ 5's team need 2 people Yuachu by cubangee 1 122
Bronze 3 Looking for a helpful Clanish-team Xbelow by Xbelow 2 58
Toplane/Support LF Duo/Team. OrNawh by OrNawh 0 64